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# of Reviews 21
# that Recommend 5
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% that Recommend 24%
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Overall RatingFootnote 2 40.8%
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Don't go near midPhase

We have used midPhase for about 4 years and they have gotten progressively worse. In the past year we have experienced many outages with our e-mails, which we need for incoming service orders. These outages have lasted from one to several days. When it does come back up, the e-mails are usually gone. Then, they recently discontinued their Site Builder software without notice, leaving us with no alternative but to build a new site with other software. We are doing this through Yahoo and will be migrating to their service in the near future.

Do yourself a favor and do not even consider them for a business website.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Lack of reliability

Hosting at this company is spotty

Have been with them for a few years... over the years they go through times when they are great to times when they really suck. They have, as of late, used the excuse for about 6 months+ that they are migrating to new servers. I thought they were past this but every time I think they are done and things are smooth... they F*** my site again. Migration has been their excuse to shut down servers with out warning and move things around. Today they decided to shut down the server I was on at 9 am... they stated they sent me an email, after I called them stating my email was not working and my email was wiped out asking them to check on it [when I asked, they checked and the email was sent at 11am today to the address of the domain they shut down!]. There latest statement is that I should be checking their alert board to see if my site is going down... so essentially, I should be checking there website daily to see if my site is going to be up for the day... nice... I asked if they could send an email before they take a website down... they stated they can't because they "can not send mass email out or would be accused of spamming".

I am lazy and have not changed providers because of the hassle it provided... but enough is enough.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: very poor business model and support model

Why Are There So Many Bad User Reviews of Midphase?

I have been looking at other hosting company's on the market, by reading user reviews and so on. I have noticed a trend with Midphase reviews. It seems that the only people writing reviews of midphase is people that have had a bad experience with them. I have had my ups and downs with them, but overall they have been very helpful with any problem I have encountered.

They answer every new ticket within an hour. I have never had to call them, so I can not comment on that. I'd rather use the ticket system anyway. I started off with shared hosting which was a great experience, until one of my sites started getting big, with lots of traffic, email and extremely large database, then I upgraded to a VPS. I love my vps and the freedom it gives me. Many problems arise on shared hosting from the high security standards which is necessary when you have lots of accounts on one server. This is for your protection. In fact it caused problems with the email on my big site and had to update that site to send mail out in a different way. Basically a poorly designed script using old school methods that midphase shared servers didn't work well with. I didn't understand at the time and was very upset, but now I understand why. Some people expect to much out of shared hosting plans and end up getting upset with the host, when its not the hosts fault.

There are some things people need to know about midphase and where they stand today. Some people think midphase went down hill since 2006 which is partially right. You see the original owners of midphase started overselling their hosting in order to make their portfolio look better to potential buyers of the company to get more money in their pocket. Not the smartest thing to do, but it worked. They got bought out by UK2 Group, which is a london based hosting company that is highly trusted. This created a massive mess for UK2 Group once they aquired the company. In result you are seeing many bad reviews from people, because of the overselling. They are now starting to get things sorted out, with new upgrades and a migration to a new data center. They released a statement about the migration recently and are moving to Seattle. With this move they are moving all customer accounts to brand new dell servers and new networking hardware to improve service. This will greatly enhance the company and will put them on the top of most hosting company's once again.

Over the past year you have been seeing the company go down hill, but really they are just leveling out from the overselling the previous owners were doing. The year prior and the year after the sell out is the reason for so many bad reviews and has caused many to leave Midphase in search of better hosting. But others just needed to upgrade to bigger accounts and didn't think they should have to.

Since I have been there my server has went down 2 times, not counting other problems that were my fault. This is pretty good in my books. No matter where you host at you will encounter downtime at some point in time. What matters is how the host handles the situation and in my 4+ years with them they have handled every issue in a professional manner, and it has gotten even better since UK2 Group acquired the company. I was thinking of switching hosts a while back, and I'm grateful that I did not make the move like so many did.

Biggest Pro: The service enhancements since UK2 Group bought them out.
Biggest Con: Expensive domain registration, get your domains somewhere else.

Great host if you like your legs kicked out from under you

My experience with Midphase has been very uneven.

About once every 8 months, they do something that breaks my site (mainly gallery2 and email -- not rocket science!). Some problems I've had:

1) Data loss due to unreliable backups
2) Site breaks because of underlying host change (multiple, some *long*)
3) Email forwarding breaks because they change the behavior and fail to notify
4) Occasionally highly overloaded servers
5) Being told that I could not keep differential backups of my account in my account (they later backed down, but still, WTF!, I was *waaay* under quota)
7) When support is engaged, slow response, they barely answer the phone (but are sometimes reasonably responsive to the ticket system)

Note that some of these outages ranged in time from days to weeks. I get past a problem, then it's OK for just long enough to make me think that things have gotten better, when it happens again. I'm looking for a new host, but I'm lazy, moving is hard, and don't want to repeat this experience. . .

Biggest Pro: Great for practicing your problem determination skills
Biggest Con: The whole is less than the sum of the parts -- 0.0 overall rating

Don't rely on midPhase

don't ever use this provider if you intend to use Windows plattform.

The servers fail constantly, email service is totally unreliable and tech support is terribly slow (it takes days for them to answer a tech supp request) and oftenly the answer you'll get after a long while is a stupid question.

Avoid this provider at all costs, their pricing is good but the bottom line is that cheap is expensive, they've cost me lots of money in lost customers and lots of waisted time while trying to get support.

