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The Industry Standard for Pathetic Customer Service

Just had the privilege of being on hold for 1 hour waiting for someone to finally get on the line to tell me that the platform is down and the engineering team is giving the customer support reps no information about when it might be back up. Every time I call I get that ridiculous "We are experiencing longer than normal wait times." Actually long wait times is the norm for this bunch. Either really bad products, severely understaffed customer support dept., incompetent management, or now that they have your money they really don't give a rip! Any one of those is more than enough reason to choose someone else for your web hosting.

Cosumer affairs should have a beware notice placed on them

Their emails say Thank you for contacting Network Solutions. We are committed to creating the best Customer experience possible. One of the first ways we can demonstrate our commitment to this goal is to quickly and efficiently handle your recent request...
.However that is far from the exoer Ive had...they lost my domain name../ they say someone bought it... and so far its taken 2 weeks to get no where. Ive emailed them ,Ive rung them and asked them to call me back as Im in Australia.. The phone rang once just to tease me. Didi they ring back properly NO.NO.. they say they have but they have not.. In reading all the other reviews and agree that they seem very are dodgy. and Im planning on taking them to court for breach of service. The USA should have a beware placed on them

Absolutely THE WORST!!

In this day and age of companies striving to make customers and consumers happy, Network Solutions falls short. Way short. I have been requesting for months to stop the billing on my hosting since i transferred everything away from them and they keep on billing. Once you are on the phone, it takes forever to get to a live operator and once you do, they ask 100 questions why you are not with them anymore. Big time pressure sales because they must be losing customers left and right.

They billed me twice in one month for hosting after I told them I moved my account. TWICE!!! I asked for a refund and the immediate answer was NO. It's OK. I took it up with my bank.

There are so many other better hosting companies out there with good service and support. Steer clear of Network Solutions. There is nothing solutional about them.

Biggest Con: Poor service. Long hold times. Expensive. Overcharges.

19 days and still waiting

It's been 19 days since we ordered a VPS and cancelled our Shared Hosting & Ecommerce Hosting packages.

The VPS Plesk & Virtuozoz installations are inaccessible, the Shared Hosting package has been refunded and now NSI is telling us they do not refund
Ecommerce packages which they said they would before we ordered the VPS.

I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with NSI in the past 3 weeks, really? I would never subject my hosting clients to this kind of service and I will never, ever, ever, ever host anything with NSI nor will I work on any project hosted on NSI.

It's just a bad business decision that has cost me over $400 in labor. It would have been cheaper to pay my client the $300 cost of the ecommerce package and then moved her accounts to my server.

Live and learn....

Biggest Pro: They answer the phone.
Biggest Con: Once they answer the phone their service sucks and they want 1 - 2 days to answer or fix anything.

Worst system

I have several sites with Network Solutions. My original two were not so bad when using their old Netword Cafe'. The new system is completely impossible. Editing is a nightmare. There is no felxibility between text and image. It takes hours to load the most simple text. Furthermore, it cannot take long texts. You think it has "published" but when you check the page is blank.
From another view, just look at their page - everything is geared to sales - little references a subscribers needs.

Stay Away!

Net Sol was good, now lame.

If you look at history of web host domains for Net Sol, you will see a drop from over 1M sites to less than 400k in the past few yrs. Email client slow, laggy, systems down, poor domain mngmnt interface., predatory biz practice !

My low volume work domain has been hosted for over 5 yrs, with a few emails. Generally it works OK, if you don't have to do anything.

WARNING- AUTO RENEWAL. Just got off the phone with Net Sol; at least it wasn't INDIA , guy spoke English. Set up renewal 3 yrs ago, & planning to jump to new host co, before the end of the year.; Net Sol renew 'auto' is 3 1/2 months in advance. WHAT, you are kidding me? i WAS PLANNING TO MOVE, THEY BILLED ME 3MOS BEFORE EXPIRES, AND WILL NOT RETURN MY MONEY, THOUGH MY ACCOUNT IS CURRENT FOR 3 MORE MONTHS. So I paid for another 3 yrs, and am moving anyway. That is how lame this company is.

BEWARE I wouldn't host there if it were free.

Biggest Con: fraudulent biz practices

Absolutely SHOCKING. I've never known a host like it.

I'd like to firstly make it clear that after 15 years as a programmer, designer and online marketing executive, and owning more than 500 domain names and 100 websites, i am no beginner to this field and know exactly what im talking about, and when i say Network Solutions are the single worst company i have ever used in those 15 years, i arent exagerating in the slightest.

