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Worst Services

I have been their customer for over 3 months now. And there's not even a single day for the past 1 month that I have not called them for the server issues. And for the past 15 odd days they're not picking up the calls and not even responding thru mails or support tickets.
Now I think I understood the reason behind such a cheap plans. They gathered as much money as they can by offering the cheap plans and now they r gone taking all the money. Sort of a committee thing.
I am planning to raise a legal complaint against them in the new year as a new year gift to them.
The company is based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Biggest Pro: Server down and not support service

The MOST FAKE HOSTING COMPANY EVER SEEN...!! QUICK2HOST.COM.... all who are looking to purchase a package from!!

It is most tremendously fake company I have ever seen in the web hosting solutions providing.

You can t believe that after just within 24 hours of purchase my website goes down, due to server issue. After that my website goes down almost every month and then every week and now they have grow so tremendously that now every day and then every hour, minute their server are going down.

So, how many times you will contact the support....

Well, then also nothing will be going to resolve... because first of all there is no support team, you will get few people for support let me name them... Bajrang, Prashant or Soumya n all... and they all have absolutely no knowledge about the technical skills. They don t even no how to migrate the website from one host to another host....!!

And, yes... one more thing for which I was almost about to forgot to mention that, if you are going to make your decision while going through the reviews then guys... let me tell you the truth, those reviews are not of any clients.. :D most of the reviews are of employees only...!! ;)

If you still want to go with this hosting while seeing their cheap hosting deals!! then must go... but it will be TOTAL WASTE of money...

If don t believe just contact me... I am the owner of few websites... with the main website of

You can also search and contact me very easily while just typing my full name, "NISHIKANT CHANDRA . I will show you all proof of their server down and also the proof of their commitments at the time of sale of their hosting services made by their employees.

Therefore, I do not have any fear to speak the truth about this ******** hosting company with the name "".


Please feel free to contact me via email at...

Thanks..!! :D

Biggest Con: FAKE...!! FAKE...!! FAKE..!! SERVER ALWAYS DOWN....

Stay Away, service is extremely pathetic...

I have been working with this people from last 4 month (July-Oct 2014) for my website, took shared hosting (which was mentioned as unlimited access to everything) and when there were activity on my site for couple of mins (just single user) they sent me notice that since I am using too much of DB and they will shut down my account. Somehow I argued with them and as I am concerned about my website, i asked them to move my website to VPS, and then, since then I have been facing issues over issues hence and then. And these people dont respond to emails and calls. The issue is datacenter is not owned by them, so the flow is: you talk to them, they talk to datacenter and then that datacenter people take ages to solve the issue and meanwhile these people try to avoid you as much as possible. Most of the time i am not able to login to my VPS, WHM and my site goes down. And then these people dont receive call because I might scold them. Fed up, I will move to other vendor today.

Biggest Pro: Its chip
Biggest Con: Support is worst, you pay money and things wont work for you.

Don't Host in Quick2Host

Eventhough Quick2Host is cheaper to host, when there is a problem, they are not responding to your support emails, pick up the calls. They didn't inform you that there servers are down. Or they don't have and DR setup. When their problems are solved, they will pick up your calls.

If you are taking 3 year plans, they won't renew your domains every year. You have to call them and inform. Then only they will do.

This domain is operated by three network guys and no administrative team.

So my advice is don't host in

Biggest Pro: Cheaper

Avoid Quick2Host at ANY COST!

I fell for their cheap plans but regret it big time. Next day itself my website went down. Their support staff is very rude and incompetent and instead of resolving the issue they closed my account, without any notice. And they didn't provide any refund either.

They are a total cheat, fraud - I'd say Quick2Host is a total scam. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: scam, fraud, no uptime, rude staff

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