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Incredibly bad

FTP does not work.
Awstats do not work
Fronpage Ex. do not work
Webdav do not work

I tried contacting tech support and their contact form does not work.

I tried contacting them in sevarl differente ways with no sucess. I cannot open a ticket, contact the company or do anything to solve my problems.

So I left.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Company is trash

The worst hosting that I ever seen

I open an account at MyDosty and the initial bad taste start when I upload my files to the server. The FTP connection was very slow and with several disconnections. Later when I cannot add add-on domains, I wrote to support. Two days later I never get an answer from this people and I moved my hosting to other site. A good advice: avoid MyDosty.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: all

Stay Away!

This hosting company is completely garbage! I see that there are a few positive posts on here, probably Dave (owner of Mydosty & Hostluck). I had there hosting for less then a week. I ordered there Trillionare Reseller plan and ended up with the downgraded version (billionare reseller). As soon as my site was on the server.. poof! Server is down for 3 hours. Constant outages and slow speeds. Customer Support? Non existant! I've submitted 5 tickets with atleast 5 messages in each ticket, not once response. I refuse to let them take my money. I cancelled the subscription in paypal and disputed my payment. I wish I would of read all the reviews before I even considered there hosting. If your looking for a cheap plan that is stable go to If anyone would like to add to the Rip Off Report about Hostluck & Mydosty, go to, seach Hostluck and file a complaint. complaints will appear everytime someone googles HostLuck or Mydosty.

Biggest Pro: Cheap Price


I signed up for this crap and the next day my site was down for 3 days. No email reply or anything...I kept sending emails and no ever replied. Finally after a week I left the server but I didnt know that Dave Manchous, of MyDosty had setup payments in Paypal to pay every year automatically and he charged me again a whole year later. STAY WAY!!!

Do yourself a favor and don't use

I signed up for an account yesterday and although I got my confirmation email and was charged, I wasn't able to login to their site to start setting up. I sent multiple emails to support and waited more than 24 hours, but heard nothing. I cancelled payment and am moving on. Terrible, Terrible site, hosting and support.


It is a scam hosting

we bought the hosting reseller plan for 2 years, and after 3 months, the account was stolen, I can see the domains were added to the panel via our registered email, but I can not login to the control panel also can not login to the WHM.

I drop email to them never reply and later I drop a ticket regarding on this issue, one week later the support reply said they can change the password for me then no information again. And I found my ip was blocked after 1 day later, I even can not visit their website via the IP which I posted the ticket.

I used another line to visit their website, it works fine, just to remind all, just be careful for this scam hosting. It is the only hosting I used is so terrible.



Unfortunately I got mixed up with this guy's 2 years ago I have the resellers pack and everything worked well but now the SERVICE, SUPPORT is a complete JOKE. The service is unstable, for the last 3 weeks it's been down without even a word from mydosty, I sent them messages and of course no reply, I don't know if they are still operating or not, but this is NOT the way they treat your customers who had confidence in your business or is it a SCAM.


Can I get my money back....... jajajaja

People like you make internet unethical unstable and unfriendly

Biggest Con: FEELING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF hosting is a rip off

Mydosty hosing riped me off. I paid for a year for the reseller plan. Then spent days setting up websites then two months later the site went down and I lost all the web sites;. No warning, nothing they really ripped me off, now I have to go back and redo all my sites from backups to another host.

The reviews that claim they are good are all written by the owners of the service. Do not believe the good reviews. the service is a rip off !!

Don't Use Them

i use them for 3 month and it was my biggest mistake. And my other biggest mistake is i pay them for 1 year package.

Cpanel cannot resolve add sub domain and add on domain.

i contact them 2 month already and it still unresolved issue. they don't even reply my message lately. already 1 week they don;t reply my message.

Refund policy? forget about it. i lose USD: 200 well i seems like they steal it from me. USD29.99/month for 1 website only. i can't believe it.

i don't know what else i can say. is also owned by them.

use eboundhost or enotchnetworks. they more reliable and cheaper also in some package.

Beware...Mydosty and Hostluck they are same.

Biggest Pro: Speed because they don;t have many customers
Biggest Con: Everything is like nightmare.

They just take your money!

Since more than six months since I canceled my account with them, and they are still charging my credit card, and the big problem is , that their support is ZERO. I have try to contact them without succes.

It is a nightmare!

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