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Changed My Mind

My initial experience with NameCheap was rough. But, I stuck it out. Part of the problem was my learning curve, and learning how their system works. Admittedly some of their help personnel leave a lot to be desired. Either their too knowledgeable and simply don't take the time to explain things in laymans terms, or they just don't want to be bothered with such "trivial" questions.

On the flip side - I have had some very good assistance, that was on point, explain very well and solved my problem just like that. I have found the female help to be far superior to the guys. The guys tend to ramble off some crap, that doesn't accomplish squat. I think they have the knowledge, they simply don't know how to communicate that knowledge.

I also haven't experienced any downtime with my sites, which I see others have. I would definitely recommend their services, but as with any new service, there's a learning curve and you must be prepared for that. My sites are pretty basic, informational sites so do not require much to maintain.

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I just transferred my domain name and have been trying to upload my site for several days now. I have requested assistance, which has been ignored. Foolishly, I paid for shared hosting for a year - money I'll never see again. And have nothing to show for it. So, yes, technically, I'm still a customer but I have received no benefit what-so-ever.

I don't care for GoDaddy either, but at least my sites are up and running, and functional. Where at NameCheap apparently I have donated to their charity. Maybe I can write the expense off as a charitable donation!

There's so much absolute crap on the internet, it's too bad. The internet offers so much opportunity, but it's so difficult to find actual services that work. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for - so beware. I have to rate everything "0.0" because I have received nothing for the money I have spent. Well, I did successfully transfer my domain name - which was easy. But then, I can't use it at all - so it's not doing me any good.

By Phil on October 6th, 2012 at 16:27 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email:

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So while I wait for the 'Namecheap tech geniuses' to figure out why my website has so many downtimes, I'm here writing a review on how pathetic Namecheap's webhosting service is.

Clearly, it looks like they spend most of their budget on advertising rather than on building a good infrastructure. Their webhosting plans might be cheaper than the rest but I now see the reason why. Besides Namecheap, I host my other websites with different hosting providers and never have I seen so many downtimes.

Currently, as I write this review, my site has been down for close to 1 hour. Tech informs me they are checking on resource overload. I use WordPress and the site I host with them hardly uses any out of the ordinary plugins.

In the past one month I've faced atleast 5 minutes of downtime every week, two 5 minute downtimes yesterday and 1hr+ and counting downtime right now.

Stay away from Namecheap (even their domain registration service is crap and not as cheap as they make it to be).

Biggest Con: Worst Downtimes ever experienced

Awesome Hosting

I felt like I had to post here to support NameCheap.

Since I've signed up and started using NameCheap's hosting service I have been nothing but amazed. Let me break down my experience.

Uptime -
My site has had an uptime of 100% for two months now with NO service interruptions. It's kind of hard to beat 100% isn't it? Also the average response time is 0.084 which is pretty darn good.

I have had to use support twice. One time I created an error in my code which I didn't notice and after submitted a support ticket THEY took the time to fix it FOR ME within a few hours. The second time my e-mail was blocked by a server. They IMEDIATLEY changed the IP on the server and got the old IP off of the block list. Support is always very kind and helpful. No problems ever!

Their cPanel is jam packed with amazing features. They include awesome scripts like Cloud Flare and Softaculous for no charge. There are also many many great features included at no additional price.

Overall I couldn't recommend name cheap any more.

Biggest Pro: Server Uptime
Biggest Con: None

Namecheap Stole My Web Site and is Holding It Ransom for $200

everything went OK for the first year,; at the start of year I was notified my registration had expired it would cost $200 to get it reactivated!!?? Meanwhile, they stole the site name, which was original with me?? I have tried to contact them but they never reply; my web master, Trackside Photo, has also tried to contact them and they will nt respond.

In short, these are unscrupulous web site thieves who prey on those who are unfortunate enough to have hooked up with them.


absolutely awful experience

I'm writing this on Aug 1, 2012 , which is DAY 9 from when I registered my domain.

I still am unable to get my (one) email account to work (on my iMac using .mail app)
and I cannot access cpanel to manage my domain or my email account (only one)

They blocked my account twice - with no notice -
first block occurred the first day after registering - a fraud alert - wherein after 3 days of debate I too had to send via email (very reluctantly) a pic of - both sides - of my cc (this smells) . I called ICANN and all they did was give to me namecheap contact info in LA - but don't try to phone/call them--it's a farce.

I am going to cancel my account and will try to get my web hosting $65+ refunded that I stupidly paid for when I registered the domain and take my biz elsewhere - and hope that my cc account isn't hacked in the future.

sure, support was there, but sent many, many different and conflicting information to resolve issues - none have been of any use.

All the above - JUST TO SET UP EMAIL on my iMac and iPhone. And I pretty computer savvy.

Tremendous time wasted and lost biz opportunities. I'm thoroughly disgusted

Poor Uptime Guarantee

I have been using namecheap for 4 months already, and my website is down few times a day.
In one day my website goes down for around 30 minutes, and it's almost the same time of the day. Everytime I access my website when it's down I get the message 504 Gateway Time-out or Chrome couldn't find the address.

