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excellent support!!

I am a happy client of as every time I got prompt service and excellent support irrespective of time, the difficulty level of my issue, anything. Truly appreciate the support techs, who helped me in solving my problems. answering each of my questions perfectly and clearly, as well as helping me to understand what is included in the hosting plans and how they are suited according to my own needs. Very very impressed and grateful!
Keep it up !! All the very best guys !!

Great work, keep it up!!

I have used myresellerhome's Reseller medium plan when I thought to start a web hosting of my own.I found out that they provide very cheap reseller hosting and they are more better than some of other free reseller hostings like
I decided to use their services for my web hosting project as well as I hosted one of my website regarding celebrity news on them.
The experience with hosting was fine.The uptime was good. Support replied to tickets in timely fashion.Overall i must say i am very happy with

Two words, ******* ****.

I'm here to submit a review of I bought a reseller package from them that cost me $34.95 a month ($25.51 after discount). I loved it at first then everything started grinding to a halt, I had a free SSL, free WHMCS license, and a free dedicated ip. It took them over 2 days to issue the SSL, over 3 to issue the WHMCS license and i've yet to get the dedicated ip (because they have none). I got suspicious and did some research and looked at some reviews, apparently they host all of their clients on a single dedicated server, this company is a decent size so that's why everything is so slow. They claim to be out of Florida but that's also untrue. The phone number on their website is fake also. I do admin, their live support is decently fast at replying but can hardly speak english. I was fed up, I wanted a refund, which they are supposed to give if the client is not satisfied under 30 days. I placed a ticket and contacted live chat after the ticket went over 2 days without an answer (Which is odd for a decently big company). Live chat told me that they submitted it to a "Senior Billing" person. A week has passed and i've yet to get a reply, contacted live chat multiple times, opened numerous tickets. I looked at some more reviews and apparently they just won't give you the refund. After I figured that out I filed a dispute through PayPal and they just responded right before I posted this. I gave PayPal the links to the reviews and pictures of my invoice, if I don't get my money back through PayPal then i'll just file fraud through my bank and i'll guarantee I get my money back. It's not like $20 broke me or anything, i'm just pissed that I was taken advantage of by an indian scam web hosting company.

Be warned.

Biggest Con: ****** Company

Worst service EVER!!!!!

i am writing this because i don't want anyone else fall for that terrible company. They were so nice and chatty with me before i made a payment. Promised everything i wanted. After i paid and in 1 month my programmers tried to upload my site - problems started. 1st - terrible ping time and glitched on front page. My programmers has to spend hours to deal with PHP and everything else on server , because it simply so outdated it is useless for anyone.
For 2 hours server was unavailable, so 100% up time guaranty go right our of the window. My next step was asking my money back and close down my account. Well i was told in other words i can forget about refund , they closed my account and simply stopped talking to me. Thanks GOD i didn't pay for 3 years as i was planning to and only for 1 year.
In the end, i didn't get a chance to use their PROPER service , my account now closed after 30 days and i lost my money , which $120.
If anyone will even try to think to go with this company , because they offer such cheap service - well PLEASE don't do that or you will be sorry. You will simply loose your money in the end.
Lesson learned - NEVER go for cheap stuff. is the worst **** I ever seen. The hosting com

The reason behind writing this is that I want to save those people who are looking for a cheap and effective hosting plan and accidently fall under traps laid by fraudsters like “MyResellerHome.Com”. I have all the worst experience with these people. They are nothing but a bunch of Cheats and Frauds. I usually contact them through their live chat support. I been trying to call the phone number which was given on their website but its seems to be a false one. After having so much trouble with the hosting which was started after a week of purchasing the plan, I decided to go for the cancellation of my account and ask for a refund. What I received in return was a two month long waiting full of trauma and frustration. They never reply your ticket, they never answer your query on chat. All they said is that they had forwarded my refund request to the billing department. And finally after knowing that they will not going to refund my money back, I ask them to reactivate my account. But what I get in return was even shocking then before. They said that I was not registered with them. They don’t know who I am. It was the biggest shock I have received in the last two months.
My only advice to you guys is don't ever trust this hosting website(MyResellerHome.Com) because you will definitely get mentally harassed by these kind of sites. So please do complete R&D before buying any hosting plans for your websites. is the worst hosting & ghost comapny

I write this one it is because I want those people who plan to setup a small hosting business to be awared with this fake companies,, It seems they are different but these are just one company the location of their offices is not true. I have all the worst experience intact in my email, every time we had a problem and downtime I usually contact them thru their poor livechat support. I been trying to call the phone number in their website but its seems always busy. One time my website has been hacked and erase all the web contents and data for some reason they cannot answer me what's going. My website become live again after months later. Until now I'm still getting some notifications for unpaid invoices that I did not paid anymore because I totally discontinue this.

I will only say don't ever trust this hosting websites because you will never be happy and grow with this companies.,,

MyResellerHosting SCAM Report

They stole my money and they don't answer to billing tickets.

On the chat support they say only the billing dep can solve my issue.

2 months have passed since I filed my money back request, they don't care.


Alto, the same company runs these websites , , .


My reseller home stole money from me

I started working with them and found out they do not support simple features like redirects and URL rewrite. So, after 9 days I decided to cancel my account and ask for a refund (they promise a 30 days money back guarantee)..
4 days later, they responded and said my account will be canceled and I will be refunded.
3 months have passed with no refund and suddenly I get a bill of another 21$ - I was shocked! I was billed 21$ for an account I cancelled. Now, I would have given up the 21$ I paid for the first month but now that I was billed after cancelling and when they do not stand behind their money back guarantee...
I went to resolve this through paypal, since they did not respond my emails.
I wrote them the whole case and all they had to tell me was: "we do not refund rebilling".

So, to sum this all up - their tech support is lousy, their billing support are a bunch of criminals who try to steal people's money.

Stay away!

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: The service is not worth a single penny

The Worst experience of my life

I usually do not write review, but I had to fulfill my duty task for this one.

Please, do not entrust your business to MyResellerHome!

I had the unfortunate experience of trying them out and I never had such an awful service for anything before.

I had constant and numerous downtimes that I had to resolve with the poor customer support.

The last straw that did it for me was when I realized my website was down yet again, and they informed me that they lost all my data and websites because of a disk failure or something. Moreover,I was silly enough to trust them for backup plans.

They were never able to recover my websites and I lost 6 months of work with them.

Sites were slow, customer support was completely incompetent and the hardware seems to be pathetic, with all the downtimes I had no choice to experience.

Please, do yourself a favor and get a better web hosting than that! I would never go with them ever again especially for a business.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: You get what you pay for

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