Ok, i registered a domain name through NS 21 days ago, on day 1 i logged in and changed my name servers from network solutions, to those of my web hosting elsewhere, all went fine and it pointed to that hosting. A few days later i changed my web hosting so i went onto NS to change my name servers again, which i did. After 48 hours no joy, so i logged back into NS to find that the nameservers were the originals, so again i updated them. 48 hours later again still showing the old site, whois and pinging revealed the name servers were the originals still. After 4 attempts over 8 days to update my name servers, and them reverting back to the originals, i decided to drop customer support an email. The response i got was absolutely NOTHING to do with what i had contacted them about. I then emailed back explaining in immense detail the issue, not that it's overly complex, in lamens terms the name servers wont update, you would think for a company as big as NS that would be a pretty simple message to convey, it seems not. I received yet another email back stating 1. they had been trying to call me (they hadnt, all numbers on file are fine and yet no missed calls or messages) and 2. another reply relating to nothing i had contacted them about. After 4 days of bouncing emails backwards and forwards and getting absolutely nowhere i decided to call them, (bearing in mind im in the UK, international calls to America are NOT cheap). After 17 minutes on hold, i finally spoke to a representative who understood my issue completely and finally, we were getting somewhere, or so i thought.... She told me she had logged in to their admin system, updated the nameservers and it had gone through fine, wait 3 hours and then check the site and it will have updated, bearing in mind i had put across to her quite clearly my complete annoyance and anger at the whole situation to date, i was then shocked when she asked me "is there any reason why you dont register more domains through network solutions?"... ERM, DO YOU NEED A CLUE?!?! - Anyway, 24 hours later (i thought 3 hours was a little optimistic) i decided to check, still no update, 48 hours later, still no update, so i call them back and im told the name servers must be "stuck" and an Engineer will need to fix the issue, seriously, over 8 days to be told the name servers are "stuck", im sure i told them this on day one!..... so, im told the issue will be fixed by an engineer within 24 hours, 48 hours later and nothing so i emailed them again (spent a fortune on international calls so far for a £5 domain name) and i receive a reply saying that the issue will be fixed within 24 hours, 48 hours later and nothing, so i email again very annoyed, response stating the issue has been sent to an engineer and will be looked into and resolved within 24 hours, this is now day 3 following that message and still no update. Its now been 21 days since i registered the domain name, and 20 days of attempting to change the name servers, 8 emails, 2 international calls totalling almost 1 hour (i would say 3 international calls but the fact that the "represenative" hung up on me on the 3rd one after 12 minutes on hold, i cant really class that as a call now can i), and still im no closer to having the domain name point to my web hosting.

Needless to say, Network Solutions are a complete scam of a company, happy to take money and cannot solve the simplest of issues. It's now become a complete mess, i dont know where to turn, these people dont care less, my business relies on this domain name pointing to the right location, im losing money every day, i calculate that in lost revenue plus costs in calls ive lost in there region of £800 over the past 20 days for a £5 domain name. Please please please do NOT even contemplate using NS, i can assure you with hand on heart that you WILL regret it massively.

Biggest Pro: Literally none whatsoever.
Biggest Con: Too many to list.

Network Solutions Lost my Domain

Network Solutions Customers services reps are very patient and courteous. BUT, they or the system by which they manage accounts is unreliable. The domain has belonged to the same owners for more than 3 years. I purchased the retail store and domain 4 years ago. Last year my site went off-line. Turns out that Network Solutions didn't have me listed as user and all the renewal email went to the precious owner. After calling and talking with a Rep on four different occasions we got is sorted by tracking down the previous owner and getting her authorization. Guess What! This year same thing. I still didn't appear on the account even after I registered, and paid with my credit card. They sent all the renewal to the previous owner and when I called. I appeared nowhere on the account????? After several conversations we started the whole process over of adding me to the account. Again, his took some time to locate previous owner and after a temp restoration of the site three weeks later the domain is under another account!!! The very helpful rep explained how this works...... Yes, but what about my domain we are taking about an on-line business??? "Well someone must of back ordered it and when it wasn't renewed they purchased it. Simple but idiotic answer. We have owned this domain for over 13 years!!!! Don't you get it!!!! You are talking about a business! When I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. I was told they would tell me the same thing. Ok, But I want to make an official report of your loosing my domain. Because according to the Rep. Sh can't see any of the notation that was made over the past 4 years and explaining the process that we are trying to complete to get the domain in the right name. She say "ok", let me see if a supervisor is available. after 7 minutes on hold the line is cut off! Thank you Network Solutions! Please, explain what part of this is customer service?

Overpriced, bad customer service, too late reply - no Refund

after Use this deceptive Hosting for more than two years i can say this worst hosting
1st I'm not the one make this problem by take plan on this bad Hosting, i found some one in my company do this mistake before i take responsibility for system Admin.

2nd- 1st thing i try to do on this hosting is uploading new database, in this time i search for more about one hour in Cpanal to upload New Database, and the surprise is there is no way to upload new database you don't have this option (in any other hosting you can upload and download your database in any time you need) but on NS you can't upload/restore your database, you have to upload it by FTP and call support to do that :( you can imagine the international call cost will be

3- no live chat
4- customer service take up to two or three days to reply and in many time reply with wrong answer or some thing else what i describe in my ticket

5- when take the about refund my money for unused Months just reply that there is no option to refund for unused months

6- the renew for domain cost is very high about 35$ in time you can renew on other hosting with 11.95$

at all i just want to say to every one read this post that Network Solution is very bad hosting and avoid it

Overpriced, bad customer service, deceptive - stay away

Very expensive, cheated on automatic renewal. Promised a free domain with hosting, but renewed and charged 34.99 extra. Told them to cancel automatic reneweal, and they did not. To reach a customer person who can help was on the phone for 30 min, bouncing off from dept. to dept., like a ball.

Promised full refund, got only partial. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

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