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Owner dosent care about his business or standards of quality

Have been with Occhosting approx 10 years and have been using them simply as a personal website hosting. so the demands for uptime and tech support requirements were close to nil. However the times I needed to contact them they were almost never available via phone and took 1-2 business days to respond via email.
During my last issue, my payment was due, and they suspended my account on a friday. I made payment same day and emailed them.
They only responded back and resumed website service on on Monday afternoon.
In the past, at least once they gave an attitude of superiority in their responses.

I would not recommend their service.

Every thing smells of roses

if you ever have a problem it's never their problem, it's always our fault, my programmer, the way the site was constructed. Today I discovered through yet another problem my websites have been extremely slow that they were overcharging me for at least three years with only half the benefits of what a new client gets, half the bandwidth they should have given me! Do you think I got an apology? No they are just too arrogant. Email problems oh ofcourse no-one else ever has these problems do they, I can see by other clients here they have the same problems as me. Everyone at OCC is too smart for their own brains if only they could realise what customer service is really about, they carp on about their performance as though they are something extraordinary, they are absolutely hopeless, they need lessons but they are too arrogant to see it for themselves. They always tell you their uptime is 99.9% dream on my sites even this year have been offline for upto 15 hours despite emails to them then they tell you it was a fault on our website. My advice go elsewhere until they realise they are hopeless at customer care!


I been a reseller with OccHosting for many years, and the most complaints I get is there email fill up - not because of spam but because they created a mailbox and then also setup to have their email forward to there yahoo or gmail account - by doing this all email are retained on the server - now most people want this feature as the server keeps a backup copy, but as mention - the bad side is the mail box slowly fills up - so the solution is to turn off the mail box and just keep the forward email option enabled - thus your mail box will not fill up - I just want to clear this up .. as i feel its an occhosting is getting a bad mention for a user error when they created the mailbox - it is not OccHosting fault for users error.

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Review of OccHosting

Sorry but as a webmaster who has been a customer with OccHosting for many years. I find it very very hard to believe OccHosting would refuse to refund your 30 day trial - I never had a problem with OccHosting which is why I been one of their customers and referred many of my customers to for the past 3 years - My experience and why I continue to stay with OccHosting is their Support address my issues and customers questions within a few short hours and never had a experienced any problems - so I was shock when I read the comment and had to take a few minutes of my time to correct the injustice and reply that I really really doubt your story is accurate.


By Janet on June 5th, 2009 at 13:42 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email:

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Email sucks but great support - usually.

I keep having problems with the email system. Even though I have increased the size of the box, it still fills up. I neither want nor need the emails to be stored by the hosting company but I have not been able to get them forwarded without storing them. It is such a pain in the butt to have to clean out the mailboxes all the time. Especially since you have to jump through hoops to get there. Who has the time? Now the email doesn't work at all which is really annoying since I use it as my business email address. It's enough to say goodbye to occ.

Biggest Pro: support people very knowledgeable
Biggest Con: email has real problems

Response by Jeff Ball, who is an employee of OCC Hosting:

I am sorry to hear about your concerns with the mailbox - when only a "forward" mailbox is needed - as in this case -
the solution is simple - you can turn off the mail box - leaving the forward enable or you can enable the "discard email" option within the mailbox - you do not need the mailbox enabled to have email forward -
for your inconvenience I would like to offer klcw_architect 1 free month - please contact OccHosting Support and we will gladly assist you with setting up or adjusting your emails per your needs.

Posted on January 23rd, 2011 at 05:55 EST

OCC no problems

As a webmaster who has hosted numerous web sites with OCC Hosting over the past 8 years or so I can say that they are one of the best hosts I have worked with. Any time I have had a problem with not being able to find something in the control panel, or a discrepancy in my billing, it has been taken care of immediately.

Barry and his crew have gone above and beyond what any of the "large" hosting companies would even consider doing.

I would believe that anyone who is reporting a negative experience with OCC is not telling the whole story or has not done their part in taking the responsibility of being a customer. Having been an owner in various types of businesses over the last 20 years, I have found that, most often, the customer who complains the most is the one who is also most likely trying to get something for free and is just angry because they are not getting their way. Kinda like my two year old.

I have to agree with Janet.


Biggest Pro: customer service
Biggest Con: nothing

no problems with hosting but billing is a dog

I have had my site at occ forever. l I have no problems with the service, just the billing and the email. I don't use the email addresses that come with the site because they are too hard to access and I can't get them to just forward the mail without storing it all. I regularly get notices that the e-mail is full and have to waste my time clearing out the email box. It sucks.

The last time I paid the yearly renewal the credit card went through and they kept sending me notices that they were going to shut down my web site. It took several emails and phone calls to get the whole thing straightened out.

Technical issues are another matter altogether. My site has never been down in all the years I have hosted with them. never.

If they can get their billing department act together they would be a 9.9

Biggest Pro: never had any down time
Biggest Con: billing department needs work

Response by Jeff Ball, who is an employee of OCC Hosting:

I am sorry to hear it took several emails and phone calls to address your issue with billing - we try very hard to resolve all issues with the first ticket/phone call - sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and our best attempts to resolve the issue do not go as planned - regarding clearing out emails from you email box - if you only require emails to be forward - the solution is simple - you can turn off the mail box - leaving the forward enable or you can enable the "discard email" option within the mailbox - you do not need the mailbox enabled to have email forward. - please contact OccHosting Support and we will gladly assist you with setting up or adjusting your emails per your need and apply a credit to your account for the inconvenience.

Posted on January 23rd, 2011 at 06:05 EST

Stolen Domain

I have had hosting with OCC Hosting since before they were OCC Hosting. Today I attempted to move my last domain from them only to have it stolen. I have been over paying for hosting for several years and just never really wanted to move my sites away from them. Finally made that decision after a long thought about it. I purchased a total of 7 domains from and then the last (8th) one I decided to just purchase through OCC Hosting. I had already moved the other 7 domains. Here is what I’ve been paying for years, 3 domains on one account at $12.95 per month, 4 domains on another account at the same $12.95 per month totaling $25.90 and then on the 8th domain which he will not release now even though I paid for the yearly domain charge, was $14.98 quarterly. In looking at my billing I find that when he renewed my domain charge I was charged a total of 3 years but only given 2. Now the quarterly billing was due January 6th, 2010 and today is January 21, 2010, he wants me to pay the entire quarter to release the domain to me, meaning through March 2010. One of my major issues with this guy is that every time I called for customer support, he was on his way out the door to run errands. Ok well there is a time difference, I’m in Arizona and he’s in Florida, but his web site claims 24/7 customer support. Now that a dispute has broken out over the last domain, he has blocked my IP address from his site so I cannot chat with his customer support to resolve the matter of my site. His phones are all VOIP so he has blocked my number that way too. He is a Tech guru so he can bash you and do exactly what he wants. His business apparently has gotten so big that those of us who are small time site owners are of no big deal to him. So if you think paying cheap is where I went wrong I don’t consider $30.00 a month cheap considering I would call him maybe once a year. One more thing, on all of these comment sites, I noticed “Janet” is there. I think Janet the guardian angel is one of his employees in the billing department. Nothing like having an employee pump up your business to get a good pay check. Beware of this company!!!!!!! They are thieves and customer support is non-existent.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: Bad customer service, over billing, stolen domain.

OCC hosting refuse to honor 30-day refund policy

- OCC hosting refuse to honor 30-day refund policy. They just ignore refund request for customers residing outside USA.

- Poor server performance. FTP instability issue with incomplete file transfers is common.

- Poor customer service. They did not bother to reply email requests on technical and refund issues.

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