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Rack64 closed down & gone

Well it was sweet while it lasted. Low prices and overall good product. Service always suckd with vague answers and very short. But it's over now. Bleh. They JUST charged me in Feb for another year's service too *sigh. Oh well :(

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Closed/Shut Down

Rack64 Server Is Up - You Can Access Your Data!

Their servers went down and they decided to cease operations without notice.

I've swiched providers now however you can access your old data for the timebeing on:

Biggest Pro: Was good while it lasted
Biggest Con: Ended business without notice or refund of subscriptions

Rack64 Gone with no notice

I have been a paying customer of Rack64 since September of 2003 - 7 and a half years! Suddenly this weekend, my website disappeared without a trace, and was gone as well. No email, no phone call, no warning or notice of any kind. They didn't return any of my emails in the last couple days, which is probably because there server is down too. I remember that their phone number was almost impossible to find, but a year or so ago, I actually got it: 843-213-0285. I called them this morning and they said that the company is discontinuing all service and that they would be emailing me details today about how to back up my site. I didn't even get an apology for the inconvenience like the other lucky reviewers. I'm rating all zeroes, for poor communication and because the company is simply gone. The guy on the phone said they were going to be starting something new and that it would be possible to transfer my account there once it's up. We'll see about that....

Biggest Pro: They actually answered the phone.
Biggest Con: The company doesn't exist anymore.

No longer a good buy

I have been with Rack64 for years. They have been great for years. But my email servers have gone down 3 times in the last month. And now they sent me a cryptic email about no longer offering individual or reseller plans.

Biggest Con: They don't seem to be able to keep the servers up.

Yep screwed again Rack 64 gone no notice

I just paid my renewal last week for another year. This weekend they closed up but are still taking money.

Biggest Con: gone took the money and left

Yesterday all my websites just went down. No Warning Nothing.

Rack64 has been around for quite a while and I have had little or no down time till now. Here is what they wrote me after being with a loyal customer for over 5 years. "Due to the nature of the problem we will be forced to shutdown our shared/reseller hosting. We apologize for the inconvenience." With no warning I loose my entire business. Well Rack 64 take it and shove it up your dark tunnel!

Biggest Con: not notice on shut down

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