Biggest Pro: Good price
Biggest Con: Uptime sucks

Limited but positive experience

I reckon Namecheap is perfect if you want to get basic hosting at minimum cost.

What I did do:

I have moved to namecheap mainly due to low cost, plus it provides dynamic dns, free email forwarding (which works) and cheap email hosting (which works). I took the SOPAsucks promotion away from Also it provides whois privacy for free which Godaddy uses for revenue raising in their bait-and-switch marketing strategy.

What I did not do:

I did not buy web hosting yet as I am not forced to - I want to see how everything works out first.

My Experience:

Some of the set up is a bit confusing at first, but its still easier to navigate than Godaddy and help is easier to find. The email hosting is similar to Exchange but is supposedly in beta still. However it works without any problems for me - its at least faster than Godaddy's servers were, and much cheaper. The live help is 24/7 which worked on New Year's Eve (when I transferred). The whole thing took about 1 hour to achieve, but the email hosting needed 2 days to be activated due to the new year holiday. I forwarded emails during that time and that went fine, however it is slower than having direct hosting for some reason.

All in all namecheap has an amateurish name for a company, and its website is obviously built on a low budget, so I am not surprised that people have had mixed experiences. However despite all that, everything is working, so I have no cause to complain.

Biggest Pro: Low price and a lot of free features
Biggest Con: Setting up is a bit confusing

terrible terrible terrible

Namecheap was ddos attacked on the 24th of december 2011. It was not my site, yet a whole server worth of websites are down. It has been 6 hours, and my site has been down. Their guarantee is 99% uptime, and less than 44 minutes a month of downtime. They lie. I paid 50 a year for the webspace I cannot use apparently...

The good thing is the customer support and 24/7 online chat. They really help you start your site and answer questions, but apparently don't know how to run one.

Biggest Pro: online chat support
Biggest Con: downtime is dangerous... buyer beware

I had a horrible experience with If you are interested in signing up, I would seriously re-consider...

I will leave out the commentary and just give you the facts. Buyer beware…

1. Made sure all the domain contact information was updated. Grab’d the ECC code. Plugged in the credit card and the transfers was flawless… dig/nslookup/whois all responding nicely! In the same transaction I setup cheap hosting for one of the domains and I received an email that said 6 hours to provision.
2. Logged in the next day to start pushing out content for the web hosting and the account is locked.
3. Received 3 emails.

First email: my account is locked because of possible fraud around my CC and transaction.
Second email: userid and password to there ticket support site. (the userid and password in clear text)
Third email: my account will be cancelled if I do not send a “photograph of both sides” of my CC through the email.
4. I responded to the third email inquiring about the “indicators” that determined the fraud. I also told them that I will not send my CC through the email to anyone, nor do I know anyone who would.

5. The response I received was the same as the original email. I logged on to their “live help” system and expressed my thoughts about security and my CC. I was told that they are not authorized to assist me (heard this several times), I should contact the fraud department. I ask for the number, and I was told there are no phone numbers. (seriously)

6. I responded to the fourth email stating again that I will not send my CC through the email and I would like to know what indicated fraud. I receive another email stating that I will be cancelled if I don’t send my CC. If its cancelled, my domains do not go back to godaddy and I am unable to manage them at

7. With bile in my throat and defeat in my eyes, I sent a photograph of CC… and I am back in business. When I recover from the beatings I will do more research and vacate

So, am a paranoid person? Are there hackers on the wire ready to do unspeakable nefarious acts with my CC? No and No (maybe).

I communicated with several people at via email and live chat. What troubled me the most, is that not one person I communicated with seemed troubled about me sending my CC through unencrypted email. They couldn’t even provide me with an alternative, such as a FAX. This company is hosting your data, your websites, your credit card information, SOX, HIPPA, and other critical information.

This indicates a disregard for security at embedded in their culture.

In 2011, companies as well as consumers should guard their data.

Sorry about the length…


Namecheap stealead my domain name

The bad story for me started last month, on 4 august i succesfully transferred my domain (eg: from some registrar to (did this so i can manage the dns servers from there). I've also buyed hosting package from and for a time things went fine. Some weeks later i decided to upgrade my hosting account to a VPS and after i had several talks with support team i've made the order. Things didn't happened as we discussed and my site went down so i decided to move it to another hosting and since i wasn't able to use the VPS from at all, due to their technical problems, so i requested my money back.

From this point things started to be very ugly, short story is that i received my money back but banned my account and also removed the dns servers which i've set for and the very bad part simple changed the owner of my domain and is not me anymore is them. I never gave them the accept to do that, i never wanted this to happen.

I've already tried to talk with namecheap staff but they said i didn't respect their upgrade policy (things related to hosting package) and therefore they closed my account even if the part with domain is a separate thing for which i paid.

I have and i can provide any data is needed to prove that the domain is in fact my domain and abusively took it couple weeks ago.

I've made complains to and and they resolution is to to talk with namecheap to get my domain back. As it seems, in case namecheap don't have a special relation with them, any registrar can change the owner of a domain and unless you're ready to start a process via a court law, you're the "loser"


1. icann sucks
2. enom sucks
3. never move your domain to namecheap, they can get it from you and there is no straight way to get it back

Biggest Con: Thiefs

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