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One big headache!

After my last host raised their prices to what I couldn't afford I found parade hosting through other websites and thought I'd give it a shot. Well it wasn't worth it. During a 7 day period you may get lucky and have service 3 days.

I learned my lesson, cheap isn't always better.

Parada Hosting Sucks Go with Instead

Well i was hosted with them and they could not maintain an utime to satisfy me. They were horrible the support was fake they lied about everything and gave false excuses all the time. Every time the server was down when i did get a hold of them (when i did) it was rare they would reply they said they are rebooting which was a fat lie im so upset how they took my money and denied refund.. I finally came across and they have provided excellent uptime and there support is real i suggest you move to them if your tired of the crappy parade hosting.

Wow, just wow.

I bought a domain with paradehosting when they first started. Their service was constantly down-- I'd say it had about a 20% reliability. Baring this in mind, I soon had them push the domain over to me and told them to cancel my service because I wasn't interested in a site that was rarely up. They did offer to refund me the $1 or whatever but I just told them they could keep it because it wasn't worth the effort.

I thought that as time went by, things would get better. Apparently they got a new administrator as well, one that is surprisingly foul-mouthed. I completely disagree with the fact that no e-mails are sent out and everything is done through the forum.

I advised my friend against purchasing with them because of the experience I had, but they ignored my advice unfortunately and went with paradehosting. Turns out, none of the problems were fixed. There is still constant downtime to the point that the forum was once flooded with messages saying how terrible the service was. The administrator then said he would not allow users to post about how they were switching services and would actually ban those who spoke poorly of him and paradehosting. He also made a rude remark towards the competition. This shows, in my opinion, how terribly unprofessional paradehosting is run. A professional would have handled the topic more maturely than deleting everything and banning anyone who spoke out against him.

If you are only choosing to go with them because they're cheap, bare in mind there are several other "indie" places out there that are cheap! Just because paradehosting is popular doesn't mean it's necessarily good.

Please check out these other places if you want cheap service (I don't own any of these nor am I affiliated with them, I just think that people on a budget should have a choice): (Unlimited/$9) (70gb/$10) (40gb/$10) (10gb/$10) (20gb/$11) (150gb/$14) (50gb/$15)

Biggest Pro: cheap.
Biggest Con: you get what you pay for...

you get what you pay for

I joined Parade after sending several emails to the owner. She showed me the uptime and I was felt more at ease with joining, so I dropped my host at Surpass (great hosting, but it was a bit expensive considering my sites are for fun and b/c of school go untouched for months at a time).

A month later, the original owner handed over Parade to a new owner, who is pretty obnoxious and tends to pretty rude (cursing and all) when addressing his customer's concerns. There is no newsletter or ML, so when you want to find out news about what's going on (server being restarted etc.) you have to join the MB, which has to have the most obnoxious pain0in-the-butt mods ever (constant smart alecky replies, deleting closing threads when anyone says anything against the changes being made at Parade, even joining other forums when they find someone has spoken out against Parade).

The server is overloaded, and you can expect downtown/500 errors for up to 30minutes plus almost every day. It's horrible. but I already have everything on their over-taxed server, and with the new semester starting up i don't have time to find another affordable host and edits all my scripts. server memory is constantly at 90% or higher, as the space taken up on /usr. Server load is after beyond 20 cpus. Get the idea? Really terrible. Even Parade's layout is one obtained from a free css theme site...

It's super cheap, but remember, there's a reason for that. Don't be blinded by an advertising that seems too good to be true as it more than likely is. I saved over 30$ a year, but now I have a ste I can barely access...

Biggest Pro: cheap price
Biggest Con: horrible downtime, obnoxious support,

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