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Giving details out to India

Been with Namesco for a number of years now. No bother. Helpful (usually). On purchasing my latest domain, I have literally received over a hundred emails and 20 phone calls, all with Indian accents, in the space of 24 hours since ;purchasing the domain name. All offering website / app services. So if you don't now purchase domain privacy, it would seem that they are not just allowing your details to be seen but actually forwarding them on to Companies. I have never had domain privacy before and never had a problem. So you either purchase domain privacy at extra cost (which is obviously what Namesco are pushing for) or you immediately get hundreds of nuisance emails. Nice one Namesco !!!!!!

Biggest Pro: Helpful
Biggest Con: Passing details on

Over cautios, difficult control panel

You should know before starting with Namesco that every time a computer you're using presents the host with a new IP address you'll need to access the Namesco's control panel for your site and allow it to connect via FTP.

The have their own conptrol panel rather than using the almost industry standard (I think) cPanel. It's not obvious where things are or even what they mean.

If you take over admin from someone else, don't forget your password! Don't rely on your FTP client to remember it for you. Getting access without access to the person who started the hosting for your organisation is just about impossible.

All my other websites are hosted on Krystal who may or may not be more expensive, but they are human beings, their security is just as good without having to jump through hoops, and they're just more flexible. Avoid if you want an easy life.

Biggest Pro: Cost
Biggest Con: Awkwardness in dealing with access issues.

Namesco - Stay away and go anywhere else

My website was put down for an issue that i sort it out in 1 hour, and now is more than 5 days since they can't put the site back !

I asked all this time if someone did any changes at the server after taking my website down and i've been served with different incompetent answers that taken me days and nights of work and IT WAS Always a server config error.

PHP Warning: file_get_contents(): http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 ... and maybe other changes they did ..

I've worked on this website and Seo for 2 years, and i was 1st on 1st page of google eith the main keywords of business, this issue now created by Namesco is costing me thousands of pounds loss after 5 days having the website down and all i can do after all is wait until Monday (another 2 days)??!?

I will help myself in the near future and ill make sure more and more people will Not go thru what i've been with you NAMESCO!

Now, should i wait another 2 days until Monday when someone will tell me again that is the index.php the issue or the permissions, or that there is no issue and my website is a white background? OR should i just point the nameservers somewhere else and not waste anymore time ?

Yeah.. moving the site and all other 7 now


Wrongfully renewed a uk domain name that I marked as manual renew so that it would expire. Renewal cost was a rip-off £19.99! Refused to cancel the renewal even though Nominet have a 7-day cancellation policy, and even considering the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations allows a 7-day cooling off period under law. Really unhelpful customer service, ripoff prices, and a poor account user interface. They are definitely falling behind the competition.

Avoid NamesCo

We have been with Register365 and Namesco for many years and are finally getting away from them. All in all they are useless.

The information you get depends on what person you speak to and is often contradictory. Even getting speaking customer support is a joke, often being left on hold for 5 to 15 minutes. The support staff can be quite apathetic, sometimes verging on rude.

They also seem to have technical difficulties on a regular basis where their phones get cut off or the system goes down. If you do get cut off having waited 10 minutes to get through in the first place and then spent 10 minutes explaining your issue, don't expect a call back, just be ready to call back and go though the entire procedure again!

It should also be noted that there is a web address posted on their site to contact in the event of a support issue, customercare@. When I emailed this address, I got a bounce back saying that it is an unmonitored address. I then sent the same email to support@ and got the same message. I thought it might be an error so waited 2 days to see if I would get a response. Nothing!

Some people may love this company, in the same way that some people love the horrendous treatment dished out to customers by Ryanair. If your customer service expectations are low, then maybe namesco or register365 is for you. However, if your standards are any way professional, I suggest going elsewhere!

Namesco Good????????

My site has been down now for nearly a week and my customers are suffering. The problem is that despite having nearly 2.4 gb of space unused I am told that the SQL database Im trying to upload is too large at 51mb. I might need a dedicated server. It appears they are living in the eighties.

The web app they use is called MyLittleBackup and it this is incapable of restoring anything over the size of 10mb or takes more than 15 minutes to upload.

i have tried to email screen shots to namesco support showing some of the error messages from MyLittleBackup however namesco support automatically ditches attachment to emails. Tech support is supposed to contact me and its now two days later and no call.

If you want a web host for a little diddy site then namesco might satisfy you otherwise if you need a professional site avoid namesco completely.

Biggest Pro: Nice company website
Biggest Con: That they can handle MS Sql Server database files

You have to be kidding me? These guys are the worst!

If i could give this companies support & value a lower rating than 0, i would. They used to be good but over the last few years, awful. Support is a very bad joke, i've never called them without having less than 9 poeple waiting in the Q and of course you have to pay through the nose for this.

There have been very rude on occasions & if you are looking for an appology for thier mistakes, forget it.

Very expensive, they only have SQL & PHP in a couple of hosting packages, in this day and age, that is pathetic.

They detleted a website of mine and took 3 days to put it back again, 3 days!!! i never got an apology

From reading other reviews, there are many more unhappy customers than happy

I wouldn't recomend to my worst enemy

You're been warned!

Biggest Pro: don't have any
Biggest Con: Price & support

Very Good - Recommended

I used Namesco many years ago and after a few years decided to return. I cannot realy complain. Not as cheap as other hosting companies, but I rather pay more for good service. Only negative thing I have to say is that Namesco does not use Apache. They use Zeus instead. This can be bit of problem when hosting Wordpress. They would have been the most perfect hosting company if Apache was available.

Biggest Pro: Small Efficient Good Service
Biggest Con: Not using Apache

Namesco. Number 1 for me.

Being new to computers and the systems I would need, I did what research I could from my limited knowledge base and came up with Namesco.

I am delighted with my choice. Apart from one minor accounts problem that was resolved with profuse apologies, I have had excellent service from them ... far in excess of what my nuisance value merits.

Apple mac users should take particular note.

Biggest Pro: I always feel they are going out of their way to look after me.
Biggest Con: None whatsoever.

A hidden gem!

Don't know if I am doing these guys any favours by recommending them as no-one seems to know much about them and that for me is one very big plus point.

They treat me as an individual rather than just another number and have always been extremely supportive during the 4+ years I have used them.

I know that there are cheaper packages out there but my question would be at what cost compared to the service I recieve now?

The space and bandwidth I have on my package are enough to keep my little website going for a good few years yet before I would ever need to start to think about looking to increase my payments for a larger package.

I am regularily updated when I need to be and do not recieve any useless emails offering stupid irrelivent information which is a big plus point when sorting through my mail.

Anyway enough from me, just to say that I would have no problems at all recommending this company if reliability and peace of mind is what you want

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