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Has not been long but it has been hectic at first - my fault!

I have not been on these guys that long but screwed stuff up at the start and had great customer support.

Most emails were back within an hour or so or faster which surprised me and helpful as well.

Will stick around for a while and see how it goes.....

Biggest Pro: Customer service
Biggest Con: Limited Cpanel options

Can't even do a simple transfer

Spent more than 16 hours just trying to fix an issue with the verification email not arriving. First time I encountered such a painstaking process as a domain transfer. Perhaps they were good before, but I think they've reached a peak.

I can receive an email from them, so I wonder why not the verification email... they always blame it on the spam filter which was off all the time.

I have yet to receive a refund, let's see...

Oh well, buyer beware!

Biggest Con: Can't even transfer a domain

Doesn't get any better than this folks!

Wow where do I start? Namecheap has excellent hosting, customer support and the reassurance that you cannot find with most web hosts. Responses to support tickets are fast, thorough and leaves you with the feeling they actually care. I must say I was impressed with how kindly the folks over there are.

I have the pro plan hosting for a video site. Comes with an adwords plan and is very reasonably priced for what quality service it is. I will never need another host now that I know namecheap does hosting. So if you're look for excellent service, support and pricing make sure you make a stop to namecheap.

Biggest Pro: Speed/Uptime isn't just for domain names anymore!

I've been registering and transferring domains with for years now and have always considered them to be the best in the domain business. Registrations, transfers, pushes, all are a snap with them and they will have my business for years to come.

I just recently though, discovered their newly added web hosting service. What they offer is the well known linux/cpanel hosting service. The package I've bought is their Pro Hosting. For only $6.95 a month, I get a 100 GB of space, 1TB transfer!, 1250 email addresses, 30 mysql databases, and I can add up to 10 add-on domains.

The add-on domains are the big thing for me as I've tried several other reseller hosting deals in the past, most for more than I'm paying with namecheap, but none have come close to providing with the space and bandwidth. 10 add-ons are proving to be just enough and the space and bandwidth is more than plenty.

If you want a solid hosting plan with a reputable company that you wont have to worry about exceeding your allocated requirements, then is the way to go!

Biggest Pro: bandwidth
Biggest Con: had to pay manually, but it seems paypal subscription is now possible

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