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Horrible service, fequent outages

We have lost email and web hosting 4 times in the past year alone. Currently it has been up and down for three days. Support is horrible - they currently are not responding to any phone calls, and the online chat has no answers for me. I am looking for someone else right now.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Poor response to outages.


PolurNet is a great hosting company. There was some downtime a few times, but the rest of the time it has been great. If they did go down for a period, they would usually give me a discount on next months hosting. Support is great, if you don't use the Live Chat - you'll be lucky to catch someone there even if it says they are online. All in all, I plan to continue to host with PolurNet. Great hosting company.

Polurnet WebHosting Review

I've been with polurnet in around 5 months now and quite happy with their hosting. Customer support is outstanding, always there for my queries and technical problems. Downtime experienced was only once and was just around 5 minutes I think, but overall...I am satisfied. I've got a customized reseller account for a small price, a real value for my business.

Nothing more to say but....Thumbs up! A+++ for a great service.

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