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Worst company I have ever dealt with....EVER!!!

Literally the most unreliable, pathetic service I have ever been associated with. Their support team take weekends and long weekends off, and their service goes down ALL THE TIME - with no one there with even an inkling of how to fix it.

We are a charity business who's business is being affected continually from these incompetent twits and I have NEVER left a scathing review on any other business. This one is wholeheartedly deserved! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU ARE A MASOCHIST!!

If I could leave less than a 1 for reliability and support, I would!!

Biggest Pro: I did not get pregnant whilst using this service!
Biggest Con: Incompetent staff who actually do not care in the slightest that they work for satan

Domain was down for 7 days, CS could not help.

Being a loyal NetRegistry customer for 10-odd years with no problems, made me think when our domain simply went offline, that we'd get it resolved in a matter of hours.

Sure, it was Christmas day 2015, but the internet never sleeps, right?

Customer Support were hopelessly confused - it had been re-registered a month ago, but was being removed from DNS servers. I suggested we escalate the call, as the domain transacts around $15,000 a day, it's pretty important to get it up and running!

They said, there's no one to escalate it to, no one they could call, that we'd have to wait til Monday (I called on Friday). Come Monday, no response, we called again, they still could not reach the next level of support.

We waited 7 days, til the domain magically re-appeared in DNS servers with no explanation.

When I asked WTF, I got offered, wait for it, one free one year domain renewal, value of $60. lol.

So, moving all our 80-odd domains off to GoDaddy.

I would not recommend the clowns at NetRegistry under any circumstances.

Biggest Pro: Well... I guess it worked fine for 10 years...
Biggest Con: Domain was down for 7 days, CS could not help.

Keystone Cops of the Web Hosting World

To summarise as best I can;
Failure to return emails
Failure to return phone calls when promised
Overcharging quickly - refunding slowly
Total lack of internal communication between departments
Blaming internal staff levels for poor service
Unfinished & undelivered products yet I was charged regardless
No way to speak with someone who can make a decision

Bottom line : It's been many years since I dealt with such incompetence, ignorance, blame shifting and unresponsive people who couldn't give a toss about the customer

Biggest Pro: The day when you end the relationship with them will be very happy for you
Biggest Con: Total lack of communication, care, thought and everything else

Net Registry - Poor Customer service

I would like to add that I recently had the chance to work on a website which Net Registry hosted & provided the Design software ( DIY site builder with My Store )

- The customer support has been a nightmare - 1/10 horrible!!! it has been 2 weeks and I have not had my issues adressed after speaking to & emailing support 4 times.

- The design software is very clunky & I came across a couple of bugs, For the price, it is not worth wasting time to use this service.

I thought they were a good reliable efficient company & expected good customer service, but this is not the case. I am disappointed.

If I had known of this poor service, I would never had joined! Bad !!!

Never recommend Netregistry

Our experience has been terrible.
Customer satisfaction is a term that Netregistry seems determined to stamp out.
We were invoiced for a service we did not want, and then to cancel the service we were made to pay for the service with a promise we would get a refund. (this is after threatening Debt Collectors)
After paying for the service we did not want, "Sorry we don't do our terms and conditions..."
Never recommend Netregistry

Biggest Pro: huh?
Biggest Con: The horrble and dihonest customers service

Great service from NetRegistry

I started my own business about 9 months ago and I have had my web site and e-mail hosted by NetRegistry from the beginning. I chose them because they offered these two services plus domain name registration, and their template-based approach to web site creation appealed to me. I have worked on the creation of web sites in the past and the template approach represented to me a suitable blend of professional design, flexibility to change the design to the extent that I needed it, easy ongoing updates of the copy, and value for money.

I have been very happy with the support that I have received from NetRegistry, particularly from Rachel Deegan who managed the creation of my web site and some subsequent minor updates. She has always explained clearly the processes they follow – which was important to me as I wanted to understand these fully – and given me accurate estimates of the time/cost of the initial site creation and subsequent changes. I have also had good service from the Tech Support group on the handful of occasions I have needed to contact them. I have also found their online help pages very informative.

I recommend NetRegistry to other small business owners who want a cost-effective and professional-looking web site that is easy to update.


I would NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend Netregistry to anyone. Once they sign you up and have your money their customer service support is extremely bad. I even sent an email to Larry Bloch telling him how dissapointed I was and his response was to send me an extremely condascending and patronising email. Only just yesterday his Web Design Manager (Rachel Deegan) sent me an email saying ... 'I am not going to go over this with you any further, your design was finalised a long time ago and this is no longer open for discussion. Please find yourself a web master for future assistance' .... and ... 'do not have the time or the patience for you' ... and I am still a fee paying customer. My website went live in August 2011, however it still had back end issues which the developers did not fix prior to the site going live. I spent money on getting letter box leaflets done, only to find out that the day the leaflets were distributed someone at Netregistry disabled the 'Buy Now' button, so customers could not purchase anything. Never recieved an apology or any form of compensation from Netregistry. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND GO ELSEWHERE.

Do not sign up with Netregistry before you read this!

If you dont want customer service and if you like been overcharged for a service that constantly fails, then Netregistry is for you. But for most of us (including myself) who prefer to be treated with courtesy and to be charged at competitive prices, then Avoid Netregistry!!! What this people do is illegal! I was on a monthly plan which meant I was not bound to a contract. I asked that my plan be cancelled but because I did not “do it the right way” (which I was not able to do so because my service was suspended) Netregistry continued to charge me even though no service was been provided. They were they quick to send debt collectors around and when I tried to get my account fixed they gave me a “feedback” email address to address the issue with. I tried to explain that I could not access the account as I kept getting an error message and that I was mislead by the information on their invoice. I was told there is an online form that needs to be submitted....where is this magic form? And how can they charge for service they don’t event provide. Again I urge to AVOID NETREGISTRY!!!

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Too expensive and poor customer service

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