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Real Web Leads - poor business ethics & unprofessional CEO

If anyone is a realtor on this site and is looking for a site - I DO NOT recommend realwebsolutions as they have poor business ethics and don't like when you complain about their downtimes. Not only that their CEO [Name Removed] is highly unprofessional and does not know how to deal with customers. Not only that, if you complain too much, he might hit you below the belt and take you offline without notice. Never in my entire professional career in the field of IT, retail & real estate have I ever dealt with someone titled "CEO" as unprofessional, think-skinned & for lack of words, childish/immature as [Name Removed]. If my partner did not take the time to call Bryan for an update on our ticket, we would've been offline without having a backup.

- Unwarranted breach of contract by Real Web Solutions
- Failure to communicate
- Unwarranted threats made by it's CEO [Name Removed] to take us offline because we were opening trouble tickets
- Failure to provide 99% up-time as advertised by Real Web Solutions
- Taking our site offline without warning
- Delay in providing a full refund

The entire details of this fiasco can be seen here: [URL removed for containing personal information]

Biggest Pro: Flexibility & customization of the platform
Biggest Con: Constant downtime, unprofessional & threatening CEO [Name Removed]

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