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Dont go with Mocha hosting

Mocha is like big name but hollow inside. The moment we signed up for 2 years hosting, we started seeing their true colors.
They didnt even provide any starting setup help unlike promised earllier. I was hosting there for 15months and the site went down for hours without any notice and when we complain they said 'sorry' and thats it. Didnt care to tell what was wrong and if it not going to happen again.

finally, recently something crashed at their end and their tech support was pathetic. Even after 3 weeks they didnt had clue what was wrong and which made me to move somewhere else.

They didnt refund the money also even after knowing it is their mistake which made me to move to somewhere else.

Overall, their customer support, tech support, even the escalation support it the most pathetic anyone can ever experience.

Stay away from mochahost!

OK, purchased Perfetto 1 VPS package with cPanel/WHM on 22.04.2011. Order went OK, few hours later my VPS was online and running. At this point everything looked OK.

Next day I noticed that only one IP address is delivered with VPS info, so I asked for the second one. Soon received answer that they do not have second IP address for me because they are short on usable IPv4 adresses, and Ill have to wait for one... At my question how long will I have to wait, no answer. So I had to tell them that Ill have to cancel my order and move on if they do not provide whats promised on VPS packages description page. Few hours later, second IP address was sent to me.

I also noticed in Solus VPS control, that it says I can use 1Tb monthly bandwidth, while package description page says "unlimited". So I ask support for this discrepancy, and they say that Solus cant show unlimited bandwidth. I was not too happy with this, but did not had plans to use more than 200Gb monthly for some time, so left it as it is for now.

At this point started to finalize VPS for production, prepared nameservers and done testing, invested $70 in good hardening... VPS was working more or less ok, with sporadic extreme CPU loads generated by someone who was abusing node.

One week after the purchase date, VPS started to have serous problems with node CPU overload. CPU's was from time to time on 8, 10 or even 12! load which caused my only site on VPS
(domain used for nameservers) to perform very slow, and click on any WHM link required 5+ minutes to show anything. Checked via SSH if this is my load, but my VPS was calm, with only one domain and was not generating almost any load. So I contacted support and asked them to check this. They asked for tracert, which I provided, after that they answered this: "we've made some optimizations on the server your VPS is hosted. Please check if your VPS server is working better now." And it worked OK for few days.

One week later, serous CPU load issues arised. CPU load was again extreme, which caused my VPS to be almost unusable again. Contacted support again, and they told me that problem is resolved. Went to my VPS, but CPU load was even higher than before. Contacted them again, waited 12+ hours for respond - they resolved the issue. Tomorrow same thing, huge CPU load, my VPS unusable. SO I contacted them again. They resolved the problem. Two days after this same thing, again contact, few hours later they resolved load problem...

At this point, it was not looking good. Every 2 or 3 days I had to contact support to solve extreme CPU load that was not mine, I was unable to use VPS due to this load...

In last 10 days I was with Mochahost, VPS went down (shut down!) 4 times. All by itself, no reason for this, with sporadic huge CPU loads... Asked support to tell me whats going on and do they plan to fix this, but they never managed to answer me on this! Only thing I saw was generic: "I am sending your request for further investigation and processing. I will update this ticket as soon as I have more feedback or a solution for you. Thank you for your patience and business, have a great day!"

Last time I contacted them before I cancelled VPS, they gave me some credits (few bucks and 10 days prolonged billing due date). So, they will give you credits for something that actually do not work!

I finally requested VPS cancellation with refundation, but since I done that 33 days after the initial purchase, I lost right to be refunded (30 days refundation policy).

Summary: Invested $25 for VPS at Mocha, invested $70 for hardening, invested huge amount of time for preparations/setup - and lost ALL this! Their support often answering generic, and sometimes answering lies. This is not hosting, this is VPS nightmare! Stay away!

