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Absolute worst experience in 10 years

We've been creating websites and reselling our clients hosting for 10 years. The hosting provider we use, origianlly Equivity, became PlanetHTTP a few years ago. PlanetHTTP switched to using Pugmarks for the data center late last summer w/o much warning to their clients. It's been an abolsute disaster! Repeated outages lasting days, and just recently, total DNS failures for all our sites including even the providers site, You'll be very lucky if you go a week w/o at least an hour of downtime. We are finally washing our hands of them since it's been too harmful to the relationships we have with our clients to be at the mercy of these incompetent DC operators.

Dont go there

I havent seen any hosting company which has this much of downtime. Customer support lacks as well.

Biggest Con: Downtime - energized hosting, bad customer service

I used to have 3 different web hosting sites with energized hosting, after pugmaks has acquired from energized hosting. I already pulled 2 of my domain services from pugmarks and left with one, which I've already initiated to stay away from pugmarks, cause of bad customer service and downtime of the site more frequently.

When my server went down I contacted them immediately, (actually, my site goes down 3 to 4 days a month), any time I call for service they ask me to open the ticket irrespective of giving all the required information, and which I did and had to wait for 3 more days to bring the site up.

They also change user accounts more frequently with out notifying the customers, and will request you to fax written documents to enable the user accounts.

I am so baffled and no more words to describe and will never host or recommend this site to anyone.


First off, I have never been treated so poorly by any company such as this. When my server went down I contacted them immediately, and was assured that the problem would be taken care of. At first the promises were that it would be fixed within a couple of hours. Then they said it would be later in the evening. Finally I was told the next morning.

To make matters worse, I was promised return calls "within fifteen minutes" and I usually had to call back myself after an hour and a half or so went by - only to be told that the technician that was handling the issue had gone home for the day.

I am so disgusted with these people that its hard to find the words.

Biggest Pro: Inexpensive
Biggest Con: They constantly lie - promise to provide service and return calls but never do.

Response by Pravin Mishra, who is the owner of Pugmarks-Beachcomber:

I apologize for what you perceived to be a poor treatment, nobody deserves one and no one should mistreat anyone.

Indeed Pugmarks bought dedicated hosting business of Beachcomber. But fact is Pugmarks did not buy any shared hosting business of beachcomber. We did more investigation in this case.

It turns out that you never were Pugmarks or beachcomber customer, nor any of these companies ever received any money from you. You actually signed up for ultra cheap shared hosting from some ebay scammer, perhaps digitalcityhosting who sold hosting to bunch of innocent victims like you, fled with money. When this vendor of yours defaulted, his server got cancelled (which is what most hosting companies do when payment is not received). Subsequently many of the shared hosting customers of digitalcity hosting tried to contact us to either pay us directly or somehow get their contents so that they can have their sites hosted elsewhere. But since we have no way to contact digitalcity nor any way to trace who is legal owner of contents on shared sites, handing out data without authorization can get us into legal soup. Moreover, we do not want to expand into shared hosting because that dilutes our customer support to dedicated hosting customers.

It so happened that this hosting company who was a beachcomber customer for short period, evaporated shortly after pugmarks takeover. Yes indeed there were some legit lost shared hosting customers whom we sent back to beachcomber since beachcomber retained the shared hosting. But my friend, you are accusing someone who had no direct relationship with you nor owed any support to you. My staff tells me that you were indeed made aware of this when you reached out to us but you did not want to accept it.

Support for beachcomber dedicated customers still comes from the same original support team and servers are still in the datacenters where they were. indeed customers whose servers are old Pugmarks has very attractive options for upgrading to faster, newer and more energy efficient servers.

Posted on November 11th, 2008 at 15:41 EST

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