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My Experience with Namecheap


I have been using NameCheap for the last three years as my primary host provider for my website. So far, I can't complain about the service they are offering and would not hesitate to refer any other client to this company.
Good Customer Support
NameCheap customer care personnel is always available and ready to respond to customers queries. In virtually all the instances that I have contacted them, they have responded to my query in less than 2 hours.
Quality Hosting
The dedicated hosting package I subscribed to works perfect and up to date my website has never being offline apart from one or two instances when I was doing some updates.
NameCheap pricing is affordable to compared to other web hosting and domain registrars in the market. They have also worked on improving their packages and features to ensure we get value for money at all times.

As expected, there are a few things they can work on to offer a better experience to customers.
Some sections of the user interface are difficult to comprehend and follow.
I feel they need to add more features to make the packages more comprehensive and in line with the diverse needs of different websites especially brands like mine that is scaling up quickly.

Overall, NameCheap is a good website hosting company that you can count on any day.

Biggest Pro: Excellent customer support
Biggest Con: Packages not fully comprehensive

EasyWP from NameCheap is good.

I have recently started a new website and used their EasyWP service. It has been a couple of months, and in the meantime I haven't discovered a major problem. I love it due to its value for money, it's superfast and comes with security and free backups. Only thing where it's slow is, whenever you install a plugin from WordPress directory, it takes around 10 seconds to do that. I am not sure if it's something due to security or if it's problem with their RAM. But overall I am more than just happy to use EasyWP. I would definitely recommend it, specially when you need managed WordPress hosting in budget.

Biggest Pro: It provides free backups and security
Biggest Con: WordPress plugins take more time than average to install

Excellent Support

I have been hosting domains on NameCheap for many years.

I recently bought some shared hosting for WordPress. They have very reasonable prices, and the site was performing well.

Unfortunately, I have decided to use another service for my blog and no longer need a Wordpress site so cancelled my service within the return window. This was easy to do.

I have had to use NameCheap support a few times for different issues and they always reply within 24 hours with very useful and personally written replies. Excellent service.

I would recommend them to anybody.

Biggest Pro: Customer Support

They say one thing, do another.

I contacted Namecheap when an unexpected bill appeared on my credit card from them. A month previous they told me unless I UPDATED MY BILLING INFO my service would be interrupted.
I wanted the service to discontinue. They contacted my credit card company and got my new card number regardless. I have an issue with both my CC and Namecheap, none the less, they will not refund the money
even though I have it in writing that " I needed to update my card to avoid interrupted service."

Love them

I've registered a few domains over the years and it's always so smooth and easy. Absolutely love NameCheap.

One of my domains is hosted elsewhere, but the other was hosted for a year so far at NameCheap, seems perfectly reliable and consistent, but I wasn't running a store so I wasn't monitoring uptime too specifically. But rates are great, WHOIS control is great, I just love it.

I've contacted support on a few occasions and they were always very helpful in solving my issue. I rarely have to contact them though because I find the website quite intuitive.

Namecheap... what you get and pay for is all in the name


The CEO of Namecheap occasionally appears on Reddit and even did an AMA a few years ago. He said the right things and they had a Black Friday Deal I couldn't say no to. They are also based in the Southwest (Phoenix) or so says their domain record and I want to support companies in my neck of the woods. So I paid less $6 for a year of the Pro Plan. Great deal!

I started migrating over to Namecheap in mid January. I ran into a few early snags but a few quick back and forths with support and they were solved. I think it took a bit more conversation that required to solve these problems, I almost felt like there was a language barrier.

A few weeks ago I started having significant connectivity problems with just Namecheap. Namecheap quickly blamed the problem on my network, asking me to disable windows firewall and my anti-virus software.. even after I told them I was using Linux and given them painstaking detail of my troubleshooting steps on my side. Finally they said the problem was with my ISP and there was nothing they could do. So I pulled my ISP into it and they very quickly said it was a problem with the hosting provider.

At this point I was getting super frustrated because most of my systems would not connect to Namecheap servers at all. Back to Namecheap. This time they told me no one else was reporting this problem so it had to be my fault. By this time I'd already conducted some quick internet searches and found at least a dozen hits on issues connecting to Namecheap... most within the last 10 days. So if no one is having these problems why are all these recent traceroutes being posted to the net.. all highlighting issues with namecheap?? I started to feel like they weren't being honest with me.

