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Don't even think about hosting at OVH

You know how every few years, your credit/debit card get reissued to you with a new expiration date, but it's the same card number? Well that just happened to us, so we frantically tried to get our card updated to no avail, and about 4 days later OVH deleted our dedicated server, despite that we replied to our own support ticket with them for 4 days in a row, without a single response from them. Simply put, OVH sucks ..Recommend you STAY AWAY.

Biggest Pro: None - Run away
Biggest Con: total incompetence

Great company

OVH is incredibly great when it comes to UX and how smooth you can manage your domain, hosting, email, and everything else. I never needed to contact support during the six past months, which is a good indicator of the quality of their services. They also provide tutorials and clear instructions to use the panel you will be using. They have informed me of every time their dashboard had been in regular maintenance -which took less than 30 minutes at its only occurrence.
They're pretty expensive comparing to their competitors, but you definitely get the worth of your money. What I like best about them is that they never spam your inbox with useless offers and fake marketing. They're located in Europe with data centers around Europe and the US. Also, sometimes it takes quite a while for DNS records to be updated, but it depends mostly on the DNS provider you're tunneling through- e.g., CloudFlare.
If I could change one thing, I would make the user interface more customizable and incremental because some people have different needs than others. Especially that they offer a wide range of services, such as cloud computing, web hosting, dedicated servers, and more. If I had more business, I would undoubtedly bring it to OVH.

24/7 Support but no help

OVH shut down our dedicated server twice for spam. They never contacted us or told us anything first. When we tried to get help scanning the server, they were unable to help us. They showed callous indifference to our business needs.

They have at least one person with technical support that understands their setup, but they do not offer services to their customers. If you have a dedicated server, you are on your own with OVH.

Their billing does NOT include subscriptions for the server! This was a major pain because we had to remember to pay each month. No way around it, though they said they were working on that.

Although they have great prices on CentOS and other servers, their slow response time and lack of services, their lack of support offered should scare away new customers.

Biggest Pro: Large, cheap dedicated servers
Biggest Con: No Subscription payments.

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