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Domain name given to competitor without warning...

Even after I placed locks on the domain. All the competitor needed was the last 4 digits of my credit card number.
I was able to contact support 20 minutes after I received the e-mail that the domain had been transferred and they were unwilling to help.
I was a excellent customer for over 10 years and alway paid my on time.
The made me feel like they did not care.
I gave them all the information. Who took it, when they took it, etc.... They did not want to bother to check that I was the owner unless I had the last four digits of the credit card used to steal it. It is nuts.

I few years back I needed to transfer a domain name from another registrar to Omnis. It took 48 hours and I had to send a picture ID on Letterhead to the other registrar. That was a pain in the butt but now I know why.

I am now in the process of transferring all my domain names from Omnis to another vendor.

Untill this happened I was content with Omnis. I was alway unhappy with Customer Service but the product was good for the price.
If they cannot secure my property I do not trust them.

Biggest Con: Security, Service and tech support

Best Hosting I Have Ever Had!!!

I have used a handful of other hosting services and always canceled relatively quick until I found Omnis. Most every other Hosting services either did not offer any knowledgeable support, or they charged for support, or their support was pushy and rude.

Omnis support has been fantastic. I was set up quickly and had my site up and running super fast. When I wanted to manage my own DNS to add a vent record, I called in for support and was helped immediately. They walked me through everything until it was fully added and then offered some tips on how to keep things running smoothly myself in the future.

I would highly recommend Omnis to anyone looking for solid hosting and good support.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Technical Support
Biggest Con: None.

The BEST service on the internet.

I love this webhost company. I've been with them just under a year. The service is so great. I did a lot of research before I picked them to be my host company, and I can't be happier with the way things turned out. I run a lot of stuff on my website (gallery, shopping cart, etc) and I am always changing things and adding more stuff to it. Never had a single problem with the site, and can't remember if it has ever been down. I would definitely recommend Omnis to anyone needing a website.

Biggest Pro: Their tech support know everything and fix everything.
Biggest Con: No dedicated servers.

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