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Became too slow and prices continue to rise!

I have been a customer of PowWeb for many years and have not only hosted my own websites but several of my clients’ websites as well. My experience had been positive until I came across other providers and decided to give them a go.

PowWeb offered easy-to-use site building tools and other features which are now the industry standard. The uptime and reliability were mostly great as I cannot remember having any major issues on any of my hosted websites. The technical support did their best to help back in the day through live support whenever I encountered any issues like migration problems, email delivery and FTP issues.

Now I will come to why I stopped using PowWeb even after countless years of being with them. Initial hosting price was all great but it started to rise exponentially even though their customer service, speed and connection quality significantly dropped over time. I faced countless issues where my sites wouldn't load in time despite the correct settings and sometimes they wouldn't load at all. After reading other reviews over the internet, this seems to be a consistent problem and why most people leave PowWeb.

When you are paying industry standard prices annually, you as a customer expect industry standard service. It seems like nothing has changed with PowWeb and they didn't keep up with the ever changing landscape of the web hosting game. Even their website is still the same and has had hardly any upgrades.

I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a hosting provider that has kept up with the changing technologies and embraced it into their processes.

Biggest Pro: Good hosting Uptime
Biggest Con: Too expensive for the amount of service you get

PowWeb is the worst host - EVER!

I have had lots of host over the years on my sites. But using PowWeb truly chocked me. Lots of downtime, slow servers and even bad and rude customer service. It is really unbelievable. PowWeb have even claimed that they don’t host the site! Even after logging in with my customer details!

Totally unbeliveable.

And get this: for the SECOND time have done some changes to my site so that it does not even work properly anymore. And it get worse: PowWeb have not fixed it for over a week!

Do not use PowWeb. Seriously.

Biggest Con: Destroying your site and not fixing it back.

Huge security issue with PowWeb email!

I found out yesterday during a support call that PowWeb's tech support people have direct access to your email account passwords. It's unknown if they have direct access to your other passwords. Watch out!

Biggest Pro: decent service for a decent price
Biggest Con: Insecure passwords!

Worst ever

Ever since they were sold or bought out, this company has gone only downhill. I have been with them for over 10 years and I am now leaving. They have been charging me for an account that I merged over 4 years ago. Sure it's my fault for not noticing that until now, but I don't look at my cc statement very closely, and I wasn't sure if they were charging me for the correct account or not. No emails about upcoming charges until just today. I received an invoice for that long lost account. Support was poor, with no help at all.

Biggest Pro: Uptime ease of use
Biggest Con: Ripped off

Every year another billing issu surprise

I have been hosting multiple websites with powweb for 6 years now. Support is next to non existent, personnal is for most part incompetent without any knowledge of code and I do not consider my self expert in any way. Every year there is a billing issue. They never send you the bill in advance and then you are in for a surprise. This year my rate jumped from USD 35.00 to more than USD 120.00. I've had it this time and will be migrating alle my webpages elsewhere

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: billing, customer support

Powweb has the worst customer service and techincal support!

I have had the worst customer experience of my life with Powweb. 17 hours on the phone and counting and no one over there can do anything. Everyone has excuses and apologies, but no authority or knowledge to do anything. I am migrating my business off of their products and going elsewhere. If you are thinking of using Powweb, don't. They suck!!!

I hope anyone that reads this does not use them. I have spent 17 1/2 hours on the phone with them over the past 72 hours and still no one can help me. They lost hundreds of my emails, charged me money for services they did not provide, and constantly passed the buck to someone else just as incompetent as the person before them.

Biggest Con: the fact that they are still in business

Slow load times

PowWeb is notorious for slow load times for their shared servers. When you open a ticket they say that the issue is not an issue and closes the ticket. I have a PowWeb account for 3 years and it has been going down hill since they changed their plan to unlimited bandwidth. This year I will be letting my sub run out and going with another Web Hosting.

Biggest Pro: unlimited bandwidth
Biggest Con: Slow LOAD TIMES


i just had this chat with tech support:

Mike: i wasn't using it for storage - someone was using ftp to send me some files.

Mike: but i have removed them now

Don Ray: Okay.

Don Ray: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Mike: so am i understanding this right? it is unlimited up to 25 gigs? i mean - i just need to know.

Don Ray: Yes.

Mike: ha... thanks.

Powweb has gone downhill

Been with Powweb for 10 years. Went through the buyout with them. A couple of years ago I started to see problems, minor ones at first. Last year I renewed for 2 years and then my problems really began. My biggest complaint is the pass through spam. Someone at powweb has drilled a hole through their spam filters and they refuse to correct the situation. My second complaint is that everyone that used to be helpful in tech support is gone and now it's just a bunch of rude monkey's. Everyone that has ever replied to my support ticket has given me a different answer. they've even told me their own documentation in the help section is wrong. They will turn off you email or website whenever you complain or write a bad review through their technical support follow up survey.

I'm done with these guys, my suggestion to anyone considering them: find someone else! The anxiety (and extra work involved) of serving your clients through these guys isn't worth the money. You'll spend more later so go pay the extra up front somewhere else.

Biggest Pro: the pros are long gone
Biggest Con: pick one

POWWEB is a lie. I wish I never hosted with them.

Powweb advertised unlimited hosting space and bandwidth and we thought we had a good deal. We couldn't have been more wrong. I would not dwell on the many times that our website went down, sometimes we got notified that there was a problem; most times we didn't. What really broke the camel's back was a day came when all of a sudden I got a mail from powweb stating that my act was in violation of use. On reading their email they claimed I had exceeded my storage limit and to delete some files amd read their terms of service. In shock I read the terms of service which gave a vague statement that not to exceed normal. Confused, I replied hoping for more clarification. I wasn't using my site to store external files and please ur term "normal use" seems vague. I never got a reply, instead i got template responses, Some days later, lo and behold, my entire website was replaced with a account suspended message! Its been over 2 days now and everytime I called they say someone who can help me will get back to me. They never did and my website is still down. I am in shock. I can't believe this is happening. So only if you plan on having a 5 page static website with no possibility of growth and you dont mind a 20-30% downtime, go with them, else PLS RUN!

Biggest Con: False advertisement

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