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Trouble Transferring Domain

My client is a non-profit agency who used Network Solutions as their website hosting provider for years. Over time, their costs exceeded what was charged by other equally (if not superior) hosting services. When asked by my client to transfer the domain to another service, I was met with an exorbitant amount of hoops to jump through by Network Solutions. Even though I successfully set up a new hosting site, they decided to lock down access to make it even more difficult. Customer service was little help, but (in all fairness) they had their company-mandated script to read through. Maybe other company experiences would be different? However, if you are concerned about high annual rates and flexibility in making a change in the future, then do your due diligence on Network Solutions. My client has sworn to never work with them again.

Worst Web Host EVER!!!

This is the worst web host you could possible choose. If the spent a fraction of the time on making sure their services work as they do on sending emails asking you to buy more services they would be spot on. I have to explain to my customers that my web host (through which I send and receive business emails) will go out at any time and my emails would simply not arrive. At one point they changed their spam filter and so I stopped receiving information from form on the "Contact Us" page of my site, which cost me thousands of dollars. They accepted no responsibility and I had to spend hours on the phone with people who could barely speak English just to figure out what went wrong (and still had to spend money for my tech guy to help resolve the problem). They stink!

I am flabberghast at the outright hopelessness of this company!

In 2006 I signed up with N.S. - for a while it functioned ok. Then the last 3 years have been an utter nightmare. Let alone the proposterous costs, do NOT, whatever you do, think you will find joy in calling them for any kind of solutions. As nice as the techs are, they are at a level of incompetence that is stellar. They have a rather convoluted way of pitching services that are unnecessary, e.g. forcing me to use Astrasync for my blackberry when, in fact, I did not need it. Yet their customer reps told me I could not do WITHOUT astrasync, an additional 80$+ expense. Suffice it to say that Astrasync was a total disaster with emails disappearing on an almost weekly basis with no way of getting them back. Time of renewal of services: oh lord! Let's just say that they have now scrapped my business website although I am paid up until June 2014. I have lost all my emails and you will be on the phone with parrots - cause that is what they are: parrots! - that have no idea of what they are doing. And as I spoke to one a few minutes ago explaining that I was losing business cause of the website loss, she offered me to PURCHASE a new package and then their web team would restore my website? Helllloooooooooo??? Leave them FAST. Don't waste your money! Go to InMotionHosting. Not a glitch and truly capable people that help and resolve FAST. This service should be shut down.

network solutions service

RUN, DON'T WALK AND GET AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Their customer service and support of email and hosting packages are TERRIBLE! I could not agree more with the other people who have reviewed this company. They should be put out of business. Go somewhere else before your regret it. Multiple calls, extremely long wait times, then deal with people with borderline ability in the english language and do not fix the problem.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: SEE ABOVE

This is one terrible company!

Our email today to Network Solutions says it all:

We cancelled our services today and went to another provider. You probably know what a time consuming hassle that is for a small business. That is how bad your webmail service is. I can't tell you how many times this past several months we were unable to access our email because your system is so unresponsive. This morning was particularly bad for an extended period of time. Your server just would not respond. We complained a few times, and always received a reply "it is working fine on our end". Well, it's working just fine on our end now too...that we have moved. You'll be getting some bad press out of us, and you deserve it. Joe

Goes from bad to horrible

On my 4th year of renewal of eCommerce site so I called in to change from Premium Package to Standard Package. The "SALES E-COMMERCE EXPERT" tells me can't do that... got to start over buy new package and also $240 charge to "Clone" site to make it it standard. After prolonged arguing that its not how its done I cave and pay. NExt day call in to my time support for "Clone" and they say.... oh no... thats not how its done... its done this way (like I told the sales person). Get refund, I confirm all is good with site for another year... almost two weeks later... today... client calls and said site down and full of misc advertising. I call in... Expert says "you didn't renew domain name" OMFG... are you kidding me... its included... yes INCLUDED in the package... So then I'm charge $35 reinstatement fee for domain name and told it will take up to 48 hours for site to come back online. My client is so pissed. I'm so pissed. For something as simple as a renewal I have spend over 4 hours either on hold, waiting for answers or being sold something wrong. WHAT A MESS this company is. I will start to move all of my sites as they come up for renewal.

Network Solutions - Do Not Use!

Do not choose Network Solutions! Whatever value they may have had in the past, it has been lost. Their "tech support" has become a relentless run around designed to force you to give up and give in to purchasing add on services that should rightly be included in the hosting. The endless automated menus, the unholy "on hold" waits with the irritating music, and constant transferring to further "support" folk who echo whatever you were just told by the last person...which you'll hear often enough to convince you that you are being subjected to nothing other than scripted responses. These programmed drone responses are further efforts to encourage you to cease any issue discussion in favor of purchasing more services. They repeatedly told me, over the period of nearly a month, that my issue of inaccessible pages was with my site and not with their hosting. They said it so many times that I did agree to pay their Mytime support to look into it. I was given a money back guarantee, if they could not address the problem. Mytime contacted me the next day with:

"While we appreciate your interest in the MyTime Support service, we are unable to complete your request:
• Our hosting is experiencing intermittent errors with PHP websites. We are currently working for a resolution.
As a result, we will place the time on hold for you to use at a later date.”

So, they couldn't deal with anything, laid the blame at the doorstep of the hosting dept. ( which I had suspected and argued the whole time ) and, rather than refund my money, were going to grant me the honor of using it later. I had to go through yet another frustrating step simply to have my promised refund actually happen. The final kick to the teeth, which proves that this business doesn't care to even put forth the effort to understand the difficulties one of their clients might be experiencing, was the set of follow up calls. One left a voice mail so garbled that the name and number were unrecognizable and the other claimed to be a supervisor asking if my email account issues had been resolved. There was never so much as a mention of any issue with the email accounts during the entire debacle!

Network Solutions deleted my hosting account

I was with these idiots for 7 years, every month hosting account down, but i didn’t mind because in fairness only down for a few hours in the early hours of the morning.

I learned to live with it. 2 months ago they accidentally deleted my hosting account with all my clients websites and ten’s of thousands of dollars of costs that i have payed out, not to mention the 5 years of work.

It took them 2 months to admit responsibility, and get any joy out of them after numerous phone calls and emails. They told me they are not responsible for what is put on their servers even though i have all bills and receipts of my costs and a long running customer of theirs.

They offered me 12 months free hosting. Now who in the right mind would host websites with these idiots. They destroyed all my businesses.

I am in the process of legal action right now, and the best bit is – i have been told there are a lot of people this has happened to.

DO NOT use these idiots and now network solutions are a company.


Very Poor Mail server hosting

Our company has used Network Solutions for web email server hosting for approximately 8 months. In that time we have had numerous incidents which includes their mailservers being blacklisted twice, without email for three straight days and three weeks of emails being sporadically lost due to Network Solution internal server issues.

Biggest Pro: Easy to spend money
Biggest Con: Poor mailserver hosting

The most horrible customer service experience

NS made an error and shut down our customized site and email, putting our company out of business for 3+ days.

They took NO responsibility on trying to fix the problem I spent endless hours on the phone being transferred from one dept to another. It was like dealing with the Dept of Motor Vehicles. No one took ownership, they just passed on the problem, no sense of urgency and they make up lies regarding possible solutions.

My blood pressure hit the ceiling for several days just dealing with this company & problem still is not resolved.

I tried to get the company's president - David Brown - so they told me- email.. but employees did not have access to it. The entire company hides behind a curtain - absolutely the worst business experience I ever had after 20 yrs in business.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: no ownership of problems pass the buck.. will not help you

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