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Bad Service

This company is unreliable and when you call they keep you on hold forever.
Avoid them if you can. The only reason I am still with them I sadly paid far in advance and as crappy is their service is I'm sure I will not get any refund from them just another run around.

So I'm slowly moving all of my domains to go daddy as they expire.

Biggest Pro: none

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Network Solutions Unreliable

Today is December 27, 2012 my websites the 5 hosted on network solutions are all down yet again. The last time they were down for three days. I called them today as always and they told me I had to speak with the hosting dept. after being on hold for several minutes. They put me on hold again to transfer my call after giveing me a 1800 number that they said would connect me directly to the hosting departmenet. So when I got interrupted by another call on my other line I tried to call them back with the number I was given which no one answers. You get a recording telling you to call back later. Some custmore care, hu? I have also asked the question many times, ' how do they calculate the up-time that they brag as being 99%. No one can answer that question. I have some sites on go-daddy which is much more reliable, I plan on moving all of my stuff shortly.

By Deborah Owoc on December 27th, 2012 at 11:10 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Don't sign up with NS in the first place and avoid the nightmare

I signed up with Network Solutions when they were one of the few reputable players in town, years ago. I let them register, and host multiple domains for me. Since we are technical and don't need much support, they were adequate and got the job done.

Then, in the past few years, site rendering started to slow down, hosting prices for renewals kept increasing. I felt that they were fast becoming more like the cable company than a customer-centric web presence provider.

So , I tried to transfer a domain to GoDaddy. After submitting three transfer authorization requests..NOTHING. I continued to receive their renewal request emails and their "added value" promo emails...but no transfer authorization email!

I got tired of waiting so I called their support line. This is a challenge in itself because they have engineered a UI loop that always takes you back to the "purchase a support contract" option.

I finally received a transfer authorization code, approved it, clicked on submit.,and waited,nothing!! I got through to a human and insisted that my transfer be escalated. I then received a call from a supervisor that wanted to step me through the process of checking my spam ridiculous..So I am supposed to believe that all their renewal and promo emails got through but the transfer email went to my spam box??? Of course, they tried to keep me by reciting their "retention scripts" with silly rates that are 3X what GoDaddy charges.

I hung up, they called back...same thing..I'm still waiting for the transfer.
Jerry Prado

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: price, no support, maze of menus to get anything done, if you get a human they are script robots

Leaving Network Solution - they provide no solutions

We are leaving Network Solutions. For 10 years all we needed was a place to park our domain name but as soon as we tried to change to and exchange server they were not capable of providing the service. Even worse you had to pay to find out that the problem was on there end and even after paying them to solve there own problem and waiting 20 business days there was no actual person to talk to who knew anything about our problem that we could talk to to get an update. All we received were generic emails that stated they were still working on it with no way to respond to ask questions. Customer services is a joke, non existent. Dont Use Network Solution!!!! I have waisted a month of time and countless hours of my IT guys time trying to make this work.

Biggest Con: If you have a problem there is not one to talk to, even if you are willing to pay for it!

Network Solutions? Solutions to what?? How to rip off folks??

In 15+ years of web development, I've NEVER - not even ONCE had a good experience at NS. Sadly, several of my clients were already stuck by the short hairs at NetworkSolutions by the time they came screaming to me in frustration.

I successfully moved all but one client away from NS to an outfit in Arizona which provides timely, affordable and realistic service.

My last client with them is the worst example of their "service" She runs adult entertainment sites which are further regulated by ICANN, and Network Solutions, in addition to charging outrageous prices for the domains, utterly fails to make the ICANN sponsored community registration fully functional. Bit of a pain when one has dozens of domains needing the secondary registration.

Try calling them for assistance. No matter how slowly you speak, they either don't or won't understand - then DAYS later, another, inept "supervisor" will call you back with NO solution.

Overcharging, slow connection, zero service, negative knowledge, billing issues galore and completely unreliable.

My one remaining NS using client doesn't want to pay me for hours and hours to move all of her sites, but swears she will - since I won't work for her going forward unless she does.

Biggest Pro: nothing
Biggest Con: The fact that they are still in business at all

Poor Customer Service

Disappointed with customer service. Transfering domain name. I requested an authorization number online and received an email that stated I needed to call Network Solutions. After calling the phone number they provided, I waited on hold for 18 minutes. Then I was transferred to another person and waited an additional 20 minutes. If there was any chance of retaining my business they surely lost it after putting me on hold for 38 minutes. Poor Customer Service!

Biggest Con: Slow response time

A Web Hosting Competitor's Dream!

