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The best I've had yet.

I've been in the Net since 1992. Over the years I've sites for all kind or reasons.
Hobby, reviews and selling stuff.

I've used Hosting companies on eBay. Not the best thing to do.
I registered a domain and got an email less then 6 months later saying the company was closing and not to contact them.

When it came time to renew I was stuck ... unable to get access to the renewal ... it was under the closed company ... One of my friends told me about PronetHosting and they told me they could host my site and to wait for the domain to become available again ... I did and the registered it for me.

I appreciate the speed of communication and the no fuss info they provide, plus the price is real cheap compared to many others.

Thanks Pronet Hosting, keep up the good work.

Biggest Pro: Very good communication, fast and accurate.

Very Reliable and affordable!

TI have been so please with PronetHosting. Their customer service is second to none. It is affordable and there is no down time. It just doesn't get any better. I love not having to worry if my site is functioning or not. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs affordable reliability. I have used other companies in the past and there is always a problem getting through to them on the phone or getting them to return an email. I do not have these issues with Pronet Hosting and that is something I would pay more for but do not have to. Why use any other hosting company? They are simply the best.

The worst hosing company that I have found

I'm a pronet hosting costumer since 2004. But, the last two years has been a totally disaster. Some day they decide move their server, don't said anything, don't take a backup and when I wrote a tikcet they response me.. up I forfot, please change your Dns and restore all your information, if you don't have a backup, sorry for you.

In the last year I've been close of 30 days without service, each time a completely week without service...

For the last problem they just said... oops. I'm sorry, we by accident delete all your data and don't remember wich domains do you have hosted with our company... so, restore your information with a little help of your friends... and this answer come on March 2th for a problem that began on February 20th.

So, I wrote them that I want to cancel my windows reseller account... and they delete my linux reseller account, wich I'll have with a diferent user name, a different email and different credit card...

I ask them why they do that.. and they justify like a miss comunication problem, but they could do anything.. .that my information there was lost.

If you wanna had a team of support that help you to lost your data, your clients, your time, your information, sure, sing up with Pronet Hosting.

Biggest Con: Suppor worst

An Excellent Service Provider/Web Host Choice

PronetHosting has been a great service provider. I have had 1 issue since I have had them for my host which was resolved almost instantly. The tech support has been incredibly fast with responses with my questions and when I needed them for an actual issue it was actually faster than my ISP.

Most of my interactions with Pronet were general questions which they always took the time to make sure I had the information I needed to continue on. They always followed up with me to ensure that my needs were addressed and they did this in a very timely manner.

Just recently I had an actual problem with the Apache webserver and I wanted to share the process.

At 11:47AM EST: My apache process failed.
At 11:53AM EST: I submitted a help desk ticket
At 11:55AM EST: Got generic email auto-response stating the ticket has been logged.
At 11:56AM EST: I got an actual response letting me know the ticket is in progress.
At 11:59AM EST: The problem was resolved, with communication informing me
At 12:44PM EST: I got follow up email by their tech support staff asking if everything has been resolved to my satisfaction. This was NOT a generic auto-response, this was them taking the time for a follow up.

Not only did they fix my problem, they kept me informed of the progress with actual emails. Not auto-responses, they took the time to keep me informed. I have had plenty of webhosts in the past, but I have never been as satisfied. It seems to be harder and harder to find companies that understand how important, and how far good communication goes.

Biggest Pro: Extremely reliabe service, supported by EXCELLENT Customer Service/Tech Support

Pronet Hosting has given me more problems in 2 Months, then people can expect in 2 Years.

They have no Hotline, No Fax, No Phone number to call to. You have to wait for an e-mail reply.

Check out what they did in my Case:-
-- I asked them not to renew my Domain & not charge my Credit Card US$ 9.95
-- They tell me that you have canceled it and i will not be Charged.
-- I get an e-mail saying that i have been Charged US$ 9.95
-- They apologise and promise to Credit My Account.
-- After 2 Days, No Credit. I also learn that they have Terminated my Linux Account by mistake.
-- I ask them to re-activate it. They reactivate it accordingly.
-- 1 Day later, i get an e-mail saying that my Account was terminated due to non Payment. Due date says it all -> 00/00/0000
-- I contact them and ask them to re-activate my Account because i have paid upto March 30,2009
-- I get an e-mail saying that they will only Re-activate once i have paid. They issue and Invoice of US$ 100 and promise me 1 month extra.
-- I write a frustrated e-mail to them and send the Invoice in which i had already paid upto March 2009
-- I get an e-mail saying that the account was Terminated and i have to Restore everything!!
-- And, no Credit Balance of US$ 9.95
-- Now i have [0] websites, [0] Credit, [0] Hosting, No Recent Backup (because i was not informed)
-- And Problems still not solved after 96 hours of downtime.

The Problems i had 1 Month Earlier:-
-- They upgrade their servers without informing
-- All of a sudden my website is down, Reseller Account not Working
-- They put my website on a server that Googlebot does not Crawl, resulting in removal of 200 of my webpages from Google.
-- I am unable to login to my Hosting Account & Cpanel
-- Ticketing Support Program has errors so i cant even write a support ticket
-- No phone or Fax means i just have to wait for them to realise the problem.

Pleeeeeaaaase, dont get stuck with them, Try any hosting with a phone or a fax.

Biggest Con: 6 - 8 hours between responses

web hosting at offers me alot!

My web hosting at started a while ago. I have had a few other shared web hosting companies before and was worried that they were going to be the same. Many of these companies promise everything, but often times dont deliver on their word.

With their service, really changed my mind about shared web hosting. For the time that I have been with them, I do not recall any downtime or outage. My website and email perform well and I have no delay. I know that they recently upgraded their servers, so now my website is even faster.

The pricing is great too! I have one of the older packages, but since I have started to need more space, I plan on upgrading soon. The pricing seems fair for the service they are offering. Also their customers service has been good too. I have sent in a few tickets in the past, and I get a response back within about 15 to 30 minutes.

Overall, great company. I cant complain about anything. Their web hosting is fast and they offer a fair price. I will be a customer for a long time!

Biggest Pro: Fast web hosting, fair price

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