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Scam-artists... don't use them!

I am a long-time, unhappy customer of RE-INVENT hosting services.

I don't use my site very much, but for a few things.
Every year my credit card is charged an amount which inexplicably increases every year.
I have yet to get an invoice, email, or any kind of proof of payment. I get nothing which creates havoc when claiming expenses with my accountant and the IRS.

I have contacted their "helpdesk" on several occasions to resolve the matter. I have sent emails to both and concerning payments for which I never received any invoice nor proof of payment.
At best, I don't get an answer back from them.
But usually, I am met with down-right rudeness.

Logging into your account on their website shows no record of any payments made. Yet magically payments appear on my credit card statements every year for the last few years.

I am truly fed up with this.

I am about to start the saga of cancelling my account. If all goes like others testify, I think I'll be in for the long haul.

Has anyone every thought of doing a class-action lawsuit against them?

Biggest Con: no help, they bill your credit card without asking

Don't use them, one man shop... seems focused on something else

I wish this place would spend as much time answering support emails as they do monitoring these forums.

All that you read here is accurate. Poor, non-existent, customer service. Hard to cancel.

I get daily emails from them about not paying my invoice... I've canceled the account many months ago and told them to stop contacting me.

Just don't use them.

Do Not Recommend

Probably one of the worst hosting companies I have ever dealt with. The only support you can get is via their web site ticketing and they are slow to respond. Our web site has been down at least 6 times in the last month. In the last year it has been down at least once a month and most it has been because their server runs out of disk space?????

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

Completely FALSE review!

Posted on January 15th, 2012 at 13:59 EST

Dishonest company, rude people, bad customer service. STAY AWAY

Because it was very cheap I hosted several websites with them. I started experiencing their rudeness and lack of support and I asked them to close all my accounts and I moved all the sites somewhere else. They kept charging my credit cards. I asked them several times to stop charging my cards and they kept doing it. They have a very confusing and difficult way to cancel your accounts and when you ask them for help to cancel them, they just don't respond on purpose. Due to the lack of support I kept sending support tickets and they told me they would charge me extra if I send more than one ticket. Their not responding when yuou want to cancel is just a game in order to keep stealing money from you. I have sent more than 6 emails over two weeks asking them to stop charging my credit cards. In my last email I told them that they were the worst company I had to deal with, which is totally true. I also told them that if they still charging me I will need to report them to the BBB. In retaliation, this is what they responded

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 9:41 PM, Re-invent Billing Dept <> wrote:
> Thank you for the insults and threats. Now it is at the bottom of our to do list.

I have many more rude emails that I can post here but I think this shows very clearly how they will treat you and how they operate.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Biggest Pro: cheap price but it will cost you a lot more in headaches
Biggest Con: rude customer service

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

Completely FALSE review!

Posted on January 15th, 2012 at 13:59 EST

Reinvent Customer service the worst in the world and absolute lun

After trying to close my account for several weeks and emailing them to request for my account to be closed, one of re-invent customer service personnel finally got in touch with me. The reply they provided as shown below speaks for itself.

'OK here we go again with a misinformed person. We make it very clear on how to cancel an account. You cannot just send us an email saying “close my account” Does any company in the world accept that process? We would suggest closing your account properly by sending us your account username from your verified email account.'

Biggest Con: Customer Service the poorest I have ever seen.

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

According to this site every host is the worst in the world except the one that owns this site. . We'll let that speak for itself. The part about closing an account for weeks is false. Person comes at this that he'll report us to blacklists if we email him again on his overdue account of $3.95US. We said your account hasn't been closed yet and until it is our automated systems will send emails to overdue accounts. It would be nice if this fraud site allows the tens of thousands of our satisfied customers to post a review but unfortunetly this site only allows negative reviews from somewhat unreliable and unverified sources.

Posted on October 19th, 2011 at 19:45 EST

There is definitely a problem with Reinvent, since they ***/u/me

I agree with the gentlemen above that recounted his experiences with Reinvent (Re-invention of LUNACY). He hit the nail right on the head.

In my situation, I first signed up with them in 2008, then after waiting for what seemed forever, they emailed me to tell me that everything was finally setup. The problem was and I found out much, much later was that I wanted to setup a .ca domain name. But I couldn't somehow through them. First problem - first RED FLAG!!!!!!!!!!! I cancelled that account shortly thereafter in the same year that I signed up with them!!

