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4 Years with MochaHost

As a web developer, I have worked with at least a dozen different hosting providers and have experienced many issues with them. However, when it comes to MochaHost, I am always confident and relaxed because I can always find a support person there. On several occasions, I needed assistance to migrate client web sites from other providers to MochaHost, and they were always very helpful. I have also had several issues with SSL certificates, which they reissued for me and helped me install the certificate. They have even suggested ways to improve the loading time on my web site.

It is very important for me that MochaHost is available 24/7/365. In my opinion, they are the best web hosting solution for this reason.

After these positive words, I would like to mention that uptime and speed can sometimes be an issue. However, most of the time the issues are fixed in a very quick manner.

Overall, I love MochaHost because of their price, service, and value.

Biggest Pro: 24/7/365 Customer Support
Biggest Con: Sometime Server and Connection speed could an issue

Awful - Avoid iT!

If you plan to use any kind of database needing platform, forget it. The server is down almost every day and even navigating trough the PHPMyAdmin is a painful experience.
Lock outs , connection errors and others are a so frequent that for sure any website with more visits will be completely impracticable. 505 error is the most seen page on this server.... (and I use it only for preview...)
After regretting ever spending money on a host that is most of the times useless and a domain that I can´t use and wanted to...tried to use it just for FTP backups of a 350K Views that I have and one day they where gone (I don´t even want to imagine if I really needed them...) and folder permissions changed to 0000, getting me lot´s of connection error´s and making the other host full since my backups could not be sent (connection was configured and working fine for some time...)
So...can´t use it for working public websites neither for backups (at least I could use the space...) turning this into a useless hosting.
There are LOTS of free hosting offers much better, reliable, faster and with better support than this payed one...that says it all.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: everything else

Cheap but Unreliable

I've been using reseller hosting for the last 10 years so my level of knowledge to this subject is fairly strong. I wanted to ditch my current UK reseller host for a cheaper solution but without losing features, hosting space and bandwidth so Mocha Host looked to be my answer after an hour looking into reseller options. First off Mocha Host looked like they'd be on the ball and supply all i needed to provide my hosted clients with a swift, un-interrupted transfer and more feature for the money as well as me having a cheaper reseller cost but how wrong I was! I moved over 10 accounts to Mocha Host just to test the water, use the features and teach a handful of clients the new “C-Panel”. Things looked good two day in then my worst nightmare happened, 9am Monday morning the Mocha Hosted clients of mine were all trying to call me as their email and website were down! I contacted Mocha Host support via their instant messaging that appears on their contact page. The representative explained that the problem is being fixed as we speak and that we’ve only lost the last hour and it’ll be back up in the next 45 minutes. He had no idea why this had happened but it was being fixed.

After another 2 hours of fending my clients off I contacted Mocha Host again via the chat. I spoke to the same guys I had spoken to earlier in the morning. He apologised and said it’ll be a little longer. One of the things that attracted me to Mocha Host was the uptime guarantee. They state on their website that if they are down for more than a few hours you can get a percentage off your reseller hosting charge. It had been 3 and a bit hours by now so I asked the guy via the messaging if I would be able to claim. He said yes and sent me a link to claim but advised me to wait until it was all back up before doing this. The total outage was 6 hours 45 minutes so after calming this down with my clients and getting this back to some sort of normality I started my claim process with Mocha Host.
I explained the situation and sent off my claim to their claims team. It took two days to come back and I was declined a percentage reducing on my account. The reason they said they had declined it was that they believed that the outage was related to me “miss configuring “my account. I asked what this meant and to this day some two weeks later I have still had no conformation to how or what I had miss configured. The whole of their hosting and reseller hosting was out, how that was my fault I have no idea!

I’m now in the process of moving my clients back to my original host, they’re more expensive but I have had no problems at all with them and that’s the key here.
Stay away from Mocha Host, I didn’t do any customer feedback on Mocha Host so I had no idea what I saw letting myself into.

Biggest Pro: N/A
Biggest Con: Everything!

Lies about hosting plans. Hidden fees, Nonrefundable charges

We signed up with MochaHost so we could host a legacy PHP 4 application and update it to PHP 5.4. Before signup, I told MochaHost tech support about the application requirements and that the account would be used as a development platform. MochaHost told that the "Shared Business" Plan fit my needs perfectly.

Then I discovered the badly designed signup interface that would not accept as a domain extension. I had to chat with tech support and they wrote the parameters into a URL that would bypass front end validation. This was a foreshadowing of things to come.

During sign up, I noted the non-refundable $5 setup fee for the automated setup process. After setup, I got the Welcome email which contained the password I used during signup. So obviously passwords are not salted and stored securely.

I discovered that there was no SSH access after logging into my account. I told the Sales rep that I have 5GBs of files in 'public_html' when asking about plans. I should have been informed that Shared Plans don't have SSH. This is going to make programming very, very difficult.

