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I renewed with them for another year, then noticed a month or so later, my website dissapeared from the web. When I checked with PowWeb, they said, Oh, you didn't renew your domain when you renewed your hosting, so we now are going to charge you $160 instead of the normal $4.95 a year!!! When I asked why they didn't tell me that when I renewed, they couldn't even muster up an answer!!! They do it on purpose so you have to pay some ridiculous fee and they trap you into using them, otherwise you have to change domain names!! Very slick and very tricky. I am currently filing complaints against them with several state and federal agencies regarding this unethical business practice.

Biggest Pro: lots of templates
Biggest Con: non existant cust serv and horrible billing practices and

We have thirty-one hosts. PowWeb, is among the worst. Among so many other issues, you cannot set your password, although they claim otherwise. Account lockouts are common. Downtime is scurrilous, and FTP speed is reminiscent of 1994 AOL dialups.

We recognize that flexibility is important to maintaining good relations with webhosts. IN RE and, we find no flexibility on the part of PowWeb or its service dep't, which may be functionally illiterate, or based in some far-flung place where working knowledge of English is not required.

We'd like to warn people away from PowWeb. It's just gotten worse over time, and, there are far better hosts out there.

Biggest Pro: We're free to go elsewhere
Biggest Con: Poor service, slow server, unreliable, bad deal

Can't beat the price

Powweb is a shared hosting provider that I have been using for just under a year now. They have a price of only $5.77 a month for 300 gigs of space and their one and only plan includes a free domain (for a year). For the price I really don't think there is a better shared hosting provider. Now that's not to say that they are perfect by any means. I have noticed some slowness with some of my pages loading. It usually only lasts a few hours and then the speed picks right up again. Their other fault is that you can only host 1 site for that price (you can create many sub domains though). I've found the 24/7 tech support to be quite helpful and knowledgeable as well. Also for that price you get a bunch of free programs already installed that you just need to activate. The best being wordpress.

Overall I'm happy with Powweb and I recommend them for anyone looking to start a new site.

Biggest Pro: The price and diskspace
Biggest Con: Only 1 site included per account

Good Value for Money

I signed up for PowWeb as my first host, having heard about it from a friend. Having previously been on a free host, I was somewhat daunted by the huge amount of space on offer, and along with the traffic allowed, not unlimited, but more than enough I find (200 pages and I haven't scratched the surface). There's an easy to use control panel which everyone can use (even my mother) and for the more technologically minded the FTP is easy to access, which I connected to no problems. I found the PHP support very useful, though it was annoying to find out after muchbannoying discussion with Technical Support they don't support custom dlls. All-in-all you get a lot for virtually no cost: more than enough for small to medium sized businesses.

Biggest Pro: Space and traffic you get for the money
Biggest Con: No techie support base/forums

Powweb - for the empowered

I hosted my old website on powweb for more than a year. They have only one plan. But it in essentials had all what i needed. Their Support was terrific and the servers uptime was 100%. I never had my website down . The serrver was very much reliable and lightning fast. But one major pitfall on the host is that they have only one plan and I felt that the resources given was too much to me at that time when i nowhere touched 35% of the total resource available and thought that the price i had to pay for that was a sky high. But on the whole they are a great host. I would recomend anyone to sign up there if your site sucks that much mamoth resource and you can afford to spend 100bucks a year just for your site.

Biggest Pro: Great support, Mamoth Resource
Biggest Con: Only one plan

PowWeb's famous OnePlan

PowWeb is a host that has been around for quite a few years now. I personally believe this is a great host. They have many benefits, including 300GB space, 3000GB data transfer, 24/7 live support and a custom built control panel that lets you dynamically modify many things such as the PHP.INI file and interpreter versions. The only disappointing thing about this host is that they are a little elusive. They have only one plan, and on their site they claim to allow ‘unlimited domains’ which one would think means you can have as many sites as you want, but in reality ‘unlimited domains’ just means you can have multiple domains point to the same site. However, overall I think this is a great host with a large community forum and other great features. All this at just $5.77 a month. I recommend this host.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 Live Chat
Biggest Con: Only 1 site per account unless you pay more per month.

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