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Way too much downtime

MIdphase is fine when it's running, but the downtime is ridiculous. My sites were down almost 4 hours the other day, with no explanation other than reassuring mumbling from the support guy on the chat. Their downtime has wrecked my Google ranking. Unless you're running a hobby site, stay away from Midphase. Even then, you can get better options.

Biggest Pro: Easy setups, WordPress friendly
Biggest Con: Unreliable hosting

Once Again this Company Screwed UP

Claim to have 24/7 support and daily backups. My site went down and they reported that there was corruption on the hard drive where my file was. Ok, that happens. Asked for a backup to be done on the site and restore it from a back up of two days ago. The used a back up from three weeks ago. Did not tell me this. When I looked at the website, it was an old version. Called them back, they gave me a song and dance for four days about administrators who would need to be in to do this backup again, and no one seemed to give me a straight answer on when the back up would happen. They gave my problem a status of "911" which they claim means immediate service. However, it was 3 days after getting that staus that they tried to restore my website. Finally, after repeated calls, email, chat sessions and postings on their site, they told me there was NO back up for the last three weeks done on the website. Unsure why they were not honest with me upfront...Stuff happens, but be honest with the customer. Clearly, their 24/7 support is "lip service" offered by front line staff that has little knowledge or experience and seems not able to do anything. Their support seems to point towards "administrators" who seem to have bankers schedules and will not talk directly with customers to get the full straight discssion on what the customer wants to happen.

Biggest Pro: When it works they are fine
Biggest Con: dispite what they claim, there backup process is inconsistent.

Not so bad.

I chose to go with this host in September 2010. Although I signed up with AN Hosting and later realized that it was Midphase under a different name. I chose AN Hosting after a recommendation from a friend. The set up was fine and I didn't have any complaints although it was a little confusing to signup with AN Hosting and then have the site hosted with Midphase.

Up to this point my only complaint with them is that the site seems to lag an awful lot. I will load a web page and the web browser spends a lot of time "Contacting website". I would chalk this up to my own inexperience but it also happens with the cpanel and when navigating in FTP.

So while this host hasn't been fabulous, it hasn't been the disaster other reviewers have described.

Dead servers, no support

I've had domains at MidPhase for over 8 years and they've steadily gone downhill over the past 3 years.

In the past 12 months, the server hosting my web domain has been down 3 times. The most recent outage lasted over 5 days and there was no data restore. That's right, the server was down for over 5 days and MidPhase made its customers restore their websites and email addresses on their own. The icing on the cake was that after re-establishing my email addresses, the server stopped responding to email requests less than 5 hours later.

Their 24-hour support is apparently not 24 hours in a row. And their "99.9% uptime guarantee" is backed by nothing.

MIdphase: No customer loyalty, poor business ethics

We were a customer of Midphase for 7 years. Slow speed was the only speed, and we were always calling about downtime. In fact, it seemed to be us who had to alert them to their own problems. They were always rebooting their servers or mysql. They never communicated when there was an issue. Midphase uses a server farm located in a different state, Utah we think. They promised months ago that they were moving to their own servers. Still hasn't happened. Their first line tech are mostly weak. We appeared more knowledgeable than their staff who were many times quick to argue.
Several of our sites were hacked five-six months ago. We solved the problem. They were somewhat helpful as we stayed on their case. According to Supervisor Ken Fox, some hacker tried to gain access to our site again a few days ago. Their solution was to permanently banish us. We were the victim here. We've been in business 25 years. This is not how you repay loyalty! You ask why we stuck with them for so long, poor judgment and laziness on our part!

Biggest Pro: Price, phone support
Biggest Con: Loyalty, attitude, customer service, lack of tech expertise

midphase sucks

This review is simple: if you have a business website AVOID MIDPHASE.COM. My site goes down all the time, 1-2 per week. Customer service varies between being rude and clueless. They offer a 30 day $$ back guarantee but you won't find out they suck until after 30 days. Avoid I am in the process of leaving them right now, and I can't get until I can get away and then cancel my account -- sure, I'll lose all the $$ I give them (no refund after 30 days) but I don't care: that's how bad they suck.

Fool me once, shame on you.... fool me twice, shame on you again!

I've been with mid-phase for over 3 years. Everything was fantastic in the beginning, every good honeymoon is. I was a newbie to running a website and found the learning curve very easy, with amazing tech support from the group at Midphase. in fact, I found the process so easy, I continued to recommend the company to our clients (we build and manage wordpress website).