The last straw was the way in which tech support blew me off when I put in a simple support request. (Note that customer/sales support was polite, prompt, and helpful). The cPanel username has to a specific word because this is the prefix for the mySQL
databases. Nick B. @ MochaHost told me that would not happen "because some configurations will be messed up". He
is right. This is a side effect of using automated WHMCH scripts to create accounts. However, the fix is very simple. My account was 2 hours old at the time, and I asking for my account to be deleted and recreated with the correct name. MochaHost Tech support told me to "Refer to the previous response."

This was simple 3 minute fix. I moved my application to SiteGround. I needed my username changed. They changed it within 3 minutes of me posting the ticket. I posted the support ticket, logged into cPanel to create a SSH login, and my username had been changed before I was done creating a SSH login.

I've spent more time typing this review than it would have taken MochaHost to fix the issue. I'm glad I found out early how these scammers treat their customers. 10 hours after Nick B. "helpful" advice. I've decided to drop MochaHost for good. So I contact sales via chat. (Note that there is no billing chat, or support phone number) The rep was more than willing to change my username after I asked for a full refund and spent a 30 minutes typing this review into chat. So a 3 minute config change is doable after wasting
2 hours of my time and delaying our project by 13 hours.

Now they want me to fill out a long form and wait 5 days to get a refund. I've reviewed their TOS with the hidden fees and riders. I'm not
jumping through any more hoops. This will be resolved via a fraud complaint and chargeback request to my bank. We are a Ohio based web development firm. MochaHost is a California based company. If they want to pursue this via legal channels that can contact me at my business address.

Avoid. Very cheap hosting but still not worth it!

Not specified when I signed up, but maybe it's normal for the cheapest plans in general, not to have access to the file system. Still, they were claiming unlimited storage, so it made me assume.

One ( or two, can't remember ) free domain registrations for a year were billed and never got the money back, since it could have been one of their representatives to mis-sell the plan while chatting.

I didn't have many problems with them for a good while when testing the environment. Right before going live with my project ( thank god ) it started to fall apart.

I tried one of their server monitoring tools called PSI, apparently better than Tomcat's own monitoring tool. It used such a silly amount of resources that caused the box to run out of memory. Just for trying it out. I was asked for a solution to the spike in resources required, to which I kept on telling them that I just wouldn't use the PSI probe again. It took me forever to get them to understand it as they kept on telling me I should upgrade account type to avoid the problem to arise again. I resisted that.

One of my databases just disappeared. That caused the tomcat log files to swell to a stupid size ( almost 100 GB ) because the connection pool kept on trying to connect to it. They threatened to permanently suspend my account because of abuse of their services. The person who contacted me didn't agree with me that it was a reasonable assumption for my application to expect a database not to suddenly vanish. Had it happened once again, that would be it.

Day 2 today of my site being unavailable. The 100% uptime, apparently, is the uptime of their own site.
T&C, which I hadn't read properly, basically say that they guarantee uptime apart from when they have hardware or software problems.

In both cases the service was suspended for days.

I did find their support people, apart from their abuse team member Vlad, very helpful and quick to solve problems, when tickets are opened. However, because of the experiences I have had with that one individual, I can't rate their help desk over 5 /10

Biggest Pro: Cheap, decent value ok for an artist's blog, recipe site, or to publish an uthor's own poem
Biggest Con: Unreliability of service. Account easily suspended. They try to force you to upgrade your plan when not necessary.

mochahost is the fraud company

This is to inform to the general public against Mochahost company which is run by some bulgarians and company is a registered LLC in California USA. The company claims 100% uptime and also shows lots of awards and certificates for their superior support and hosting but in fact this hosting company is one of the worst hosting company, I have ever seen in my life.

I bought a business hosting account from this company around a month back. For the first two days everything seems to be fine.
The company showed me so many awards and certificates and their response was fantastic before the sales was made.

I was also happy with the way, their sales team gave me the response.

Before buying the hosting account, I made it clear to the hosting company that this hosting account will be used to show the web-development work to my clients on whose projects we would be working.

I also told them that my hosting account must be online 24X7 coz my clients are from different geographic locations, the sales team of mocha host assured me that they would offer me one of the best hosting servers and will ensure that I do not have any problem, In return, I also told them that I will also ensure that all my customers buy the hosting from their company.

But the real story now begins

1. Every single day, my hosting goes offline for 1-2 hours.
2. When ever I try to import some heavy database on my website or has some extra visiotrs, the website always use to tell me that I have exceed server resources.
3. Most of the time during the peak hours, the websites always use to show bad gateway and gateway time out.
4. Recently they asked me to upgrade to a VPS server by paying 30 USD per month additional to the company, I did some internet research on this company and found that Mochahost use to do the same with all their customers and finally I asked to cancel my hosting account

In this regard I have made several complaints almost daily to the team of mochahost either via chat, or via email and also to their support ticket system, I also have had a discussion with the Customer Quality and Customer Support Vice President Miss Ann Hudson about the same, how ever I doubt if she really exist or if this is her real name.