Biggest Pro: Pricing
Biggest Con: Tech support, it is terrible, they seem to outsource tech support from some people in Russia

Great Price for features you get

I'm a customer of anhosting, and so far I've been pretty satisfied with their overall service. Their uptime is great, It's 99.9%, I've only seen my site down 2 times for the past 7 months that I have been with them. Their cPanel is very slow at times, and connection through FTP doesn't work at times even though my site is up, but overall it's good.

I was very disappointed by the MidPhase terms of service. One of the reasons I got this host in the first place was so that I could host my proxy, and there was no mention of no proxies, or the word proxy at all in the terms. But I had my site up for a month or so, and then they said that they don't allow proxies on Shared Hosting. I was very disappointed with that.

I did not like their technical support/customer service, because every time I entered live chat with them, the rep just said that he/she "Put in a Ticket for me", which slowed me down, the response time is slow at times. But they did manage to straighten out any problem I had eventually.

But the best is the price value for your money. You get a huge amount of space, bandwidth, and you can host 20 domains on one account. It's only $7 a month, and I haven't found anyone that even compares to them in this category.

Biggest Pro: Host up to 20 domains on one account!
Biggest Con: Not specific Terms of Service

Midphase Account Warnings

Midphase: Oh yes, what an experience. I get the feeling this hosting company is really two guys in a basement somewhere high-fiving everytime they punch in someones credit card numbers and they clear. I have a few other hosted sites with different host and was looking to host another one and thought I would check out Midphase. The sign up process needs your credit card verification first and then halfway into the process I asked a question about a domain name transfer. The email response I got back wasn’t what I wanted to hear so I stopped the sign up process. I received an email from Midphase a few days later telling me that unless I call this number listed below in their email or respond to their verification link below in an email that the account could not be activated…. Ok...So I just ignored it and went on about life. A little more than a month goes by and I get this “renewal” notice email from who else….Midphase. I open the email and here they are telling me I need to renew my hosting account alreaady. There is a log in name like..e65tx6k and a password like 8u77sr4 and I’m like going what the....? So I punch in the name and password and here is this active hosting account for one year for $84 that has been opened for me. I send them a little email telling them I never activated or used their page to confirm this hosting account.I get an email response telling me about, well, if your card has a very low fraud score and all about their 3-tiered fraud system and how they “assumed” I wanted to open the account....that’s right…they just “assumed”. So I wrote them back telling them that’s not what their policy page states when signing up and that they have five business days to refund me. I get a repeated copy response just completely ignoring everything I said.I sent one last email to them telling them they know they are wrong and know that I have never accessed their servers much less knew I had an account with them.When I asked about why they sent that “renewal” notice on a month old ,one year hosting plan I just got another automated ignored question email.So I got on and closed the account and was immediately bombarded with even more automated emails wanting to know why I was leaving, how can we help you stay our customer,etc…Almost sick when you think about it. Of course the “renewal” notice they sent me was a few days beyond the one month mark so they didn't have to refund me…I can’t comment on their hosting because I never used it. The customer service is just automated emails for any occasion. I am sure Midphase will submerge itself on it’s own just through it’s customer relations. They don’t answer your questions…so if your someone looking for that “human” touch in a webhosting company , you don’t want Midphase Hosting or any of the other names on the list below they go by...


Biggest Pro: They are slowly sinking.
Biggest Con: Yes, they are the biggest con.

Support is a little shakey

Their service plans are good. For the price midphase offers the most space and bandwidth that I've found.

The only problem I've had is with the customer and technical support. They couldn't get their records straight about the plan I had. Phone support referred me to email support. And their response time was very slow.

It's all straightened out now, but I wasn't happy with it. Makes me wonder what if it was something more important than the number of data bases I was supposed to have.

Biggest Pro: storage space and bandwidth
Biggest Con: support

MidPhase is one of the worst hosts ever

I have seen their server load hit 33.85!!!! (with only 2 CPU's)

The control panel is painfully slow,

The is very often slow also

They make you pay for a whole year

My first 30 days the server load was low, so...

I didn't know to ask for a refund in time.

I asked why they don't buy more servers and no one will give an honest answer.

Midphase is a horrible host!!!

Biggest Pro: Lot's of time to hope for better
Biggest Con: Sloooooooooowwww, very very slow servers.

A good investment for the hobby site

Keep in mind that this is in reference to shared hosting.

I first came to Midphase a few years ago, and found them to be very friendly. The first few years with them were excellent, and quality filled. Lately there seems to be a little bit of hiccup going on.

As the plan I'm part of now has changed, I am able to get the best deals of my current plan as it changes. For example, if I sign up with a special to get 200GB bandwidth, and later they change the plan to 300GB and an additional 5GB storage, I would see the benefits.

They currently offer PHP5, but you would have to ask to be placed on a server featuring it. Along with this, there are not any (to my knowledge) servers offering above MySQL 4.x. Neither is there any access to SSH.

While support used to be top of the line, these past few years have seen a sharp decline. The forums hardly see any action from staff or fellow people being hosted. As well, when opening up a ticket, response time is usually over 24 hours. When the ticket is replied to, there is hardly information given that is beyond a general response. This gives the impression that the answering party isn't too certain in what's going on, either being uninformed, or unfamiliar (with the question or English language).

As far as things go, I would use Midphase for hosting a hobby site that I don't generate income from. The sudden downtimes lately have made me a bit wary (servers down 1-2 times a month for a day or so), and have caused me to rely on myself for backing up my own files. If your site is active, I would look for a more established, or reliable, host who is quick to answer and look into things, and slower to point the finger at the customer for things going wrong.

Biggest Pro: Servers respond quickly most of the time
Biggest Con: Slow response to tickets

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