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Overall: 4.2/10

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Steer Clear!

First off, I was referred to oshq by a friend, they told me it was a great host... HA!. I was talking to Max (the owner) and told them what I was looking for (master reseller) and he said he would give it to me for a very low price. I also told Max that I was previously hosted by HostGator. Max assured me that there hosting was a lot better then HostGator and that I'd be very happy with the services especially on there "Titan" server. So I bought the master reseller plan. The first 15 days were great, no down time and no glitches in the server. Then everything started going down hill. The "Titan" server started getting a lot of downtime. I'd attempt to submit a support ticket but I would get banned from the server. It seemed like every other day my ip was being banned from there server. Id submit a support ticket and they wouldnt answer it for 5 to 6 days. Then finally they put my ip in the ip protection on the server. After about a week I was looking at the server status from my whm panel. I noticed the server load was getting really high and the usr/ area of the server was at 98% and flashing red. I knew that couldnt be good so I notified there tech support. That night the server completely crashed. It was down for about 48 hours. When the server finally came back up my master reseller was gone. OSHQ never notified anyone what was going on. So I submitted another ticket asking what was going on and asking to restore my reseller privilages. It took me 6 support tickets and 3 weeks to finally get a response. They restored my reseller but not the privilages. I cannot create accounts or anything on my reseller, all I can basically do is stare at a blank whm screen. I am still a customer at OSHQ. I have been submitting support & tech tickets every single day for the last month and I still have not gotten a reply. I still do not have my reseller privilages and I have been paying my hosting on time in full.

Final Though.

I do not recommend OSHQ to anyone. There customer & tech support are very slow at responding. If something was to go wrong with your hosting account it might be months before it is restored.

Biggest Pro: The price and connection speeds
Biggest Con: Customer & Tech Support

OSHQ review

I like them cos they are cheap, I wish their titan Servers were little bit more faster.

I still had no problems with them.Their support was ok too not very good.

I still think their connection speeds are slower than others.

But they are the best when it comes to price.It is totally worth the money you spend.

What you see is what you get.(WYSIWYG).

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Slow servers.

Terrible Hosting and Random Cancellation

I purchased hosting from them that specifically allowed for proxy hosting.... then they changed datacenters and didn't tell me that their new datacenter did not allow proxies... they canceled my account and deleted all my files... I contacted tech support where they promply told me I violated their TOS. I told them that hosting proxies was allowed according to the page I purchased it from. They then told me that they changed their TOS and didn't send me any emails because their TOS said that they can change it at any time without notice. This left me in the dark and they destroy my account and keep my month's pay for a few days hosting.

Biggest Pro: fast
Biggest Con: everything else

It's ok for being as cheap as it is.

Just started with them about a week ago. Site is down more than expected but it's supercheap hosting. My stats don't work, and I have mentioned this but have not received any help to resolve this. They recently moved to a new server, and seems to be better. Customer service doesn't seem to be so great. Seems it's more of a money gimmick than service. I would suggest looking around for others before choosing this company. At least give them a couple months to see if they work all of the problems out.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Downtime

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