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I recommend this great hosting company

Namecheap is one of the most trusted hosting companies—and one with a fantastic customer support team. Whenever I contacted their support team with a query, I always received a prompt reply. For instance, I once contacted them with some doubts related to unlimited space usage and file upload limit. They promptly replied with a concise explanation and a supporting link that clearly states the features and benefits of the shared plan. I opted for their hosting services about a month ago, and I’m still amazed that I haven’t faced any server connectivity issues!

I’m extremely impressed with their quick and dedicated service. Their top priority is always providing quality service to all their customers.

In addition to their fabulous hosting services, Namecheap also help you increase your online business traffic and sales. In the time I’ve used their hosting service, I’ve seen a slight increase in the traffic and revenue from my website. I’m sure it’s at least in part due to Namecheap’s reliable server and quick loading times. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and genuine hosting service provider!

My Namecheap Review

I hosted my website on GoDaddy back in 2014, but had an issue with the host company. Their weak support system had me stuck with the problem for days. After that issue, a friend advised me to join Namecheap. I joined in 2016 and haven’t looked back since.

I’d like to share three major factors that continue to contribute to my positive experience with my current hosting on Namecheap.

1. Reliable Uptime

By far, any web hosting company’s most vital quality is guaranteeing availability. Clients like myself pay to have their web pages reachable, and Namecheap passes that test with flying colors. Any breaks in transmission are also assured compensation, which somewhat softens the blow of the minimal downtime. My website has been down only twice this year due to technical errors, but a quick message to support always resolves it.

2. Reasonable Speed

Speed test results on my website return varying, but generally fast, results. Overall, it opens quickly and I’m satisfied with the performance, although I did disable the cache and almost all plugins on my website.

3. Good Support

Namecheap prides themselves as the hosting company with the best support, which is one of the main reasons I joined their platform. I have been receiving quality technical support with my issues, and am currently in the process of negotiating compensation for periods of downtime.

These factors have led to an overall positive experience with hosting my website on Namecheap and I will gladly recommend them to anyone searching for a good web hosting service.

Namecheap is the best.

I have been using Namecheap since 2014, after trying numerous other hosting platforms. What I’ve liked most about using Namecheap is their technical support and price value.

- Technical Support: Always online, with a minimal waiting time. They do their best to get a comprehensive idea of your problem and are patient with guiding you through the fix. (Incidentally, it’s also a great way to indirectly teach you new skills in managing your own website and save you time should you ever face the same problem.) If you’re not familiar with the hosting problems and lack confidence in applying the fix, you can also ask them to fix it for you in no time. They provide secure avenues in getting your cPanel login information through a third-party application (and remind you to change it after the problem is solved).

- Price Value: Although the plan prices look cheap, trust me when I say the deceptively low costs will get you the most powerful and professional web hosting experience available. After 5 years of managing websites with Namecheap, I can’t offhand recall an incident of website shutdown, lagging, or crashing. The other thing I like about Namecheap is that I had my websites ready to go within 5 minutes of paying the cost of the hosting plan!

My experience with Namecheap

I've used Namecheap for more nearly two years and can say that my experience is mostly positive. For these two years, I've never had an issue and the only time I needed help from their customer support team, they did their job. It was a long time ago and at that time I didn't have any experience with web hosting companies and I needed help with setting up the DNS settings properly. I contacted their support team and they were fast to help me. I'm pretty sure that the whole process from contacting them to getting help was 5-10 minutes or so.
The only negative thing I can mention is related to the interface. I don't like it very much and I think that it can be a little difficult to orient yourself, especially if you've never worked with it before. On the flip side, if you're accustomed to using their management interface, you may find out that it isn't that bad.
So, I am satisfied with the service Namecheap offers and will probably continue using its hosting for years to come unless I find another web hosting company, which offers faster and more reliable experience (and does it at an affordable price). The support that Namecheap provides is excellent and my impression is that if you need help, their support team will do their job professionally.

Biggest Pro: excellent customer support
Biggest Con: the management interface

Amazing Support

I've been using Namecheap for close to 3 years and I've been satisfied by their performance, efficiency and the quality of their customer support. Every time I've had an issue that I wasn't able to solve on my own, I used their live support chat and their support team helped me solve my problem. In my opinion the quality of the support team is one of the most important aspects of a good webhosting company.

I'll always remember the time that I made some changes to my DNS that left my website offline. I wasn't sure what I did wrong and it was already 3am, the day before an important conference. I didn't want my website to be offline during the conference, that would have been unprofessional. I contacted the Namecheap support, and in a couple of minutes I was chatting with an engineer who helped me find out what I had done wrong.

Some of the webhosting companies that I've used in the past have left me in the dark for days regarding critical issues that left my website unavailable, but I've never had this issue with Namecheap.
I also like that they offer different services like domains, email and Wordpress installations, so that I can keep everything in one place. Last but not least, some hosting company constantly spam your inbox with annoying offers regarding their services, I've never had this issue with Namecheap.

Biggest Pro: customenr support

Excellence Service

Namecheap is an excellent service provider. I have the best experience with Namecheap. I'm Developer and I daily Update Database, Files, Run many scripts, But Uptime and load time never down I really appreciated.

I Highly recommended to every who don't know about hosting service, uptime, load time and beginner.

I use NameCheap for last 2 years and I haven't faced any issue. it's a big deal.

Namecheap provides the most affordable web hosting and domain registration services.

