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best Linux and PHP webhosting, even support Ruby and much more

Hi, i've been using phpwebhosting as my web hosting for more than 5 years!

They are a pure Linux web hosting company, you can choose to work with the latest PHP version on their control panel and that is their strength.

I used scripts on my sites and it work with PHP 5.3++. They also support ruby for those who seek a good ruby web hosting.

They also give you SSH if you need to.

Its perfect for those seeking a linux stable hosting. Its not the cheapest price but if you need something serious, stable and "real" Linux, go WIth them.

I hosted more than 10 sites with domains bought from Godaddy... pointing to phpwebhosting Nameservers/dns. And everything works as expected. No downtimes. Emails working for more than 5 years without any issue.

I will give a try to ...simply Because they have better prices. But reading their reviews i already doubt they will be as hot as

My worst web hosting is Goddaddy because they've been hacked and also because i cannot use phpactiverecord scripts on their hosting...even if they claim they are php 5.3. In this PHP web World of 2012, we need to be focused on mysql-PHP-PDO drivers and any new scripting possibility.

ActiveRecord is beautiful to read and to code, and because code is poetry i dont use WordPress. i code my own CMS. Any webhosting limiting my Scripting little knowledge, i'd throw away like i did with godaddy...any site hosted in Godaddy Linux servers, that falls on my hands, takes the Highway ;)

Best regards,

Biggest Pro: latest php version, good web hosting support
Biggest Con: price is higher than 5 bucks per month. bah...Doh! ! woot

8+ Years of Outstanding Service offers an impressive set of features, including SSH access, unlimited email addresses, unlimited MySQL 5 databases, crontab, GD and ImageMagick, Python 1.52 and 2, Perl 5.8, Ruby with rubyonrails, complete .htaccess control, and even the ability to run different versions of PHP for different portions of your site... just to name a few.

Their support desk has been superb. I've never had to wait more than a few hours for a response, and they have always been knowledgeable and helpful.

In over 8 years of being a phpwebhosting customer, I have never had a problem with this host. My experience with them has been wonderfully positive.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited everything + great features + great support

Cheap, Un"metered" space

PHP Web Hosting is a great hosting service for those that don't mind going with a Shared server. While they boast practically unlimited everything, you might not want to use them for a major site with 500,000 users or more.

PHP Web Hosting has only one hosting plan which is $9.95 a month or $9.17 a month if paid annually. I have never had a problem with this server. In 4 years I have never seen the server go down.

To keep prices low they do not offer phone support. However, because you get free email support which has a response time of -+2 days, it doesn't really matter.

With unlimited databases, email, parked domains, and space this is a great choice for your personal or small website needs. While they don't allow Shell access, you control pretty much everything else from their control panel, including PHP version.

My overall rating for this hosting company is 9.5.

Biggest Pro: Unlimited Everything
Biggest Con: No Shell Access

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