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They are total frauds, avoid Proaxxs.

Upon ordering a Q9300, it was setup after about 72 hours.
Then on that same day, there was loss of connectivity, I got about 10 dropouts in 10 minutes, this basically happened constantly, every day without fail.

Each time I noticed, I submitted a support ticket, with tracerts', their response was 'we can see nothing wrong here' which I know myself was a lie as even the tracerts showed the dropouts occured in the BURSTNet centre they resell from.

As some of you will know, the Scranton facility had a messed up UPS, upon questioning Proaxxs about why I had downtime, they said 'We're monitoring your server and can see no issues', now this made me laugh because it was widely-known that most of the Scranton BURST network was down!

As you'll see on their site cache from just a few days ago, they say 100% Uptime Guarantee, and Money Back Guarantee, Upon asking about these I was sent a link to a new set of ToS, which certainly didn't exist when I signed up, and I definately didn't agree to them.

The final straw was when my root password changed randomly without me changing it at all, upon submitting a ticket they said 'The password we have on record is L33tPass, do you still want us to reset? (Close example)' - I never changed my password to this, and the only way they'd have a record of my pass is if THEY changed it.

Upon asking why they'd changed it they then lied about how they'd reset it at that moment, which is clearly bull as they'd just asked me if I wanted to reset it.

Upon filing a Paypal dispute, they delete all evidence of Support Tickets and Cancelled the account.

Basically Proaxxs are easily some of the biggest frauds in the business, complete thieves in my opinion.
Avoid this company

To summarize
Liars, Thieves and Complete Morons,
Don't let them lie to you.

Biggest Con: Complete liars, frauds and thieves. sucks

Beware with This hosting provider sucks.

WHM and cPanel with many restrictions.

I bought a master reseller monthly plan of $ 14, but I have retired by poor service, yet they insist on following charging.

I have claimed, but threaten to use international debt collection company, increasing value to $ 119

I do not want the same thing happen to you, beware, sucks

Proaxxs Web hosting

Proaxxs Web hosting is the worst hosting company. Stay away complete ripoff! They offer a 7 day trial for a dollar, then keep billing after you cancel their service. Server was so slow and customer support is the worst I have ever received. Use Hostgator for a resellers account, if you want a real hosting company.

Biggest Con: Proaxxs is a ripoff beware!

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