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Repeal of Previous Praise Review

My story with PacificHost is too long to go into. Suffice it to say that I paid in advance for three years and they were so bad (with the exception of about 3 months when I wrote the praise review ("High Praise of PacificHost") that I left them, even though they refused to refund my money.

They owed me for two full years of prepaid service and only agreed to refund one year IF I would remove all the negative posts I had written about them. I had to agree to do it (and they checked) to get my money, but they still owe me for a year of service that I didn't use.

I don't have a lot of money but the time and effort that I was wasting with PacificHost Tech Support made it an absolute necessity to leave them, even with them owing me hundreds of dollars. Yes! They are truly THAT BAD!!!!

I only wish the praise report could get removed. It is not a valid evaluation of their service anymore. It was good for about 3 months out of the year I was with them, then they fired their only good service manager and all things went downhill again.

Stay away from PacificHost. They are NOT honourable people as I once thought.

Biggest Pro: NOTHING
Biggest Con: Refused to Refund my Money even though I was leaving because they were uanble to provide adequate service

Previous reviews by Mary Pearson

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

Please remove my review

I posted a review title "High Praise for PacificHost". I subsequently posted two extremely bad reviews, and even though I had paid $900 for three years of hosting, after just one year I was forced to change hosts because they were so bad. I cannot even begin to tell you how bad they were.

So I left with them owing me $645 for the next two years plus an SSL Certificate that they were never able to install.

They agreed to pay me $300 but only if I removed all the negative posts and promised not to post any more.

You were kind enough to remove the two really bad reviews but now the positive review remains, giving the wrong impression. They were only good for about two or three months while they had a new Tech Support Manager, but then they fired him and things went downhill again.

Without a doubt these people are the WORST to deal with. They still owe me $345 which I will never see, but it is worth the loss of money to be rid of them.

Please remove the positive post. It no longer applies and is misleading to consumers who might consider them.

Thank you so much!

By Mary Pearson on September 14th, 2011 at 21:10 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Linux | Email:

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Please Remove My Previous Review

I previously posted a review called "High Praise for PacificHost".

Can you please remove that review. They started off bad, got better (when I submitted the review) but have since deteriorated to worse than when I started.

I have paid for three years in advance VPS and they ignore all my requests for a refund. I'm not asking for a refund of the time used, but really don't want to have to spend the next two years with them and they will not refund me for time not used.

Please remove my praise review for them. It is no longer applicable.

This host is, without a doubt, the worst host in internet history. Stay far, far away from them!!!

By Mary Pearson on July 6th, 2011 at 21:32 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Linux | Email:

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High Praise for PacificHost

I have had my website for over ten years, and during that time I have had about half a dozen servers. In June 2010, I transferred my website to a VPS on PacificHost. I cannot begin to tell you of the problems that I had with them, but please don’t stop reading because this is a GLOWING report.

I just want you to understand that there were problems. Day after day there were problems, literally hundreds of problems, to a point that after three months I was so frustrated that I just wanted to go anywhere else. My website is very large with lots of databases, and there are always problems when transferring to a new host, but unlike on PacificHost, they are usually resolved within the first couple of weeks. I really was not looking forward to having to start over again, but I decided that I just could not continue on with them. I was spending all my days just dealing with one problem after another, not making any progress whatever with new development.

Just as I was shopping for a new server they hired Jerry Smith as their new Tech Support Manager. Within a matter of days Jerry had fixed most of my problems that had eluded their techs for so many months. Unfortunately some of the problems would reappear, but Jerry was on the job for, what appeared to be 24 hr shifts, and he quickly resolved each issue as it happened.

With Jerry in charge I decided that I would stay for at least another month to see if the problems were resolved once and for all. Sadly, new problems arose, but now, with each problem, the issue was fixed quickly and properly.

I have waited a couple more months to see if we finally have a stable website, and I’m delighted to say that we do. Not only are all problems resolved, but Thomas Perry, owner of PacificHost, upgraded my service to the next level to make up for all the problems. Now how many companies do that without being asked!

With all of my other hosts I thought they were good, but I was always shopping for a better deal financially when it came time for renewal, and I really didn’t have any reservations about leaving them for a host with a better price.

After my gamut of experiences with PacificHost I am now so committed to them that it is with great pleasure that I endorse them whole-heartedly, with specific praises and gratitude to Thomas Perry and Jerry Smith. I have no reservations in recommending them to everyone! I believe that they now have all the kinks worked out for their new clients, and that you would be extremely happy with them as a host.

They have an excellent Tech Support Manager, and it is obvious that the Owner is an upstanding and honourable man. What more could you want. Their prices are excellent, they offer apps like Red5 that most other servers don’t, and their support is so far above and beyond what I have experienced anywhere else that it is my intention to stay with them permanently. I recommend them without reservation and rate their performance at 100%!

Mary Pearson
November 7, 2010

By Mary Pearson on November 7th, 2010 at 21:32 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Linux | Email:

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Failure of Service and Retribution of Support

I ordered a Signature plan under one domain, the service comes with a free dedicated IP which is required for SSL certificates under shared hosting. There were no less than several tickets regarding this issue (they would close them a lot after replies like go to this VPS/Dedicated IP allocation form, etc...) and in the end the IP was allocated and setup to the wrong domain, so, again, back to tickets to have this corrected.

My favorite response was they would allocate it but had to order new blocks as they ran out... yeah, they already allocated it, it was just on the WRONG domain so several attempts to get this corrected despite the previous several tickets which practically spelled it out and still nothing. Move ahead to 3 days in the service time and I'm still without the IP on the correct domain and it takes forever to get any form of acknowledgement or reply from them and I sent a rather terse but not profane or threatening ticket that said essentially, correct it or I leave within 24 hours.

I get a reply saying they'd fix it and all seemed to be going well then, three hours later an email, I'm suspended due to inadequate identification in spite of the fact I used my name, my business mailing address, my business account to pay through a processor which does independent verification before you can even use their service and more.

I have since issued a chargeback due to a complete failure on their part to have ANY normal dialog without seven hands in the pot thinking they each understand and reported them to several sites and two government agencies including the BBB.

Tech Support Very Slow

I am not sure if PacificHost is any good or not? It's now day 7 and my account is not operational yet. I had 2 cpanel accounts moved to PacificHost. They were setup pretty quick but both accounts cannot be used without SSL certs. As I mentioned its now 7 days and no static IP addresses have been assigned and I thus cannot assign the accounts to a customer. Support tickets go unanswered for days. Online chat support agents stop responding and end online chats. If you are a reseller and need a quick response time it does not look like Pacific Host can get the job done. If you do not need static IP addresses and can fix everything yourself then maybe it would work. My last hosts -- and -- were far better and had excellent support. I took a chance on pacifichost and it does not look like its going to pay off.

Biggest Pro: Nice Cpanel Setup
Biggest Con: Support Response Extremely Slow

Beware of Pacifichost

Pacifichost is the worse hosting company outhere!.. they are cheap, but you will
lose more money in the long run because their server is almost down everyday and
the worse part is they will not respond to your support inquiring once they gets
your money$$ they will ignore you., they lost all of my DATA and gives me the
run around for a week.. I prepaid for 2 years of hosting and only used 1 becuase
I ran like a fox after pacifichost lost my data, to this day 2 months later NO
money back or reply to my cancellation emails.. You have been Warned stay away...
*I just want to make sure NO other person get taken for their hard earned money*

Biggest Pro: they are cheap
Biggest Con: their server is almost down everyday

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