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IF YOU ARE THINKING OF USING THEM, DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mediocre hosting, bad technical support, terrible VPS

We have numerous clients using Network Solutions for shared hosting and domain registration. Very simple sites are okay, but the shared hosting performance ranges from average to horrible. In the bad cases, a simple site with trivial server-side scripting, few images and limited javascript can regularly take 10+ seconds to load on a fast connection. On relatively complicated site sometimes takes 15+ seconds to load. (Most of the time is spent waiting for a response for the initial request, not actually downloading the files.)

Their technical support team assumes you are an idiot and spouts totally incorrect information. First, they told me PHP scripts had to be run in the cgi-bin folder. The PHP mail function returned true but never sent an email, but instead of escalating the ticket, one tech wanted me to pay extra to have a PHP tech examine my one-line test script. He refused to even try the script himself, despite the fact that it worked fine on another Network Solutions shared hosting package. I was on a deadline, so I actually agreed to speak to a PHP "expert" because they were supposedly available immediately. I waited on hold for 20 minutes only to find out that all the "experts" went home at 6pm eastern time (3pm my time!).

Our experience with their VPS packages was too painful for me to relate fully here. Both VPS packages I had the misfortune to work with were slow, seriously out of date, had mysterious bugs and failures EVEN BEFORE we started to try to configure them. They suffered what must have been hardware problems (they ground to a complete halt and became unresponsive multiple times an hour). Numerous calls to paid and unpaid technical support failed to response the problem. They simply denied there was a problem. Avoid them at all costs.

Biggest Con: technical support

Network Solution they took my money

These people they are not proud American business people. They are bunch of thieves bundled together
And call themselves Network Solution they took my money by using automated withdrawal through PayPal and got away a large amount of money as price of unauthorized and previously canceled account this un fair practice Shame on Network Solution
You remind me Enron, Circuit City, and many stupid greedy company like yours

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: They are smart theives

I'd rather cut off my arm

These people are incredibly deceitful. Not only do they charge double for registering a domain name, once it is registered they white knuckle it. I got into network solutions in the late 90s because they seemed big and had a good control panel. Now they try to nickel and dime you to death.

As I transferred my domains away from them they slap up BS parking pages on my domains. Thanks for that, now instead of my website being available to visitors and retaining my SEO I can contribute .03 to network solutions bank account. This type of thing is very typical with NS. When I called to ask them about this the customer service woman hung up on me. What nerve.

So basically a bunch of thieves and liars.

Biggest Pro: They are great at stealing your walet
Biggest Con: Terrible customer service, pricing, hosting, and domaining

Awful Customer Service

When I was considering Network Solutions for their web-hosting service, I was told by a sales representative, over and over, that they offered 24/7 technical support. One representative out of 5 seemed confident and knowledgable. Since the changeover to Network Solutions my site is currently not functional and Network Solutions was unable to offer an explanation. I submitted a request for "paid support" and the representative was unable to provide service and I had to go elsewhere. I think the problems with the transfer of my site has to do with the fact that my site may not be compatible to Network Solutions platform but I'm not at all sure. I may be forced to leave Network Solutions I need to gather more info before I make any decisions about my future with this company.

Biggest Pro: More affordable than my last web hosting service.
Biggest Con: Poor unknowledgeable customer service reps.

I'd use anyone but Network Solutions

Network Solutions is overpriced and deceptive. They offer services that others provide for free (for instance web forwarding). A client of mine paid for their Enhanced Business Listing that leads you believe that you can add additional information about your company when a whois search is done on your domain. The information is added, but ONLY when you do a whois search through Network Solutions; doing a search through any other provider or service does NOT show your added information.

The hosting package is advertised to come with a free domain name. However the system does not apply this credit unless the domain is in the cart when you checkout with the hosting. If you already have a domain with them their system does not ask you if you want to apply the credit to that domain, nor does it keep track of you having a free domain if you purchase one in the future. You must call suport to have them apply the domain to any domains you have purchased or do purchase; but be sure to do it within 30 days of buying their hosting or the credit won't be applied.

On top of all this, their rates are ridiculous! $34.99 is a bit pricey for a domain name. Do some research and you can find a fair price is around $10/yr. Their nsHosting Shared (Small-Unix) hosting rate ($119.50 as of time of writing) is comparable to what other companies are charging.

Before choosing this company, please do some homework on other providers. There are many out there, and while each have their quirks, you can surely find one that is more fair than Network Solutions. I have moved all my clients away from this provider and they will NOT be returning.

Great Company for Websites

This company offers several products, so I want to be clear that my comments relate specifically to nsHosting Shared (Small Unix). My operating system is Windows, so don't be confused about the Unix name.

I started with Network Solutions over 5 years ago when I wanted to build my own website. Most of my comments relate to the web builder tool for the do-it-yourselfer who is not a programmer.

I was familiar with the company because previous employers had used them for domain registration since the mid-90's. Subsequently, I started a computer service company, directed a dozen or so clients to Network Solutions and never had a complaint. For many of these clients, I did the initial set-up using the ImageCafe web building tool and showed them how to make changes. If you can use Word, you can figure out how to use ImageCafe in minutes.

One word of caution: a couple of years ago I started a website for a client and after buying the package I discovered there was a new web building tool. I worked with it for several hours and experienced a number of difficulties and frustrations. I called Network Solutions and was relieved to hear that ImageCafe was still available and I could switch tools. So, if you are starting a new package, do it on the phone, not on-line, and specifically request ImageCafe.

