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Planethosting the worst on the planet

first started with planethosting in 2002 as a new webmaster. I found their service at the time to be great and uptime to be great. As my site catered to the needs of adults looking to meet others I was told I had to pay an extra 5 dollars a month in order to remain with them as it entered the "Gray" area of their Terms of Service. I didn't mind so long as the support and up time remained unchanged and up to standards. After approximately 5 years I was informed that I would have to find another place for my site as it conflicted with the religious beliefs of their sales executive "Paul". It was a friendly and mutually respectable parting of the ways. I was able to access my site files and transfer them to my new location without issue. However after the site was moved came my mistake. That was, when I purchased the domain, I purchased it with their "Free registration" option as it was included. Little did I know they would register the domain in their name. When it came time to move, I was informed that they had held onto my banks cashiers checks for 10 months without cashing them. (No explanation given) and that they wanted me to resend money that was already deducted from my account.) To this day, I have not received these checks back so they could be resubmitted to them for payment and they have taken the liberty to park the domain and deny service in the meantime. So my review is this. Good up time, Decent customer support when you need it. Very poor business management when it comes time to either part ways or terminate service.

Biggest Pro: uptime
Biggest Con: The biggest con? Is that they are the biggest con on the internet.

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