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My Website is very small and it usually takes about 15 seconds to load. Today, it took OVER A MINUTE to load both times I tried. I have disabled all 12 of plug-ins and reactivated each one individually, checking the response time each time. That reduced my load time to about 7 seconds each load; that is still way too long.
I have called Network Solutions multiple times and I’ve been very let down with the “solutions”. I usually have to go through at least 3 people before I’ve been connected to someone who can “help” me, and usually spend 45 minutes out of the hour on hold. I have had it with this company; if I wasn’t paid up until Feb. 2015 (no refunds on inefficient products, however) I would be long gone.

The server time is horrible as the overload the servers, and I’m beyond sick of the nickel and diming.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: server time and customer service

Horrible customer service and problem resolution!!

The business closed and after 2 extended phone conversations, the website was still not inactivated. After giving an updated email address during BOTH conversations, they continued (so they say) to send emails to an inactive account. They were happy to take my money over the years but not willing to do what was needed to rectify a situation. Customer Service Reps seemed clueless and unable to help.

They've moved to China and changed to stealing bank accounts

Get away from these thieves while you still can--and change your debit/credit card number. As many others have reported on this site, NS arbitrarily changes your account settings to "automatic renew" so they are self-justified in forcing you to renew domain names that you intended to expire. On the second round of that fraud, they then hit you with a "reinstatement" fee of $25 for reinstating the domain name that you just cancelled--plus the renewal fee once again. I have deleted everything on their computers, drained my bank accounts to $1 each and cancelled my debit card as the only way to stop them. By the way, NS's fellow Wall Street prostitutes, Bank of America, newly in yet another fraud scandal just this week, REFUSES to stop NS from taking money out of your account. My next move is to cancel both of my BA accounts and open a Texas state bank alternative account. Bottom line: Get as far away from Wall Street as you can, as fast as you can; and, by the way, I am a retired US SEC registered financial adviser. GET OUT NOW!

NS Solutions server down - need refresh

I have a small, simple portfolio site for my Web content strategy business that Network Solutions has hosted for about 5 years. This morning, just as I expected a very important client to be viewing my portfolio, I checked my site and got a "404" message. When I called NS Support they said they had probably had an "internal issue" with their servers, so if I didn't mind holding, they would refresh the server and my site would probably go back on line... which they did, and it did. But hey - WTF??? When I asked if they had any system in place to verify that all all hosted/published sites are in fact ONLINE and functioning AT ALL TIMES or whether they relied on customers calling in to notify them that a site was down, they said they rely on customers calling in. Whoa! I asked to talk to a supervisor... they said they'd call me back. Since I can't be checking my site to make sure it's online, I'll have to give them a 2.0 uptime and reliability rating

They are simply too expensive - not competitive in the market

I have had a couple domain names parked with network solutions for years now. After years of paying way too much for a parked domain name, i finally chatted with a service agent to ask why they were so much more expensive than others. No good answer and they tried to then upsell me with hosting packages or 10 year commitments at still too high rates. Finally i asked the person that i was chatting with how i can transfer a domain out of Network Solutions and they basically hung up on me. So bottom line is that their rates are 4x as expensive as others and they have a bad attitude. I like GKG - they are friendly, helpful and cost effective. I would never recommend anyone using Network Solutions.

Biggest Pro: Unknown
Biggest Con: Price, ethics and customer service


Bought domain from them, turned OFF auto renew. 1 year later they auto-renewed it and charged me. I tried to get a refund, they wouldn't give it.

Their site is also laggy and low quality by the standard of modern web hosting management interfaces.

On top of this they continue to spam me event though I have unsubscribed multiple times, never a good sign.

I would never use them again, and I would not recommend anybody else to use them whatsoever. Take our own risk.


All my domains are with GoDaddy. Never had a problem with GoDaddy, only great service, great pricing.

Now contrary to this is Network Solutions. They are like your typical cell phone company that wrongly charges you or overcharges you or spins you into a whirlwind of contradictions, red tape, and no end in sight to resolving a problem they caused in the first place.

So first off what happened with my 2 domains is that they auto-renewed it prematurely without letting me know. Not only this, for those 2 domains, the charge to renew was an astounding $68! That's ******* crazy.

So I rejected the payment via PayPal when it came through saying I was not ready to renew yet. My domain wasn't even expiring until 3 months out so there was no reason to rush as well as I was gonna transfer these domains OUT of network solutions due to that outlandish renewal pricing....way over the top, total rip-off.

So what happens? They reversed the charge..I figured ok, everything is good now, so let me get my domains the hell out of Network Solution's hands and transfer to some place like or GoDaddy. So with Network solutions, you have to request in their UI with a little link to request a code that allows you to transfer out to another domain. You use this code with the domain you want to transfer to. So with namecheap, they ask you for this code from Network solutions. I got the codes, and again thought all is good.