Through the years, I have worked on a number of clients' websites hosted at other companies. I will tell you that ImageCafe is the best web building tool I have found. Here's how I define best: It is the easiest to use for someone that knows nothing about html and it is the most flexible.

Now keep in mind that these are template sites that have a standard graphic layout and a specific area for a primary image, so you have to pick a template that works with your logo or feature image(s) if you want to use something other than the "canned" feature image. You can't pick a template with a square primary image area and change it to a rectangle. However, the tool includes a photo editing tool which allows you to edit your image to fit if it is not exactly the correct size and shape. Or you could put a rectangle in a'll just have some white space around it. You can delete the feature image and put your own in a block in the body of the page or select a template without a feature image.

You can change the feature image on each page. You can change the color of the graphic and background on each page. You select the location of the navigation buttons (top, left or right).

You build the pages with blocks that are one, two or three columns wide and stack the blocks one on top of the other in any order you would like. As a comparison, I worked on a site for a client who had already registered his domain with another company (initials GD). He wanted a page that was two columns wide at the top and one column wide at the bottom. It couldn't be done using the available page templates. They had one layout that was one column wide at the top and two columns at the bottom, but if you tried to put one column wide blocks under the two column block, it kept moving the two column block to the bottom of the page. That tool would also freeze on a regular basis forcing you to close the page, re-open and log back in, losing anything that had not been finished.

I also set-up one client on Network Solutions e-commerce package. That was also relatively easy to use and worked flawlessly. It also integrated with his QuickBooks program.

Through the years, I have had many occaisions to deal with the sales team and the technical support team. I have always found them to be easy to contact, easy to speak to, very professional and helpful...what more could you want?

I have email accounts through Network Solutions; however, I set them up as POP3 through Outlook, so I can not comment on their web based email program. I will say that I am aware of only one time that the email server went down for about 2 or 3 hours during the last 7 years - that is far better than my previous email host.

In summary, if you want to create and maintain your own website quickly and easily with a professional appearance and great support at a competitive price, buy the nsHosting Shared (Small Unix) with the ImageCafe web building tool and you will be happy.

Biggest Pro: ImageCafe web building tool
Biggest Con: None for me.

NEVER USE Network Solutions EVER!!!!

NEVER USE network solutions. They do not care about customer at all. When you call customer service, they just issue service request number.
And they do what they want. I renewed 3 year renewal on Mar 15 and cancelled right away after I found their service fee is too expensive.
Customer service representative said they would refund money but I got an e-mail that I have to use their service for 3 years according to their policy. Decision maker hide and send this kind of e-mail to me.
Then, I had to call customer service so many times and fight with them to get money back. Finally, they refunded my money. But, they deleted my web hosting service account on Mar 22 without any notice even thou my expiration date is May 26, 2011. I could not get any business e-mails.
I called customer service to recover web hosting service but I got only service request number. They sent me an e-mail that I must purchase new web hosting service package to recover it even thou they deleted my web hosting service account before expiration date of 5/26/2011.
They know that it is wrong but they just urge me to purchase new web hosting service package to recover web hosting service.
I had to fight with them 3 days. I could not get any e-mails while fighting.
Finally I purchased web hosting package thru other company to get my business e-mail. Network solutions hurt my own business. I run a small trading company. I can not run my company without e-mails. But, Network Solutions does not care about it. They just want to sell their web hosting package with hurting my business. I really like to sue network solutions if any lawyer can take this case.

Biggest Pro: NOTHING
Biggest Con: Network Solutions hurt my small trading business by deleting webhosting service account without any notice before expiration

Horrible service and unreliable

Hosting is ok, but we are on a very low volume site. E-mail however has problems often. Up time is 99.9%, but what they don't tell you is they have constant issues with e-mail either not sending / receiving or not being able to log in. Overall our service has been down 5 times for more than 20 hours last year and this is the 2nd major outage of 2011 and i'm being told it will take another 4 hours before we can send / receive e-mail after being down for more than 2 hours already.

Their cloudmark spam filter does filter spam, but if a message gets caught in the filter by mistake they don't have a way for you to login and see what was filtered as spam. All you can do is call and give them the domain name and a "tech" searches to see if anything was flagged as spam which takes about 15 minutes each time you call. So there is a possibility that a sender could send you a very important e-mail and you will never get it and the sender will not know you didn't get it.

I was told they are "working" on a way to login and see, but that was more than a year since the cloudmark server was installed. Don't you think they would have considered that BEFORE deploying the solution?

Not sure why, but they also don't have any type of online status or outage notification area that you can check online for known issues. If something doesn't work the only way to get information is to call and if they are in a major outage it may take 30 minutes of hold just to find out what's going on and to get an eta. I guess they have way to many outage and don't want to document them online.

My last grip is customer service. I have been hung up on more times than I can remember by John in India, and the hold times for basic issues are horrible. Now I demand to get every persons name and id and even then I have been hung up more than once because the arrogant entry level tech can't give you an answer to your problem.

Biggest Pro: easy to setup and use
Biggest Con: uptime and customer service

Will shut down your account if you get too many customers

Very poor hosting service they shut down our message board with over a 100,000 members since they said they did bit like the traffic we were getting.

So you get too much traffic so they suspend your account.
If you do business with them you will be left in the cold.


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