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One X Host Rocks!!!

I have been a customer of OneXHost for about 8 months now, and very happy with thier service!

Back in February of 2007, when I started hosting with them, they had a different site, with smaller packages. Since then, packages have grew a lot. Customer support is just exceptional,I usually contact by online support, and they are online usually all the time. I get to speak to one of the representatives, and they can be very helpful!

Just last month, I was in a huge financial struggle, and I spoke to the representatives at OneXHost, and asked if they can hold my payments for an extra month or two, and right away, they agreed to!

Just recently I referred a freind, and he was with them for about 1 and a half months, and then he bought the highest reseller package, and started his own hosting!! Now, I can never go that far, but it can be a great start! I have told many people about this host, and OneXHost has really grew bigger over the last 4 months! They have more than one center to store all their data, which makes it more secure as well.

Packages are pretty much flexible, I got to choose the amount of space/bandwidth I wanted, and also domains, mysql databases.

Uptime & reliability is exceptional! They have a great uptime, the site never goes down. Even when my site got hacked, they were there to help with uploading a lot of the data files on to the server. The only thing they don't have right now is, daily backups! Which is something I would love soo much. But I have more than one site hosted with them, and one of them is an image hosting site, so definetly it needs daily backups. So i do the daily backups on my own. I hope to see them get daily backs.

Often, they upgrade their server, clean out their server, and maintain it perfectly!! They just recently added 4GB Ram, and 700GB harddrive. Also, they have the latest version of cPanel, and Fantastico! I just love the new one, it is very Web 2.0 Stylish. They can offer an unlimited plan, which gives you no limit on anything!! This is best for those who have more than around 25 to 30 sites. They also allow customers to host forums on their servers, as long as it has a license. I am going to open up an online community soon, so I have to get a license for vBulletin.

All in all, I plan to be with OneXHost, for quite long time!

Biggest Pro: Flexibility Of Packages
Biggest Con: Daily Backups

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