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Mystatichost - unreliable hosting company

I originally had free hosting from this company but all of a sudden he pulled the plug on free hosting. Chris stated "I closed the free hosting because some people were trying to hack and i didn't want them hacking paid hosting accounts."

Ironically I saw a post on Digital Point for $15 for a year. To my surprise it was the same person who had pulled the plug on my free hosting. I contacted him by email and asked about purchasing hosting.

I purchased hosting by email and never agreed to any TOS because I never was on his hosting website. Meaning no terms where made available to me prior to buying hosting. Things were ok in the beginning then I noticed my site offline and his site offline. He stated "Yes the site is down this is due to a user trying to hack we have to run virus cheeks and upload all the back ups". I thought that's why he discontinued free hosting but as you can see that wasn't true.

I purchased hosting on 8/6/10 and on 8/22/10 I started having problems with my site being offline and his site offline. This started as ongoing problems such as not being able to open Cpanel, it wouldn't fully load and ftp would connect but wouldn't receive any files. Finally on 8/29/10 I had enough of this and emailed him and told him to cancel my hosting. He then stated "Sure, I will get on giving you a refund".

Then he tried pulling this on me by stating "Sorry but my I can't give you a refund, you would of had to agree to the Terms Of Service to sign up". If you read above I never agreed to any TOS even though all hosting companies have them. The reason as stated above I aquired my hosting by email and didn't purchase any hosting through his hosting website.

I told him I'll post a review of his hosting on many websites and he stated "I don't make money from providing hosting it more personal hosting anyway, so feel free to do what you want to do". He expects me and you to believe he's providing hosting for free when he charges for it?

Then he replied with this shocker "If it makes you feel better i'm only 13 and I will return your money when i get it. I have money but its not in my paypal". This is exactly what he stated on 8/30/10. Then on 8/31/10 he stated this "I have to buy a pre-paid visa gift card and i use that as to put money in to my paypal".

After that date I never heard anything from him so I emailed him on 9/05/10 and told him I'll give him until 9/17/10 to give me a refund or I'll contact Paypal. All I can say about Paypal don't waste your time with them because their policies allow a 13yr who runs a hosting company for non profit so he says to get away with this b.s.

I've notified Paypal that this guy(Chris Maher) and is using these two email addresses (chrismaher96 AT and (admin AT He's 13yrs old and charging for hosting service and isn't providing reliable service.

So all I can say about this guy he definitely isn't one of the good guys. By his actions he's too young and immature to be attempting to run a hosting company. I'd stay away from his
fly by night hosting companies.

Biggest Pro: Cpanel
Biggest Con: Acting Owner 13yrs old

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