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This company steals your money

I contacted the company because my account was suspended without any notification. The answer was "Your account was causing high server load and got suspended by our load managing system. I have unsuspended it now.". The person answering was Alex Johnson (of course it's a fake name, the **** s*cker is Indian, not a US citizen). So I asked for a detailed explanation as to what was causing said load (I am running a wordpress installation with about 200 visits/day). He had none. I then told them to never suspend my account without a notification especially since they have no explanation or logs to provide. Then I was quoted their terms of service which gave them all the rights to your account and money, and you the middle finger. So I proceeded in an exchange of emails in which I called him on his lie that my account was using whatever resources and that he shouldn't be suspending my account just for kicks. He then threatened he would suspend my account if I didn't shut up. Which he did. So now my account is suspended for over 30 days and their support department is not answering, neither is their sales department. Which means, this whole company is run by one ****** up indian who calls himself Alex Johnson.

Good luck hosting anything but an HTML file with less than 5 visitors per day, and every time something goes wrong you will have to wait it out until it gets fixed because if you say or ask anything your account will get suspended and you won't get a refund. Ever. is a shittiest service provider on Planet Earth right now.

Biggest Pro: Your webpage loads - slowly, and only when their network is up.
Biggest Con: Money Theft

Magically pathetic

I was looking towards growing my business and the ability to create reseller accounts, when I came across Netmagic Technologies.

I signed up for their 10 GB Linux Master Reseller account on a Monthly Basis in December 2010. After a month of good service, I decided to commit for 1 year at Rs 3500 ($70).

Then the problems started. Every few days, my sites would be down and I would get complaints from clients saying their sites wouldn't load. I would write to their support department, and within a few minutes, the issue would be fixed. In the course of about 7 Months now that I had hosted with them, this issue happened at least once a week.

Once, there was even an issue where they had an error in their billing system. Imagine your clients calling up asking why their sites were displaying "Account Suspended" !

In May, the decided to move my accounts to a different server.. I thought the problems would be eliminated now. But again, the same downtime issues continue.

I wrote to them asking for a refund, and the pointed my towards their 30-day refund policy. Tell me, if a customer commits for a year, and the host starts causing trouble after the first 30 days, what good is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Finally, I ended up moving to a new host...

Netmagic is good only if you have a site whose uptime you don't care about, or if you are continuously online and monitoring your sites, and have the patience to keep telling their support dept. about downtime!

Biggest Con: Totally Unreliable!

Your sites will disappear like Magic

When I saw this hosting offer I thought it was too good to be true. I found out the hard way my sites have been affected since the middle of May. Meaning they have been on and offline during the middle of May. My sites have been totally offline since the end of May. They made me a couple of offers as stated below.

Netmagics: I really understand that website uptime is important for you. So I came with two options for you.

1) We can create a new account for you in our another server and YOU can MANUALLY move your website there.
2) You may place a cancellation request and move to any other host, we will issue a full refund.

I responded by stating if I have to move my sites myself then give me another free year of hosting. This was because of all the down time caused by their inept tech support since the middle of May. I also told them if they didn't accept my offer I'd be posting here. Here's what they had to say about that...

Netmagics: Of course, you may go ahead and write anything you like, we know how to defend. Also it's a free advertisement for us and it will improve our SEO. LOL....

This is how deluded this company is, they would rather get negative feedback instead of giving a refund as they offered and recinded. After a couple of comments from me about posting here and others they terminated my service. Keep in mind this has been going on since the middle of May. Even though they state they have been in business since 2007 they don't have a clue on how to run a hosting company.

Netmagics: Even though you are not eligible for any refund as you have used our service for more than 30 days, I was offered you a full refund. Since you have threatened us for a free account, we are cancelling those offers.

Nobody threatened them, if I have to move my sites manually I want a year of free hosting. If they were to do what they get paid for they wouldn't be telling me to move my websites myself.

I told them to give me a year of free hosting which is equal to $6 since they want me to move my sites. I've had their hosting since 4/08/11 and in the beginning it was ok but since the middle of May their service has gone downhill to completely offline. So by terminating my service didn't hurt me because my sites have already been offline since the end of May

Instead they did nothing for weeks and couldn't understand why a customer would get aggravated about not getting what they paid for and that was hosting. Remember this if their service sucks, and it will, you'll become upset. This is how they deal with hosting problems they can't fix, they'll terminate your account and ban you. BTW I forgot to mention you won't get a refund. How's that for Magic?

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Inept Tech Support

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