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It's great when it works.. but....

It doesn't always work! We have 4 website bring hosted by OneWeb. When there is a problem you can definitely tell your talking to an engineer and not a customer relation person. My Charity Golf website crashed the week of the tournament. It literally cost me thousand of dollars as one of my Corporate Sponsors backed out when he could view the site saying we were too unprofessional. 3 days later I get a callback from a tech (and owner) who could care less. He 'fixed' the problem only for me to experience 2 more crashes and a disabling of my PayPal. I paid all year for this one day and these guys fumbled big time! Words can not express my disappointment with them, their customer service, and their "It's you not me" attitude. Beware.

PS - I gave them a 10 for service and billing cuz they'll never miss collecting money from you. But don't expect them to come back after a major screw up and say "We need to make this right" and somehow compensate you for your loss.

Biggest Pro: Easy to use
Biggest Con: Poor customer service

Double-Dipped my Monthly Fee, Added Fees for "Included" Services

After hosting with them for two years, and receiving a very bland and ineffective web site, when I canceled One Web Hosting took TWO monthly fees PLUS a $20 fee for a domain name I don't want any more. The domain registration was supposed to be part of the monthly fee as part of the package I signed up for. I called and "Mark" tells me that wasn't the case. So they don't in reality include everything they promise when you sign up.

BTW as long as I'm here, the partner "Build Your Site" was unreliable as well. I had to practically hold their hand through the entire process of web development - they weren't even paying attention to what I wanted on the site. They'd tell me all my changes were in, but they weren't/ I had to spell out everything over and over.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Lousy site, poor service.

Non-existent or may just don't care Technical Support

Seriously, do not expect a call back from these guys. If you are able to get them on the phone or communicate via email, your problems will most likely languish. Very (!) poor response. We dropped them because of this. A repeated problem. I gave them every benefit of the doubt and they just would not respond to a simple email malfunction.

Biggest Pro: Boy can these guys advertise ...
Biggest Con: Expensive, Outrageously expensive, particularly for a group with malfunctioning technical support.

BS SCAM! They make their $ when you try to cancel!

What a mistake! I cannot begin to number the problems and incompetence of these people. I had a problem every day. I had to call every day because their on-line support was a joke. IF I actually got thru to a real person, (and was not expected to leave a message for a "prompt" call back (also a joke), I got to speak to one of three lazy and uninterested "20-somethings". They were condesending and bored, acting like I was an idiot, which of course, was not their problem. Their tools were aweful and very hard to use. Way too many passwords to remember and their on-line directional movies were inacurate and had nohing at all to do with their suposedly "upgraded" site builder. I had to call several times on this issue to get the correct directions and their response was always, "Wellllll, we still have customers using this format, blah blah blah..." "OK> So hows about puting up some NEW movies that pertain to your "NEW" crap????...", I said. "Uhhhh, we still have people using the old format..." and on and on and on...
I canceled at the end of one month. They have dicked me for a lot of money just to cancel. That is where they get their money.

Biggest Pro: NONE

Extra Charges

The cost was $9.95 per month for a basic, technologically limited website. They require a 30-day notice to cancel ($9.95 charge) and a $20 "transfer fee" at cancellation. Not recommended.

Biggest Con: $20 + one-month's charge at termination

Holding my Domain Name Hostage

I signed up with OneWebHosting because it looked like a good deal. I quickly cancelled my account less than 60 days later. Their login system was completely convoluted and backward. I think they gave me six different passwords and three different websites as part of their login system. It was way too confusing and didn't work consistently.

After I cancelled my account I left my domain with them and they told me it would be active for a year and at that time I could renew it with them or transfer it to another company. I just tried to renew with another company and it didn't work. When I called Onewebhosting they said that even though my domain expired with them that they essentially have the "rights" and I can only renew with them. They charged me about four times the amount it should have cost me to renew my website. So they're essentially holding my domain hostage from here on out so that I have to renew with them for an exorbit price from now on.

Biggest Con: Dishonest, unreliable

ripoff and horrible service/templates

One Webhosting is a waste of money. They have hidden terms and will certainly milk you for every dime if you leave them. It is very hard to get your domain name from them if you decide not to renew with them. The templates are not great and do not give your website any edge. They are limited and overpriced. Do not be fooled by the C9.99 plan. You will have to pay a separate price after leaving them for the domain name. Its crazy, obsurd and about to be exposed with our local television news . Do not use One Webhosting. The price is a trick and the terms are subject to change whenever they feel like it. Bad service, bad templates, bad pricing and bad terms.

Biggest Pro: none. it has been over a year of hell
Biggest Con: bad service,templates,terms,access. do not consider them at all

Poor Customer and Sales Service

I purchased webhosting with this company on April 09, 2011 and was charged $9.95 for one month plus a $20 set up fee. The company took my money and now refuses to provide immediate access so I can work on my site.

This company is not trustworthy and should be elected with extreme caution. If the company is not going to set perimiters to grant immediate access to paying customers they should get out of the business and stop taking money they have not rightly earned.

Web consumers are familar with waiting for propogation but that has no bearing on instant delivery of electronic products. Again one more company ripping off consumers. So I urge you unless you have money to throw away do use extreem caution before doing buiness with this company who will not provide support services in accordance with their publication - in otherwords there is no 24-7 Support but they can take your money 24-7 without hesitation.

Poor ethical business practices.

Biggest Pro: Never would I suggest this company they are a fraud
Biggest Con: Take your money and not provide the product or support

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