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Email problems

A few months back Pair changed out their email servers. Now, there are complications with email going out or running very slow. This happens about every 60-90 days. A business takes email very seriously. It is for this reason email is not handled by another provider.

Bulletproof professional hosting

We have used pair Networks since 1996 and have been pleased with their service. They are reasonably priced but there are less expensive hosts around. The biggest plus is their bulletproof architecture. Many hosts now are running Linux instead of the full-fledged Unix (FreeBSD) that pair does. Good security, good stability, good uptime, good tech support. We host numerous domains on pair for clients and the setup and maintenance is straightforward.

On its webservers, pair restricts email sending to avoid spam problems. However, that keeps us from managing our own mySQL-based and flat-file newsletter systems. pair does offer pairList, a solid mailing list manager, but it doesn't interface with an outside database. As a result, we have an account with in the UK to handle outgoing email. Domain-related incoming email is handled well by pair's email servers.

pair's control panel interface has improved greatly over the years but still is a bit stark. Generally, we do most work through FTP and occasionally telnet so the control panel isn't used a lot. There is very modest database admin through the control panel, so it's essential to have your own SQL manager.

Biggest Pro: Bulletproof
Biggest Con: Email sending restrictions

Pair networks is a terrible webhost

Pair networks is a terrible webhost. I run nothing but a vBulletin CMS and forum, and though it's a popular site, we don't go over either our disk space or bandwidth. They have disabled my website twice because we were "too busy" (a few hundred visitors reading/posting on the forum at one time max) -- despite not going over the allowance that I purchased.

They have also twice done something to their servers which corrupted my vBulletin, and on both occasions I had to hire a vBulletin developer to fix the problems, to hundreds of dollars each time.

I would advise anyone who is looking for webhosting to NOT use unless you actually want your site to come across as unprofessional with very upset users. I will be moving to a new webhost as soon as possible.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Terrible service

Pair networks

Our company has been with Pair Networks since 1995 or so and have never had any major issues with them. We're an IT services company and one of the services we provide is domain hosting and email through Pair Networks. We haven't experienced any outages in either web or email services in a very long time. Whenever we have a question regarding either our service or a technical problem we always call them and have the problem solved within the first 5 minutes.

The only con for them would be their pricing, but then how important is it to have excellent uptime.

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: Pricing

Highly recommended

I've used Pair for years and only very recently contacted their customer support for the first time - I just haven't needed to contact them as the uptime has been brilliant everything just works.

When I did contact them (due to a problem entirely of my own creation!) they were very quick to respond via email (no irritating trouble ticket forms), were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Pair might be a little more expensive than other providers, but you get what you pay for and a few dollars more a year for such great customer support is well worth it. Highly recommended.

Biggest Pro: Customer support is brilliant
Biggest Con: Very slightly more expensive than other providers

Pair Networks - great host for personal and business

I have two accounts with Pair Networks, a basic account for personal use and parking domains and an advanced account for hosting the websites of two organizations.

Their email management is super easy and powerful. I manage the email of all organizations with ease.

Website hosting has also been great. I use Joomla for the sites and this has been quite easy.

Beyond the simplicity the strengths of Pair are reliability and support. In over a decade with Pair I have never experienced and outage. Their support dept is super helpful and quick. I've used support numerous times, for security, Joomla install, mail, etc questions and have always had an answer back within a day, most often though within an hour.

Kudos to Pair - great hosting company.

Biggest Pro: support, reliability, ease of use
Biggest Con: there are cheaper hosts but not better value

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