Now I find out the transfers fail when namecheap attempts to contact Network Solutions to perform the requested transfer. This failed twice so I was like WTF is going on here.

I call Network Solutions, they tell me it's because my account is suspended. W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Well sir, we not only reversed that renewal for you but we also credited you an extra $68.

BOGUS. I went to check that to verify this and there is no record of any extra charge of this from Network solutions on the PayPal side or the related Credit card that PayPal is hooked up to with my PayPal account. When I go to my credit card statements, I only see the expected charge and refund that took place for the resistance of that renewal. I see that I was charged the $68 and then refunded as expected when I disputed the renewal with Network Solutions but certainly there was no EXTRA credit to my credit card or through PayPal by Network Solutions that they are claiming.

So here I am sitting here for weeks on end, going through escalation by escalation...each coming back from their billing department in some stupid email telling me what I already was told..that they over credited me.

I have proof that this is not the cause but here I am and my domains in ransom by Network Sloutions..they keep my account suspended so that I cannot transfer out and do not even talk with me to get this resolved. I have the ******* papers to prove it but they hide and spiral you into escalation upon escalation which is their way to **** you over and to try to get you to stay with them....they try to upsell you or lower the renewal and I want OUT.

I'm to the point now where I'm losing time and money with my 2 domains and it's affecting my future business as well as these domains are expiring...if not already expired. I may lose the domains themselves!

This cannot be legal. I am looking into suing them...small claims, whatever it takes. These people are crooks. Pure crooks. I am a Sr. Software Developer by profession, and I've had domains for years. Never ever thought that if I went to try out Network Solutions which in the day was a reputable company about 10 years ago that I'd have to go through a company which is now a scam artist.

Never ever use this ISP. If you like to lose a business, lose weeks of your time, and lose possibly your life, then go ahead and risk trying out their marketing email pitches...because you'll get ****** and bent over in the end...guaranteed, somehow, some way.

I hope many people read these reviews here, because mine is just another in the long list that will just accrue with this company forever....

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Everything...Scams, Thiefs, **** you over many times

Network Solutions' My Time Support is terrible!

I am not a tech guy, so I paid the $59 My Time Support they requested to get my website working again. NS tech promised that the issue would be taken care of by the end of the day. 24 hours later still not fixed. After waiting 15 minutes on hold, The rep tells me to wait for a call or email from the My Time Support tech. When I asked when I could expect to receive that call she tells me within 24 hours someone will contact me to let me know when the will be able to have a My Time Support tech contact me.

I will say they were very helpful and prompt to charge my credit card!

What a bunch of ******** .

Biggest Pro: The speed at which they can charge your credit card.
Biggest Con: They are a con!

Wish I had read these reviews first.

I wish I had known all this BEFORE I accepted hosting with these people. My site was originally hosted through a reseller - they were okay, but I needed to leave them. I should have moved the site to a place I was more familiar with, but of course there was a reason to rush. I paid the money to have my site forwarded, set up the forwarding and it worked for about a week. Then it stopped working. I fired off an email to support. Two days later the reply was instructions for paying more money and setting up the forwarding. My reply "I've already paid for this service, it WAS working, and now it's not." So far no response and any traffic to my address is going to their stupid advertising page not the site it is supposed to be forwarded to. I have to eat all the money I've spent with these people, but if I don't get some satisfaction soon, I will move.

Biggest Con: Support stinks

Unless you like being spammed and overcharged, don't do it

What a terrible way to run a business.

The bombard of spam emails to upgrade to some other crappy service of theirs started moments after I signed up for a hosting account and the onslaught lasted for weeks. They cost more than most hosting services, their back-end is unbelievably clunky and hard to navigate (mostly you spend your time trying to dodge promotions for more services or accidentally signing up for something else).

Less than a month after making the mistake of signing up for Network Solutions (why oh why did I do it?), I've decided to cancel. I just wish I knew how. Calls and emails to their customer service people has been fruitless. Don't even think about finding a "cancel" button anywhere on your online profile. You thought they'd let you go that easy?

The next route for me is disputing any future charges from NS with my credit card company. Please, for the love of god, do not give these schemers your financial information!

Hopefully sooner rather than later these idiots will realize that word is getting out how awful they are. You hear about companies like these, but I'm usually smart enough to see them coming. Ripping people off, overcharging them, providing unbelievably poor customer support and a terrible product/service will not allow you to stay in business long!

Network Solutions, you suck. Really, really bad.

Biggest Pro: None. Whatsoever.
Biggest Con: Absolutely terrible.

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