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dishonest and offers poor service!

It took 24 days for miashops to upload my template to the website. They also said that I would have to wait a full 30 days after my request to receive my email accounts. (didn't I pay for them???????) After complaining, they lied to me, saying that the template had been up for days and that 30 days wait for the email account is not a long time. (seriously????) I was very disappointed. After complaining about the slow service/lack of service, they decided to delete my account!
I SUPPOSE THEY DO NOT APPRECIATE COMPLAINTS!! No, that deletion did not come with a refund! Tech support is not helpful, they are dishonest and unfortunately there is no one else to go to.

Biggest Con: disshonesty!!!!

horrible tech support and customer service

MiaShops has hosted my site for almost a year and to this time, I've yet to receive even decent customer service.

When I first signed up with them the owner, Cara, told me that there would be 24 hr support via email as well as daytime phone support. Within a month I found that to be completely untrue. I've called numerous times and they have never answered their phone until today (couldn't believe it when it happened). Nor do they return voicemail messages .

They supposedly have a "guaranteed" 24 hr response time. This has also been untrue for me. I currently have three open support tickets that have yet to be answered, the longest one being four months old.

My web designer recently had an issue while trying to upload a slide show to my home page, so she submitted a ticket to MiaShops for help. In their response they gave her incorrect instructions that directed her to "pages" that didn't exist and when I called them today to try to get help, the assistant on the phone told me that was all the help they would be able to give to me and that they could only speak with my designer. Really??? You give incorrect instructions that lead my designer to nowhere and now you refuse to speak with me about it??? It's MY account, not hers. I'm the one who paid for the hosting account. And because I'm paying my web designer by the hour, having her call repeatedly while hoping to get them on the phone was out of the question.

When I finally got Cara the owner on the phone (that was a feat) I really expected her to be apologetic or at least friendly and helpful. Instead all I got was cut off repeatedly while in the middle of my sentences, short, condescending, and rude responses, and again, horrible customer service/tech support. She informed me that my web designer must not know what she's doing and that she had never even heard of her (as if she's the end all be all to who's who in the web designing world, who knew!) She also refused to look at any of the emails her staff had sent back to me, yet she continued to insist that my information (the information that I had received from THEM, mind you) was incorrect, as if it was MY fault that I had incorrect information.

There were so many more examples during just this one conversation but just not enough time nor energy to type it all out. Believe me when I say I would sooner shut my site down than renew with MiaShops in October. If I have to pay another $500 a year in order to avoid signing with them again, I will.

Bottom line: horrible customer service, horrible tech support, never email back within their 24hr guaranteed timeline and sometimes don't even answer at all. Positives for me were price and the uptime seemed to be decent.

Biggest Pro: price wasn't horrible and I never noticed any downtime.
Biggest Con: horrible customer service and tech support -- the worst!

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