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Qservers has a lot of room for improvement

I've been using QServers for some months now and I'll say that I've been far from impressed by their services.

I use QServers mainly because of their .ng domains but I only host one website there. The website has been prone to having copyright issues and was taken down by the last hosting company and I lost the money I spent to host it for 3 years.

One reason why I used them is that I feel that they may be slow in responding to copyright infringements on the website. I also like that one can pay monthly for a relatively low amount: 650 NGN (although I think this amount is about to change).

When I started using the hosting service for the website, I had issues in getting the domain moved to QServers. I contacted their chat support and they referred me to the email support team. I wasn't pleased with this as I realized that it was going to take a lot of time to get it fixed. The error I had was that the DNS servers were not pointing to QServers even though they were showing QServers DNS. I later had this fixed but it took more time than it normally should take.

I also hate the fact that they don't allow me to pay for two months upfront or at least give me a notice of at least 48 hours before my domain gets suspended. So what happens is that the domain gets suspended, I get notified, and then I pay to get the website back up.

Another thing I dislike about the hosting company is that they don't accept debit cards that are not from Nigeria so I can't use my dollar card on the website.

I definitely won't be hosting another website on QServers.

Qservers Review

As a website developer, there is nothing worse than finding out that your service provider uptime is none-functional. Qservers has 100% uptime. They also have high speed and impressive server response, as well as reliable customer support and a vast knowledge base. They are always online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that is one of the reasons why I have pitched my tent with them for a very long time. is one of the top website hosting platforms in Nigeria that offers cheap and reliable website hosting solutions. The packages are very affordable compared to several other companies.
Their ease of use second to none. Qservers user-interface is highly intuitive. Everything is neatly arranged in a series of drop-down menus on the client's dashboard as well as other easy to locate tabs by the side of the browser. offers free SSL, which is a necessary component in running a successful online business.
The free SSL provides a secure and encrypted link between a user's browser and the server. Other website hosting companies in Nigeria sells SSL differently from the main package bought.

The Cons of are:
No refund policy, no data backup, little or no support for re-sellers hosting

Biggest Pro: Strong Uptime
Biggest Con: No data backup

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