They value their customers more than anything. Namecheap team has taken customer service and customer satisfaction to a whole new level, which should probably be the benchmark! You guys are very responsive to customer issues with implementation speed, excellent team coordination with minimal fuss in handling complex situations. I totally enjoy recommending a hosting king to anyone who needs a web hosting service, no matter how small / medium / large.

If you are looking for a web host who cares for your site well then "Namecheap" comes up. Namecheap is also the most convenient and best option for our web hosting needs.

My final word is about NameCheap. you can many other hosting service providers but no one take place of Namecheap.

Great Hosting!

Short summary of the below: they are an excellent friendly budget solution with great uptime and great customer service.

Namecheap is typically known for selling Domains, but their hosting solutions are what I would call "first class"! In a period of 1 year, I have had my website down maybe once or twice and their customer support is very good. I have used over 20 web hosting companies, and Namecheap is in my top 3, without question.

So without exaggerating, I think Namecheap is very underrated as a web hosting solution. My only disappointment with Namecheap is the limited number of options you can host your website from. I believe it is 2 US locations and 1 EU. There is no Canada, which is where we are based, so we were forced to choose a US Server.

I currently have over 5 active websites hosted on this one shared hosting server and very rarely do I have any problems with uptime or even speed. Speaking of speed, although they have excellent uptime and customer service, I would say the biggest con is speed. Sites hosted with Namecheap don't load as fast compared to other top tier hosting companies, which is understandable in all fairness since hosting is not Namecheap's primary business, which is selling domain names.

They have different solutions for everyone's budget, with the option of paying monthly or annually. But all in all, I would recommend Namecheap to anyone regardless of budget.

Biggest Pro: Free SSL for 1 year for additional addon domains

So far best hosting service that I used in my web host career

Personally I am very happy to use "Namecheap" as my web host / server for my companies website. They are so quick to response that the most charming part for their services. Even though I knock them various time day / evening / night they are always online and ready to help. For me couple of time they did migrated my domain and hosting even though that's not their work. Their interface of c-panel and recently they add few extra helping option like simple wordPress, SSL install etc all those things are free if you buy host from Namecheap. Those are really a cool features. For migration and WP they have their own dashboard and also always they do use documentation, like when ever yo do have any problem they will solve that and also they will give you the process of how you can solve that by your own through a web page link. Also they have cool backup features. They have different department to handle various job and most of them are highly educated for their technical region. The community of "Namecheap" is big and globally recognisable. Already they have good reputation in the host/server market. They have various type of packages with flexible payment gateway method and most importantly the system is secure as far i used. I have 5 domain and 2 hosting plan that I bought from Namecheap and they are doing well till today. Their documentation is so rich with real picture example, that anyone and understand. But still I believe there is an option to improve a lot and they are growing well. West wishes for them, hope they will do better in future.

Biggest Pro: Customer service community is 24 hours available and all are well educated.
Biggest Con: They need to improve their server speed and connection error issue.

Best Support Team!

Namecheap is the web hosting company that I use for five of my business websites and I can say, with all honesty, that they are the best hosting company that I have ever worked with. What makes them so special? Their support team is simply, the best!

I remember one specific example where their support team was extremely helpful. I was fed up with my previous hosting company and I was trying to transfer all my assets to a new shared-hosting account that I purchased from Namecheap. The process of transferring the websites was quite easy but I was having a hard time transferring over my SSL certificates and my previous hosting company's support team had no idea how to get it done and were very unresponsive to my messages. Long-story short, a member of the Namecheap support team stayed on a live chat with me for a total 6 hours straight, explaining to me how to manually transfer the SSL certificates to my new Namecheap account and telling me what to say to the support team of my previous hosting company in order to get the job done. I've never received so much help from a live chat support team and that made all the difference for me.

Another reason I really like Namecheap is because they have a really easy to use back-end dashboard that is very responsive and well structured. Their pricing is also very clear and they don't have any unexpected/hidden charges.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable web hosting solution with a very easy to use dashboard and a knowledgeable support team that will be there 24/7 to solve any issue you may have, my recommendation is 100% Namecheap!

Biggest Pro: Support Team

Happy with Namecheap But..

Since 2012 I'm operating a few websites to make money online. At this time I did use a lot of hosting provider and there is some popular hosting provider like Bluehost or Hostgator to free hosting like 000Webhost.

Now It's almost 1 year and 5 months that I am using Namecheap as my hosting provider. Before that, I was using google blog with a custom domain name. I can't be using WordPress on blogger so that I need to move to a paid hosting provider that allows me to use Wordpress. As I do not have any coding knowledge so I decided to get a hosting that has One-click WP installation and easy SSL installation feature. As Namecheap has both options and their price is not high so that I buy there shared hosting package.

Honestly, Free 50 PositiveSSL with a good amount of hosting space with a reasonable price was the key to select the Provider. I was happy with the provider But unfortunately happiness doesn't last long for me. Last Jan 2019 they move or upgrade some of there hosting equipment or devices. And that time all of my websites were down for 6 days! Not only this after that time every day I got some downtime for about the next 1 month. Sometimes it's for 15-30 minute long! sometimes its happened 2-3 times in a day. Yes, I did talk a lot with there live supporting team and they solve the issue. But it was not a happy thing for me. Support assures me that this will never happen again.

Still, I am hosting my business website with them. I do not have much traffic to my website so that I do not have to worry about traffic load now.

Biggest Pro: Free SSL and reasonable Price
Biggest Con: Hosting Downtime make me sick

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