And to finalize, there might be some of you who might say that I got what I paid for. But this is not true. On the same day, 22.04.2011. I purchased one more VPS with Same price range as Mocha, but a bit bigger VPS package. And it works like a champ!

Penny wise, pound foolish

I am in the midst of a Mocha crisis right now. They moved my store to a new server Friday at midnight. Downtime was predicted to be 1 hour and I was assured there would be no action needed on my part. Three days later my site is still not back. They only respond to 1/3 of the email queries I send every few hours and their replies are uninformative. The last message I had from them said that the migration was complete and my site was loading on their end. It is plainly not loading anywhere else -- it displays a page instructing the server administrator to install Zend Optimizer.

I asked three hours ago for confirmation that someone is still working on this, and they still have not replied.

Their price is very low and their uptime and performance was acceptable, but their support is very slow and communication is terrible. As I write this I have no idea when my site might come back up or even if anybody's looking at it. $150 per day in lost sales more than negates their cheap hosting price.

As soon as I get out of this mess I'm moving to a new host.

Biggest Pro: Very low prices, reasonable uptime
Biggest Con: Terrible support, uncommunicative

Mochahost customer service and billing departments are horrible

Right now I use my webpage with another company, I cannot edit or change my website because Mochahost will not release it. I have sent numerous emails to their support team and billing team. they have responded but have been sending me in circles or telling me they are resolving my issues and refunding my money only to have nothing done. I have numerous responses from them with still no resolve

Biggest Pro: plesk builder is good
Biggest Con: Mocha staff support

Stay away from these guys!

I got a plan with a free domain transfer but they charged me $9.95 for the domain transfer. When I tried to get a refund, the billing would not refund my credit card. Their purchasing is automated and confusing. By mistake I signed up twice for the same account but they did not refund the second one. I ended up paying twice for the same account. They do not read the complaints carefully. Once it is charged to your credit card your money is gone. They do not tolarate any mistakes when it comes to money. It looks as their plans are cost affective but I paid more than any hosting plan out there just because I made a tiny mistake.

I would not recommaned it.

Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: These guys are bandits is a fraudulent company

Mochahost must be the WORSE provider of all. I've never written to a forum before about a provider and that's saying something.

Just as a background I am a tech admin (senior) with a 17 year history in IT (hosting). Our company also has servers with: Codero and Singlehop (both respectable organisations) and VPS with Giga-host, Resellerzoom, ServInt and Hostupon and WHM services (just for backups) with around 7 other hosts.

We have a VPS with Mochahost (or rather would have but since 39 days its been offline; moved servers (by them) to "fix" it (didnt - they didnt check when they moved it so it never went back up), they DELETED all my data after the move to get it back up and then they promptly went down again..

We have been offline for more than a month with Mochahost and their response was nothing for more than 31 days.

After that they claimed it was their server fault and moved me to a new server (or so they claim - IP And all other details the same; just appear to have changed their VPS container system from Parallels to something else).

After moving me they didnt check my site and it still remained down.

I asked them about this and it took them FOUR DAYS to fix it... Thats four days of downtime on a VPS that they moved themselves....

Oh : and to fix it they deleted ALL the accounts hosted on there... and reinstalled everything: causing us to loose ALL of the data! Nice work mochahost! You only lost us 2 years of data (we had migrated to them from resellerzoom - stupid mistake) so had lots of historical data.

Afterwards it was up and down like a yo-yo...

I asked about their guarantee and they give some incoherent answer about a 100% guarantee which I then find out isnt for VPS servers (even when they take it down themselves).

I tell them I want a partial refund or credit on my account anyway - tech support tell me to lodge a ticket with billing.

I lodge a ticket with billing who then tell me they are forwarding it to tech support.

In frustration i log a second ticket with billing who, after 37 hours (on a "critical" ticket) do not answer. Meanwhile they attempt to charge my credit card for another 6 months of hosting (a month before due date) and at a price almost twice the advertised price of the service on their website and almost twice the price I previously paid! All the while when a dispute was happening.

