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custom hosting plans

After having dealt with several different hosting providers, I am now staying with MODU Host. Their support has been very helpful in all cases where I contacted them. The major advantage of this host, for me, is their hosting plans, or rather their lack of hosting plans. After a little chat with the support staff they created a custom hosting plan tailored to my websites exact needs. With other hosts I have always had to choose one of their standard hosting plans, packed with features that I don’t need. Now I only pay for the features that I use.

Moving my website from my previous host has been taken care of completely by the support staff of the host, I didn’t have to do a thing. After all of my files, email and database got moved and verified, the switch was made with no downtime to my site at all.

As my sites traffic was growing, I have gone over my bandwidth limit a couple of times. With a previous host this would cause a ‘this account has gone over it’s bandwidth limits, please contact the support department’ message to be displayed on the site, making the entire website unavailable to the visitors. When this happens while you are on holiday and your website is not available for a week, your sites ranking can take a serious hit. With my current host, going over the bandwidth limit will not cause any problems. My website stays available and I’m contacted about the issue and the possible solutions.

I have experienced a little downtime with this host when the server I’m hosted on got upgraded, but the speed increase after all the problems got worked out has been well worth it. A little downtime every now and again is acceptable and unavoidable for your average website I think. If you want to have a true 100% uptime guarantee you have to get a few dedicated servers located in different datacenters, an option that is very expensive and, unless you are Google, not needed in my opinion.

Whenever contacting the host I always deal with the same guy, it seems like this hosting company is very small, which doesn’t bother me as long as the service is good. I feel like I’m dealing with a friend rather than a company.

I do a little web design as a freelancer every now and again and I have recommended MODU Host to my customers that did not have hosting for their websites yet. All of my clients that have also signed up with this host have been very happy with it and one (eh how should I say this..., somewhat difficult client) who had moved to a different host because they where not pleased with the uptime, has tried out 3 other hosting companies, but is now back with MODU Host.

Biggest Pro: custom hosting plans

Getting close to 3 years and no major problems ever

When I was first looking for hosts, I found myself registering to many free hosting forums. Little did I know I was hurting myself doing so. Later, while asking about hosting I was contacted on SitePoint by the owner of Moduhost. The fact that you can build your own plan was my main interest, however, it had much more to offer.

My site has been down a few times over the last couple but was for only a short amount of time each. But then again, which host doesn't experience this? Loading time is fast. Customer service has always been great, with no complaints.

As for credibility I really don't have much as this is my first "real" host. In my opinion it's a great place to be hosted with, and I would and have, recommended it to others in the past.

Biggest Pro: Build your own plan!

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