Holy Moly! NS is a web hosting competitor's dream! I received a domain renewal notice attempting to charge me $38 to renew. Hah! Maybe in 1999... After the pain of resetting my password and getting into my account I found that I couldn't manage the domain. Opened a ticket online which was never responded to. Finally broke down and called (which I ABSOLUTELY abhor); after 3+ min of IVR, was told my call would be answered in 6 min or less. After 10+ min I finally got to talk to a real person who informed me that I couldn't manage my domain if I logged in using my alpha userid; I had to use my NUMERIC id. Boy, THAT'S intuitive! Anyway, all this so that I could get my auth code to transfer away. I'm glad I went through it though, as it illustrated how completely deficient their systems and support are.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Support is terrible; online systems are terrible

Nightmare Company ever - DO NOT USE!

I called to purchase an SSL certificate for a sub-domain. I clearly explained that we have our Website hosted elsewhere and that the SSL will be used for a local Server running apps for external users. OH!!! That is when the nightmare began; our Website was shut down by Network Solutions and under construction! Try calling them back on that! The Network Solutions accused me of logging in to Network Solutions and changing it myself!!!!
Yea! Right! I will go in there and change a multi-million dollar Medical company Website and route them to Network Solutions website Under Construction! Are you kidding me????

OH Wait, try requesting to speak to a Manager, you will only speak to a Supervisor and if your lucky a Supervisor will call you back in two DAYS!!!!! You will NEVER have the opportunity to speak to a Manager. I think their Managers Role is to laugh in the background while they rob you of your money.

Make a long story short .. Network Solutions will not provide a refund for an SSL I was misled to purchasing. To this day we have no use for (wrong TYPE SSL).. Do not use this company for anything, I was committed to using them due to a previous management judgment. As soon as our commitment for 2 years is up I want to place Network Solutions behind me ... That is if Network Solutions doesn't accuse me for logging in an selecting AUTO-PAY.....

Biggest Pro: Very Good in Misled information and Very Good in putting you on Hold 2hr +
Biggest Con: Worst Company , no Technical Support, no Resolution and no Management

Be warned!

I should have seen the warning signs. Before I clicked "I agree" I wanted to read the terms of service, but I couldn't. It was code 404! (missing link)

You could read a thousand pages of horror stories about this company (I think there is one positive review and it looks bogus) or you could take my advice and get off the sinking ship that once was Network Solutions. I cannot stress this enough. Network Solutions is behaving like a criminal organization and you will be sorry if you do business with them.

Right now, Tech support can't even send me a simple verification email to gmail becasue their mail servers are so messed up that they are positively crippled. After charging me $399.00 to update my SSL certificate, which I paid a month before the old one expired, they could not manage to renew me. They pitched me for a $69.00 "express certificate" which they promised could be done in 15 minutes. Two days later I still have pop-ups warning people not to visit my site. Network Solutions still can't get a single email to me. They give excuses and lies and they promise to call back but they don't.

I could go on and on, but most of my horror stories are similar or worse than what you will read in the other posts on this board. You have been warned!

Biggest Pro: They used to be good.
Biggest Con: Yes. They are are definitely the "biggest con"

Scammed like so many others

Like others on this board, I realize that NS has scammed me. Earlier this year I went on to their site and set up an account. In doing so I made sure that auto renewal was NOT selected and circled a date on the calendar to remind me to not forget. This week, three months before the renewal date, I get an email from NS thanking me for my order. WTF? I looked at the charges and they had put it on my Visa card. I immediately went on to their site to inspect my account settings and find that auto renewal has been turned on! I consider that fraud. I wrote to them and got a confirmation email that they would get back within 24 hours; they never did. I called yesterday and after thirty minutes on hold talked to someone who said that he would turn off auto renewal but wasn't authorized to refund me my money. I have now taken this up with both Visa and my bank and plan to get my money back. How they stay in business is anybodies guess, as I'm sure that all of these bad reviews will come back to haunt them. STAY AWAY FROM NETWORK SOLUTIONS!!!

Biggest Pro: So far my site has remained fairly operational, very little down time.
Biggest Con: Sleazy business practices and bald faced lies from support

Automatic Renewal Fraud

Simply criminal. They now bill credit cards on file two months before the renewal date so you are effectviely double billed two months out of every twelve. My current billing cycle is paid up until January 2013. They billed my card in November, 2012. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get this straightened out. Promises from them but no action.

Their customer service is so bad there is nothing to say about it other than they simply lie. Now I am going to have to back myself out of this nightmare and chalk it up to experience. It's mindboggling to find a business model that is built around finding new suckers.

I wish I would have found this site before I became their customer (opps, I mean sucker)!

Biggest Pro: Continues in the best Chinese business traditions, fraud and deception, in my opinion
Biggest Con: customer service, in my opinion, is simply dishonest. As bad as it gets.

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