I complain via online chat and they disconnect me saying I was using profanity (actually I asked what kind of "criminal" organisation are they - not exactly profanity).

The company has zero respect for customers and I dread anyone using them ever again. From what I have now read on other forums you should google Mochahost and Complaint and see for yourself. The world seems to hate Mochahost.

Unfortunately their price was good and I was recommended them by a friend before joining so I did not check. This was extremely foolish of me and I will definitely check a host in the future.

For everyones reference: Singlehop and Codero are both great hosts and have been for years for us. is also a good host and even Resellerzoom has been good to us.

These people need to be shut down. I've tried to be patient and it takes a great deal for me to loose my calm; even our CEO has been getting involved with them to make them see reason but they really dont wish to; they'd rather send fraudulent invoices, have services offline for a month at a time, and divert the issues away from their lousy technical and billing support.

I think being patient for more than a month and a half of downtime before blowing a fuse is fair though right?

I've asked only for a credit for the downtime (not even them formatting ALL of our companies data - and thats a serious loss although we do have backups and a mirrored system thankfully). Nothing more.

I dont think that cheaters deserve to be in business

No technicall support at all

This guys do not know anything about web hosting,

some "support" guy, those ones at the front end, the ones that are just puppets, said my request was being escalated to level one support.
After that, some other guy said it was being escalated to level 2, How can you escalate down?

My issue is very simple, rename a domain, their stuppid Plesk control panel does not work well, takes really long time to solve a click on any button, and they blame the control panel.

No responsible provider, no value for your money. better deal is to host on your own laptop with a free domain

Nobody ever answers the phone,

Dont do it, dont use this host!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: no support at all

Terrible Customer Service

The company that is hosting the domain: has combined 4 domains on the same invoice as the domain I would like to renew. I do not wish to renew the other domains.

I requested to Mochahost to send me an invoice for just the one domain . Mochahost refused to do so and tossed my request between their departments and it now has been over a week since I made the initial request.

They replied to me today and said they are unable to seperate the domains.

This is absolutely false.

Also, At this point, I have a credit (from their mistakes in the past) which they are trying to apply to domains which I have moved to another registrar.

I am asking them for an invoice for:
My one domain with the credit applied to this invoice.

This is not an unreasonable offer.

It is unreasonable to force me to register domains I don't want to register
And apply a credit to whatever mochahost seems fit. A store credit is a credit which I can use to pay for what I like.

These are terrible business practices and once again I am wasting hours of my time and energy trying to get mochahost to do something very simple. Also, each day these domains are offline while I wait for my simple request I lose money. I have had many troubles with mochahost and would give them a very very low rating for customer service.

My request is simple and completely reasonable.

I have alot of domains and I am moving my domains off of mochahost.

On the flip side. In the beginning when I only had a couple domains I was pretty happy with the low low prices and my domains were always online

Since then:

All the domains were hacked once.
My credit card was wrongly charged
They seem to have forgotten that I have 2 life time free domains. -> b*llS#$t
And the worst part:
Their customer service lied by saying I could not transfer an expired domain. I made some phone calls and discovered that yes. You can transfer expired domains within 30 days of their expiry.

-- stay away --

Biggest Pro: Cheap - Affordable -
Biggest Con: Lied - Poor Customer Service - Hold domains hostage

I hosted 5 websites and all my websites gone

They do not have any backup solution or whatsoever.

They claimed that the server crash is due to Plesk. When I ask them to restore with backup image, they say its Plesk fault and ask me to restore with my OWN backup as they do not have any backup.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS, i gotto rebuild my website and starting with blank database in new hosting provider.

Furthermore, the website traffic is very slow. And their online support basically is rubbish. No professional at all.

Biggest Pro: cheap as you can host 5000 website
Biggest Con: all your website can gone in second and they have no backup of your valueable data

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