She also ensured me that there would not be any problem in the future and kept on wasting my time.

When ever I use to ask for my refund, the customer support staff, use to tell me that this is a temporary problem and will get resolved in next 2-3 minutes and always kept me waiting.

Today it has been more than 40 days and the problem still exist. I Have not seen any changes in my services and hosting account.

When finally I asked for a refund from this company, they are making the excuses that they do not have any authority to refund me the money and only their management can do that.

I strongly feel that the company is trying to make me fool by saying all this.

They are trying to divert the matter in some other direction.

I also have some more complaints against this company.

1. The company claims on their website that they offer 24X7 customer support via their toll free number. I tried to call their company more than 20 times and tried different departments but every time the IVR use to tell me that the staff is busy with some other customer. Later the chat executive told me that they do not offer any support via phone and only offer call back service.

Now the matter arise that if the company offers only call back service, how their staff is busy supporting others customers. Why have they mentioned that offer toll free customer support 24X7. The company seems to be a fraudlent company.
2. They have a parent company with the name where there is no number, no address, no contact details.
Even in the paypal support, they have entered a wrong number and thus I feel, such kind of companies must be banned from doing the business and making others fool.

The real story begin after this, after making several complaints to the company, I finally decided to ask for the full value refund, I deserve a full value refund as I faced problem since the beginning, but company seems to be so greedy and denied me the full refund and told me that they will deduct the value of 2 months and will refund me in 7 days, I told them that I have faced problem since beginning and hence I deserve the full refund.

All of a sudden company blocked my hosting account and canceled my hosting account as well as the the support system, they even blocked my IP from their chat support.
Since last 3 days I am asking the company to provide me the full cpanel backup along with the mysql details but they are trying to play some stupid games with me telling me that they can only provide me the public_html backup and nothing more than that, I really do not know how they claim to be number 1 hosting company when they do not know that without mysql backup, php files are totally useless.

I would like to request you to kindly look into the matter and take a strong, very strong action on this company and also put a heavy penalty on this company.

I am also worried about my data on their server, I strongly feel that company will try to harrass me by blocking my data on their servers. They know very well that my this data is really important for me and my clients and they will simply try to block this data and will harass me for this complaint.

I simply want a complete refund of my money which I paid to the company which is 88.20 USD and also I want a complete backup of my files hosted on their servers at the domain

Hope you will look into the matter and will take quick, strict and appropriate action on the same

Fraud and violations at every step.

Makes sense to pay for only 3 months. Otherwise they block everything. They require a transfer to another plan. No access to data and statistics, the control panel. Your letters do not respond. Just go to an expensive plan. The contract for 3 years is not overturned. money is not returned.

They erase user data. 14 GB have been erased during the day, after the download. They did not find a link to the data on the main page.
They control the data and erase them. Who Disagree - disconnected. Again, do not access FTP HTTP control panel.
The downloaded data must have a link on the site, otherwise data is lost. And all my account is blocked.

Full correspondence exists

you get what you pay for

mochahost is not great, but it is cheap.

expect frequent email outages, email service is absolutely terrible.

they also have security issues, as spammers get on their mailserver, and the mailserver gets blacklisted, and then my legit email from the same mailserver bounces as a result.

their tech support is unhelpful / slow to respond, i doubt they care, nor would i expect them to care much when they are charging me $5 per month.

do yourself a favor, avoid them, pay a few bucks more for a decent service and save yourself the headache.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: unreliable, poor support

Nightmare... avoid at all cost

Cheap hosting might attract you to this hoster... but be aware ... it comes with the nightmare of server going down for more than a day frequently (latest was on 4th November 2011, earlier was one in 2010). Your customers will be without their all important mail. Then they can't recover your files from back-up (in fact they will tell you that back-up was your responsibility, will point the finger to small print). You will have to rebuild everything from your end (lucky if you have taken a recent backup), which I just did. Your control panel will lose links to your databases, you have to go to each application to find your server settings.

There is no customer service in this company. In fact there is no department called customer service. Live chat people are just useless people, they are there for giving you some consolation, no solution. You can't access them by phone. One number is there that just goes to voicemail (nobody answers that).

Worst Hosting Provider and

I will not recommend this to anyone not even to my enemies. We curently have a vps plan with them
(which we were forced to buy up from our old business plan due to them hiding few basic facts from
us during the sales cycle)

1. Server is frequently down.6 to 7 times in a week is the norm.

2. Tech. support is pathetic. They will resolve the issue only when they work and during business days.
All the claims of 24 by 7 support is hollow.

3. Sometimes you just talk to these guys on chat n they will resolve the issue in minutes..
if you ask them the reason , nothing will be given.

4. No escalation matrix for any issue. You need to be on their mercy all the time even for critical issues.

5. loads of hidden cost.. they always want to you to upgrade the plan even for small-small things.And when
you enquire why was this not told earlier, they will flatly say that you did not ask this, hence we
didnt tell you.

Plz plz plz plz don't select mochahost as your hosting provider..................

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