So then I mysteriously received a "domain-purchase-receipt" in my inbox for a domain name that had the .com extension. Something I didn't order, even the name was incorrect! When I complained he told me that this was done in mistake and that it SOMEHOW WASN'T BASICALLY IMPORTANT and that I was not going to be charged for it! RED FLAG 2!!!!!!!!

Since 2008, and even though I am not their customer anymore (THANKGOD), I have had a domain-name that is tied to my personal-info on the internet where everyone can see, and that I cannot get rid off.

I have complained to all parties involved: Reinvent, Reinvent-Domains, Wild West Domains, and noone wants to take responsibility for this legal matter! I say legal matter because I am thinking seriously about the process I am about to undertake, so that nobody else has to go through this ******** with this person or people!

Anyone who thinks that Reinvent Hosting is a smart move, that they are professional, can do no wrong, educated, etc, needs to be SMACKED IN THE FACE to wake them up.

The only thing this so-called hosting company has demonstrated to me since 2008 is that, they are indeed small (same person replies to almost every email(s), They are definitely fraudulent (setup domains that the customer didin't ask for then charge them for it, even though they say in their emails that they didn't or don't), misuse privacy statements (my personal info is broadcasted all over the internet as being the owner of a made-up-by-them domain name), and they just overall abuse customers with their less-than-educated, rude, one-line answer customer support personnel (I'd say 1 or 2...probably the owners).

I agree with this mans comments above, and would solely recommend whole-heartedly, to anyone interested in hosting a website - TO STAY AWAY FROM REINVENT HOSTING!

You definitely risk to lose much if you become a customer of theirs. Reinvent and the companies that surround them (I don't mind saying) RISK BEING ARRESTED AND PUT THROUGH THE LEGAL SYSTEM!

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

This is actually quite unbelievable to us as a company providing services for over 12 years. Melvin Martell wants to pursue this legally then lets go! Our attorney will be contacting him on Tuesday 10/11/2011 this week to discuss the statements made in this post and liability he has in making such a post with false information including customers and vendors using us being arrested. This guy is a complete lunatic and needs to be on heavy Meds (We don't mind saying) and we will pursue this with him and this webhostingreviews web site which allows this nonsense because it is owned by a HostGator or InMotion or both hosting companies. He is complaining about a domain name registration service with GoDaddy that has NOTHING TO DO WITH US and was explained to him within 15 minutes of him contacting us and threatening our staff over the domain registration issue. We are a Hosting company and told him where to get the problem (if there really is one) rectified. Geesh!!

PS. He posts that he used us for 3-5 years but in his false post says 1 year. He also says are Platform is Linux. We never offered Linux. If someone knows Melvin Martell please get him the help he desperately needs!

Posted on October 9th, 2011 at 14:45 EST

A Billing Nightmare

I cancelled my hosting in the fall of 2010. Since then, they have taken 3 quarterly payments of $68.85. from my checking account. I've protested every time and have the emails to prove it. They refunded 1 deduction in March 2011 and turned around and took another payment in June.

1st cancellation:Oct 2010 Neglected to save the confirmation email.
2nd cancellation: Dec 2010 Cancellation Request Confirmation - Cancellation ID #1790
3rd cancellation: Mar 2011 Cancellation Request Confirmation - Cancellation ID #1856

Dates of unauthorized deductions:

Repeated emails have been unanswered. Complaint tickets submitted:
12/14/2010 Your ticket number is [262-149AFD49-33F6]
3/3/2011 Your ticket number is [35D-15031D23-DFCA]
6/1/2011 Your ticket number is [35E-15792B06-E70C].

Product purchased:
Quarterly HE-100 Recurring Contract Renewal

Biggest Pro: nice sql server interface
Biggest Con: Refuse to deal honorably with me about this issue.

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

It is not so much a nightmare when you take time and care to manage the accounts you have... Customer had 2 hosting accounts with us that were under seperate accounts and contracts. When one account was canceled it did not cancel the other. Customer was refunded and even so far as to refund the one of which was not canceled and continued to be renewed as it was an active contract. Customer never responded to any of the renewal notices, emails or receipts nor our replies to the tickets indicating this issue.