All of our domain names are set to auto-renew, with auto-billing enabled. Well, we experience the first problem in April, when a client domain name was set to auto renew. We were billed for the renewal, but within several days, the client called to complain that there was a parking page on their website. Embarrassing, completely! Apparently, the billing department was competent enough to bill the credit card on file, but not competent enough to renew the domain registration for which they billed us for. Luckily the problem was caught in time.

With many domain renewals taking place without incident, this was quickly forgotten. Then, one of our clients contacted us in a fury. We were billed for a domain name renewal in April. Once again, the incompetent billing staff at midphase put through the payment and did not renew the domain name. Unfortunately in this incidence, another registar snapped up the domain after it lapsed, due to the second incident of midphase billing us for a renewal and then not renewing the domain.

We are now in the process of trying to repurchase this domain out of our own pocket to help our client out. Now, we're not responsible but unlike midphase, we try to rectify the situation when our clients are upset.

Midphase did refund the $10.99 domain renewal charge. Unfortunately, their continuous errors has cost us a lot more. Our clients have lost faith. We are out of pocket a lot of money on their behalf. $10.99 doesn't cut it for the second time in less than a year.

We are now in the process of transferring all of our domains and hosting packages to another hosting company (BlueHost). Trying to work through this process is a nightmare. Midphase posted their parking pages on our domains and changed the DNS servers when all we asked for were the transfer codes.

We never had any issues with server downtime, though their servers were very slow on one of the two accounts.

If you value your reputation as a designer, webmaster or third party services provider, I would recommend staying far away from midphase, or at least using another company to register your domain names.

Biggest Pro: fairly quick response from tech support
Biggest Con: incompetent billing team, do not renew your domains even if they bill you - causing you to lose your website

Stay as far away from midPhase as you can!

I started as a ServerCentral/WingSix client in 1998. In 2008 they were sold to midPhase. So, although I was a client for twelve years, only the last two were under MidPhase - and that was two years too long.

My biggest problem with them is that they lost 11 years worth of data by keeping the back-ups on the same HDD as the live sites.

They were billing me for domains that had been canceled or transferred months or years before. Then they started billing for domains 90 days before expiration - with no notice in billing procedure changes - and they'd change the registrant and IP information to point to UK2 Group.

They gave me a direct number and personal rep to deal with when we had problems. Yet any time we tried to get a hold of that person or tried her extension it was a dead end - I was told once that no such person ever worked for the company.

They would respond to one support email and the next email in the thread they would reply with a note that I had to identify myself - that I had to prove I had authority to access my account - before they'd respond. Sometimes they wouldn't respond to support tickets for days or weeks.

The downtime was unacceptable and their spam filters are a joke. They are arrogant, ignorant, incompetent and extort money from you any chance they can.

Stay as far away from midPhase as you can!

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Everything

Good and Bad

Ok.... I was reading the reviews on here and thought I would make a comment here as well... I have two unique accounts at MidPhase... They are on separate servers, but are both pro-phase plans.

One account runs absolutely flawless! I think I only had one email outage that lasted a few hours over the past couple of years. The speed is good, and I have 6 sites hosted on that account. Whenever I have needed to make changes to the account, they were made immediately. Perfect service!

My other account has alot to be desired. Email goes down at least once every couple months and lasts for 2 or 3 days. Server slows down at times. My two sites are constantly getting listed on the spamcop databases and blacklisted by major carriers (Verizon, Comcast) despite them being legitimate businesses with no spam. The spamassasin kills alot of good emails.

I would say that it is pot luck I guess... If I were to just look at the reviews I would say that some people hate the service and some love it... I can honestly say for sure, pray that you get on one of the good servers... If not change hosts quickly....

Strongly Recommend Staying Away From Midphase

Talk about an unreliable company and shoddy service. If JD Powers did awards for bad hosts, this one would be up for the highest (lowest?) honor. I've used many hosting companies and never experienced as poorly run company as Midphase.

I was unhappy with Midphase from the start. The server was always overloaded and it just seemed to be one problem after another. My website is not for recreatio, so I moved it off their servers. Since I prepaid, I used the midphase server for development. In other words, the site had virtually no traffic. Still it was so slow that it was constantly timing out that I just quit using it all together.

At the end of my contract, they attempted to automatically renew without my permission. As with their technical service, trying to contact someone in billing is impossible. You'll just get voicemail and they NEVER return your calls. If you win the lottery and get a live person, it's almost more frustrating because all they do is make excuses and promise to fix the problem. Of course that never happens.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Midphase.

Biggest Pro: Can't think of one
Biggest Con: Unreliable, slow, and terrible service.

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