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Stay away from these guys

I had a proxy plans with these guys to temporarily host my proxy sites for $4/month. My account got suspended after passing BW limit. That's understandable, but I ended up canceling my subscription because I found a new hosting company for my VPS server. 5 months later, I realized they were still charging my credit card (I barely check my CC since I barely use it)...and I let them go again to avoid the headache since it was only $20. After that second cancellation, I'm getting another bill again!! So I'm going through the same process again as I'm writing now. I'm getting my refund this time...these guys are ridiculous!

Can't Offer What They Promise

I signed up for 40gb/month proxy hosting at $20 for the year. They shutdown my account for using 1gb a day on PROXY HOSTING because of "cpu usage", threatened to charge me for "maintenance" and kept my money for the entire year.

Stay away, these guys are scammers.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Can't offer what they promise

do not use my advice

I signed up to lower our overheads as we had several sites to host.

That was the first mistake....

When we signed up paypal crashed as they can not do CC direct and has to go through the pay pal system. So ended up with 2 x of the same www. site name in the account and when finally got through to them to cancel the double up about 4 days later they suspended the newest site. So ended up scrambling back to Hostgator for that one as was in midst of a tender proposal for a large contract and had example work on the new site.

But then I left one other site which was one of my other sites which hosted my showreel and video content and now their whole system is down can't even goto the home page.

So ruddy rotten all round screams of backstreet / backyard operation.

In midst of putting together the proposal submitted with all the links to the sites and now its not working on the day that the client was to receive the proposal

So I suppose its my fault in the end for choosing these guys but you'd expect some poor service etc vs being cheap but expect the uptime to be better than this.... which is basically at this stage less than nothing minus in my books.

Would advise anyone thinking of signing up NOT to do it with these guys and use hostgator. Plus when we got back to hostgator they had just updated the cpanel app and its looking all nice n new.

Pooh to

Hope they get their act together.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: poor service and uptime is just rotten

Paid for service and they never activated account.

I purchased 1 months service to test their FFMPG service. I paid with PayPal. After 24 hours I didn't receive a response. I sent them 3 emails, the third returned as mailbox full(exceeded 550). I posted a PayPal dispute. First they replied check your spam folder, which I had already done. I replied with 2 separate trouble tickets and another PayPal post. They replied that my account was deleted because I was an email spammer. I have no idea how to email spam and wouldn't do it if I did. I build sites for non profit Organizations. I'm only out $3.99 but I'm pissed. These guys are scum.

Excessive Down Time

Instead of buying expensive hosting I've bought 2 cheap packages and used DNS failover from (very good).

Mydosty is my backup if my 3IX account goes down. Well when it does, mydosty is USUALLY DOWN TOO!!!

I put a monitoring website onto them and was some days early this year getting as low as 50% up time for several days in a row!!!

They did improve and now are only down a few percent of the time. I will NOT renew as the free service from that I also monitored for uptime is higher. Oh and it's free!

Don't pay $10 a year to mydosty, if you want cheap that works most of the time go to 3IX but don't try to use imap. Due to a bug in the imap they run it will overload their server when you check email & you'll get suspended.

Biggest Pro: Cheap
Biggest Con: Unreliable

this host company has nothing to offer

this host company has nothing to offer, the only reason that they attract customers is the price for their plan, which sucks, server speed is unbelievabley low, the worst thing is to see your site is down, for such a long time, that you will give it up,

Very quality Host and very cheap web hosting

Hi, I have been with them for 5 months now. They are damn cheap and provides good support. The server uptime is more than 98%, but last month when the site was one and a half day offline, due to server maintaineance then just to compensate for that, they gave me 3 month free hosting.

I love their service, though the support take a few hours to answer/

Overall I recommend them.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: none yet, but i think support should not take hrs, it should be in minutes

Stay Away!

I am so dissapointed with this server, all of the time my website is offline, also the website. I am already searching for y new web host server. The price is great but what is the point of paying so little if you get no service at all?


I took the gold plan and paid 9.99 for a year. I login to Cpanel and find that speed is slow. Then try change password for Cpanel and also their site login. Suprise! Can't login anymore. Send them email but no response. He send a email asking me to contact for dispute. Send to them and but no more response.

I would like to ask, if you know that you receive email from someone but not address to the correct department. What would you do? SIMPLE! forward it to the correct department and let that department knows about it and take over. Why do you need to reply back to send and tell the sender you have to send it to this email address.

Server constantly down

I bought a hosting plan with them and everything worked fine... for 2 days. After that the MYSQL server went down twice for HOURS within the next two days and I couldn't take it. I bought another hosting plan on another server.

I called them up on their money back guarantee and they ignore me.

You get what you pay for, crap.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: unreliable

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