We would also like to mention that this Review site is owned or is sponsored by competing web hosts and does not allow any positive reviews. So in a general sense, its quite unfortunate that has chosen to take the dishonest route of not approving any good reviews about and to only display disgruntled customers' reviews due to their relationship with other hosts on this website. Our reputation elsewhere on the web and the fact that we are responding to this review outlines our commitment to providing quality hosting and customer service.

Posted on July 28th, 2011 at 20:24 EST

support departament is worst

I just shocked because support departament just removing my tickets without answers. I have got 1 answer for 4 tickets.
My tickets are:
[2C9-14ACFED2-8F2D] - for this one I got answer.

I tried to ask them about replies to my tickets:

RiBD> No one here removed your tickets and each and every one of them was
RiBD> responded to.

please show links. Maybe I don't know how to click to links "view
ticket" in email... ?

RiBD> We have a great reputation for 12 years and we're not going
RiBD> to let some moron ruin our company!

about moron - it is loudly and unproofed words. You can be responsive
for it.

RiBD> They are emails tickets! If you didn't
RiBD> receive the response that start wasting your time posting how bad is
RiBD> and how it doesn't work... . You are playing a game with us and are
RiBD> and now advertising that you will be posting false information on the
RiBD> Internet..

nothing false - just ID's of yoor support tickets.

RiBD> We will be pursuing legal action against you for any damages.

looks like you can not understand what is happened in your company. It
is not me, it is your support dept.

RiBD> This case is closed and is in hands of legal.

ok, then I will invite all your formers customers what have same problems.
Will see...

huh... and instead exaplanations you created new problems. good

I tried to understand who is closing tickets. Usually client what have problem should close ticket myself when problem resolved. But in this case they provide other algorithm - client submitted ticket (in web interface). It is viewable for short time (after ticket created there will be confirmation email with link "where you can always look at your ticket"). Later ticket will just removed (link is invalid). They explained looks like they answered by email. But there is no any emails regarding tickets in junk folder or usual folder. So client can not provide proofs what they did not response. It is sounds stupid - company what sell hosting can not provide 2 kb of space for store their answer to support tickets. Ok, it is not biggest problem. I left review about this fact and they are just terminated my account (I am paid for 2 months but used it 1 month). And the most interesting things - they left reviews from my name looks like it is my wrong! It is here this site have not email verification and IP of sender does not show.

looks like kids games...

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

This customer submitted many duplicate tickets to our HelpDesk all with the same low priority type questions and then kept updating them over and over again asking when we were going to respond. The updates caused the tickets to be sent to the bottom of the queue. We did respond to 1 ticket and answered him within 20 minutes with all the information he needed. He has since posted on the Internet and in our own forums that he was wrong and that our responses went to his junk folder with a email provider called mail.RU and apologized for all this trouble.. All tickets are accessible unless over 1 year old which are archived.

We can make no sense out of the rest of his communication he claims was from us as it doesn't represent any ticket or email communication with him made by anyone here.

Also we don't offer 2 months of hosting at a time. He paid for 1 month of $3.95 and used the month up. He is scheduled to be renewed on Dec 31st and has yet to cancel his account with us so we believe he will be continuing with our services.

We would also like to mention that this Review site is owned or is sponsored by competing web hosts and does not allow any positive reviews. So in a general sense, its quite unfortunate that has chosen to take the dishonest route of not approving any good reviews about and to only display disgruntled customers' reviews due to their relationship with other hosts on this website. Our reputation elsewhere on the web and the fact that we are responding to this review outlines our commitment to providing quality hosting and customer service.

Posted on December 30th, 2010 at 21:29 EST; Last edited on July 28th, 2011 at 20:26 EST

A shady and unreliable operation

So I hosted with these guys for a few years, and over that time I cam to learn the following about them:
1) They are a small, small operation, probably a one man shop; Every person I dealt with (pre-sales, sales, support, etc.) was named "Paul B."
2) The corporate entity (Re-Invent Technologies LLC) for the host files its annual reports using the owner's home address as the place of business;
3) When you search for the business address on a map it points to what appears on a map to be some warehouse facility (not quite a state-of-the-art datacenter!) (check out birds eye view on Bing!);
4) I generally host a trial site (with no actual site, but just a single page or misc. garbage) with a host for a couple of years to see how they perform; I use an uptime tracking tool that runs 24x7 on my servers to generate rich database data of the uptime; My observation on this host is that their uptime was not as good as DiscountASP, GoDaddy or Verio; In fact, the site had regular unannounced outages;
5) The moment you ask for them to do anything they don't care for, or agree with, they throw you under the bus;
6) Piss them off and you'll get threatening emails about disclosure lawsuits and all kinds of breach of contract garbage that is baseless and just plain ignorant; If this happens to you, tell their employees to stuff it and you'll see them in court; Chances are you'll never hear from them again because they have no chance of winning any of their claims; If you're lucky you will hear from them so you can file counter claims against them;