At this time the nagging feeling of a language barrier came back. Over the two weeks that the case was open I noticed I exchanged e-mails with no less than 3 Dimitry's (all with different slavic surnames), Nataly and even a Bogdan. I quickly realized all the names were Slavic.. like maybe support was outsourced to the Ukraine. Not in itself bad but I think the language barrier created a lot of the feelings I had that they were outright lieing to me.

Today was the final nail in the coffin. I received more false information (lies?), a totally botched migration to a new server, and today their website put me through the mother of all captchas in order to allow me to sign on to their website.. It took me more than 2 minutes to make it all the way through this captcha. At what point is this too much? Absolutely awful user experience, reinforces the point of why tech companies should focus on hiring more U/X designers.

Anyways I'm done.. I'll forfeit my $6 and look for a new hosting provider. Use at your own risk.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Downtime/Support (or lack thereof)

Better than BlueHost and GoDaddy

I started transferring domains to Namecheap a few years ago primarily because registration is cheaper, and also simpler. Their website is clean and pretty simple. Last year I started a hosting plan for a blog/business site. SSL is cheap and not hard to set up. It took some time to get Gmail set up, but since then they've automated that. I am not a heavy duty website so I have no statistics on downtime, but I can say that getting a Wordpress site up and managing it, backups, etc. is pretty easy. They make a lot of tools available free, and easy to use.

Their customer support has been stellar. I had a couple issues during setup and got a real person who helped very professionally and proficiently. They also have a nice feature for transferring a hosting plan from one domain to another. That saves some hassle. I did not know about it until it came time to cancel a domain I wasn't using anymore. Cancelling is sort of hidden, not easy to find, and I emailed support. I got a clear answer the same day. They ask for feedback when you cancel, and I complained about how hard it was to do. Within half an hour, I got a reply from a real person who thanked me for the feedback and offered to help me transfer the hosting. (Which, by that time, I didn't need.) Anyways, they strike me as a company that is growing in the right direction. I've had a good experience so far.

Biggest Pro: value

Great for price

In my last review about nameservers i was talking about nameservers for domain name hosting but not web hosting. I had a problem because the 301 redirect were not in compliance with RF2616. In fact, they didn't publish the new link in the content of html for the 301 redirect page. However it is mentioned for 301 redirect in RF2616. And i think it was bad for SEO.

For the namecheap web hosting, i am smashed by the namecheap web hosting. speed and reliability is excellent. There is no downtime and it does not slow down. The pageload is always the same.

Nevertheless, i don't use their nameservers and i can't give you my opinion about it. I only use cloudflare nameservers.

Biggest Pro: cheap, cpanel, dkim, SSL ok,
Biggest Con: none

Previous reviews by bernard dufresne

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Don't use their free nameservers

I have chosen to use the namecheap nameservers and i monitored the availability of a domain using the namecheap nameservers & its 301 redirect using
From time to time, i have a 30 minutes downtime but it is never constant. It does come from the name servers.

Also, i have discovered their server returned a 403 when i ping my domain from certain proxies.

By bernard dufresne on August 20th, 2014 at 02:56 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Worthless email hosting

Namecheap has the worst spam filtering on the planet. I've worked for weeks with their staff and they have not made a single improvement in the loads of spam I get every day. I plan to move away from Namecheap asap.
Their advertising states that they have "tough anti-spam protection". That is completely false and they have refused to refund my money even though they have clearly not lived up to their word.

Biggest Con: False Advertising

Cheap hosting, useless support

So transferred to a shared hosting plan. No problems, almost immediately i start getting spam on my business account. I switched from go daddy and never had an issue. I was getting 30-40 emails a day in my spam folder.

Well their spam filters are totally useless ALL mail is considered spam, no real way to pick safe list actual mail. Try to get me to get an xchange server, setup didn't even work. Their useless support couldn't fix it and still get spam till this day with NO filtering of good mail.

I am going back to godaddy, can't run a business looking in a spam folder all day long. I've even created filters to block spam it still comes through.

If you just have a domain without contact info it would be good enough, but to run a business where you need email to work properly forget it! $10 when i switch back to godaddy the spam will instantly stop!

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Tech support is useless

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