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Hidden charges are the name of RackSpaces' game! They also make it nearly impossible to cancel your account. If you actually get your ticket answered, make sure to call and verify your account has been cancelled. If not they will go ahead and keep RACKING on the charges.
Buyer definetly BEWARE!!!

Much Better Than Our Previous Host, We Wished We Found Them First

IN January 2010 we signed up with Rackspace and hoped for the best as our first experience with managed hosting with 800Hosting was a disaster. The switch to Rackspace has been a great improvement for us. We have been with them for almost a year and have NO complaints about any of our websites, blogs or databases we have hosted with them. They have delivered all that they promised.

Our first experience with managed hosting was with 800Hosting and they delivered NONE of what they promised. They had a great website with great promises, but were more than a disappointment. All of our fully managed websites went down due to a catastrophic failure with their server, and we had to notify them! They did not even know! We purchased monitoring 24/7 so how could that be? We had purchased a fully managed dedicated server so we would not have such problems. They lost valuable confidential customer personal data and almost all product images - gone forever. We purchased daily back up so how could that happen unless they did not provide what they promised?

As you can see, we were very skeptical and worried about our next host. Anyone can make a mistake but they were NO help making things right and showed NO understanding as to how being totally down for 6 days was impacting our business. That really was unbelievable in a web host, and based on their website not possible.

Since moving to Rackspace we have had nothing but peace of mind. They seem to appreciate how much our success depends on them delivering the goods. They provide monitoring, pro-active support, technical support 24/7, and improved server performance. They more expensive BUT NO down time, no data loss and no worries. This is priceless to us.

We wished we would have found Rackspace before 1-800-Hosting!

Biggest Pro: Delivered what they promised
Biggest Con: Price is higher but having no downtime and better peformance we can live with it!


Rackspace was the worst experience of my life.
Their uptime is horrible, and my server went down so many times, I might as well have never even bothered to have them put it up again.
It's pricey, and their upgrades take forever!

But their worst part, is their customer service.
They treat you like trash and nothing ever gets resolved.

Biggest Con: Their customer service team, and uptime.

Hosting space on HUGE Rack!

Before buying the hosting i made a analysis of various hosting services and their plan.My site is a personal site.So i dont have a necessity to upload enormous data.So optimum disk space will do .based on my analysis i arrived to this hosting.The server speed matches my requirements.The server was very stable for the past few months and the site could be accessed from all parts of the globe.The Server's working speed and upload speed was acceptable.The allied features that comes with the hosting was also very useful.With these features i can easily setup a blog and other some applications for my website.A very interactive environment is experienced in this hosting.The server's alloted bandwidth is also appropriate for my site.When the site has only less storage features it is very good to move with this hosting.

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