This last one is important because it turns out that I came across a couple more folks who had a similar experience with this host. In my case they cancelled my account for no good reason then chalked it up to a threat to cancel my account with them! Can you believe it!?!? These jerks figured they would just drop me-- and with no notice. When I pointed out the no notice part, they forwarded a copy of them closing the tech support ticket I was working on with them and the idiots missed the fact that they sent to an email address hosted by the account they were shutting down. Then I post a couple of reviews out on a site that they apparently keep track of and instantly behind my review appears a bunch of good ones. So I scroll through the history of reviews and its always the same. So don't be surprised if the one guy trolling the internet performing SEO for his startup web host posts a review right behind my own. In fact, you can count on it. And you really want to host with a host that has to track every little post about it on the internet? I didn't think so.

So all in all, avoid these guys. They are drama and that's the last thing any customer needs from their host. I am now running through trial with WinHost and find them to be pretty good so far. All of my customers are hosted with DiscountASP, Verio and GoDaddy in the meantime.

Biggest Con: Poor customer service; poor support; no regard for customers;

Response by Peter, who is an employee of Re-invent:

We'll address each one of this anonymous person's points the best we can.

First we'd like to stay that this customer verbally abused and threatened our support staff and threatened to go to the home of the owner just because his account was past due. Difficult times I guess.

1. Re-invent has been in business 12 years and employees several people. Paul the person he mentions is one of our top support agents during the day and was probably assigned to his account. There is a good chance that you may contact the same person. I personally deal with 1 person at many of our vendors where they employ hundreds and thousands of people.

2. We thank him for bringing this to our attention. As 12 years ago when the owner filed papers to incorporate he used his home address. That person is no longer with the company and we will be updating our papers.

3. What he is looking at on Bing from a birds eye view is actually an office complex where we have our offices. Many business have offices in this complex including real estate agencies, lawyers, etc. If you wants a state of the art data center owned by a web host that charges $4/mo he isn't going to find one. Hosts he mentioned like DiscountASP, WInhost who he tried to compare us to also do not own their own data center. We lease space in a state of the art data center as does 99% of shared hosts.

4. The downtime here at Re-invent for 12 years has been nothing short of fantastic for our customers. I would challenge any data he claims to have that would say otherwise. Our uptime has been 100% since 2001. Yes servers do get rebooted for security updates at 3:00AM EST when Microsoft issues a security release. We've had No unannounced downtime at anytime, Period!

5. No idea what he is talking about. See my first comments above.

6. No idea what he is talking about. See my first comments above.

The rest of his dialog is a stretch to justify the false and misleading information he provided in this "review" It makes no sense and is to the contrary of how it works here. Over the last 12 years we have answered hundreds of thousands of support tickets and 100% of them were responded to promptly (under 30 minutes) with clear accurate answers and reviewed by QA. Our support is internal here and has provided our customers with what we believe has been great service over the years for a few dollars per month.

We can guarantee that this experience is not typical of anything here at our company and occasionally in these difficult times we'll get someone that flies off the handle as did this customer.

We can provide hundreds to thousands of verified testimonials of customers and put you directly in touch with customers if you have any questions regarding our services and support systems.

To address his last comment, I believe you would want a host that defends itself against misinformation and takes pride in its great reputation it has established over the last 12 years.

We would also like to mention that this Review site is owned or is sponsored by competing web hosts and does not allow any positive reviews. So in a general sense, its quite unfortunate that has chosen to take the dishonest route of not approving any good reviews about and to only display disgruntled customers' reviews due to their relationship with other hosts on this website. Our reputation elsewhere on the web and the fact that we are responding to this review outlines our commitment to providing quality hosting and customer service.

Thank You!

Re-invent Staff

Posted on December 30th, 2010 at 21:18 EST; Last edited on July 28th, 2011 at 20:27 EST

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