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remedially stupid !!

Apparently this company was once a good and reputable company. However, that was before I joined up...
When I was trying to ftp my files, I had a couple of problems because the myhosting system was completely counter-intuitive.
So, without telling me, a tecnical support person deleted all my files !!
When I had to phone them again, I was told that deleting my files was deemed "helpful"...

Although I had all the files intact on my main machine, I was at a different location and had no access to my files when I was trying to work on the page. (Silly me for not anticipating that the support staff would delete my files...)

You pay them, then they pull your email and webpage with the excuse that you haven't paid. You tell them you paid - they say you didn't. You tell them again - they again say you didn't.
My payments went through via Paypal, and I was able to provide proof of payment.
one of the myhosting geniuses told me that the reason my payments weren't going through was because myhosting doesn't support payment by Paypal, duhhhh.
So I had to send a screenshot of the Paypal window as proof of his complete and utter stupidity.
Did I receive an apology from him ?
No, but the following month, they accused me of non-payment again. So I had to provide proof again.
This went on for some months until they tired of that particular game.
Now what they do is just pull your webpage down with great frequency just for the hell of it.

They pull your email down too, but, gee, that problem is always "at the customer end". It's really strange how the problem is always with myhosting and never any other company.
They GUARANTEE 100% uptime !! HAHAHA !!

Now, as punishment for daring to complain, they send me harrassment email every day. When I told them to stop spamming me, they wrote again to advise me that the only way to stop spam was to change my password !!
These people are presumably evil, because I'm not really convinced that an entire company is staffed by morons.
I could be wrong, though...

This is probably the worst hosting company in the world, and judging by the reviews, their customers are leaving them in droves. (And I'm one of them !)
Most times I pay them, they pull my webpage and email down...
I am seriously considering litigation.
Use this company at your peril, because outages are becoming almost weekly.

Response by serkan kutlubay, who is an employee of MyHosting:

Hi Baato,

I'm sorry to hear that you have had troubles with your hosting plan. I've looked over some of your tickets but we need to contact you directly to get everything sorted out. I see that our Customer Relations team requested to contact you, but there has been no contact yet. Please reply to Alayna's email with a good time to setup a call so that we can make sure everything is working correctly on your account and through our payment system. we have had no other complaints about PayPal payments so we would like to determine what the issue is with your account.

If you have any more problems please email our support team at or you can email me directly at

Chris A.
Product Manager
Softcom Inc.

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 at 14:05 EST

Antiquated servers

I have been a myhosting/ Softcom customer for about 10 years. Recent downtime and lack of response from technical support and unresolved tickets led me to take a closer look at my hosting servers.

The Apache version - 1.3.26 - was released in June 2002 and has not been upgraded since. I have never been offered the option to upgrade either. A recent chat with sales said they had no Apache version lower than 2.0!

The server is running MySQL 3.23.49 with phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 and php 4.4.8. The myhosting website claims to offer MySQL 5.0.32 and Php 5.2.5 while the latest phpMyAdmin is 3.1.2.

As a customer who uses very little resources and with very few support requests since the early days of Softcom I would have expected a little more customer service or support in return for my loyalty.

Biggest Pro: fast servers
Biggest Con: terrible support, lack of communication

Excellent Customer Service

I've been using for a couple years now and I have nothing but good to say about their service.

When I was in the market for a hosting company for my sites, I needed a company I could trust to be there if I needed assistance. With all I had to do was click on the live help button or call the 1 800 number and I was put in direct contact with a support rep. 24/7

For example last week I needed permissions changed on a couple folders for my newest website. This had to be done as soon as possible in order for payments to be processed on my website. I phoned the 1-800 number and the support rep had my folder permissions changed before I could even hang up the phone.

Great customer service - I always recommend your service to everyone I know!

Biggest Pro: Support Team

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