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Worst Service Ever

Media Catch is a complete joke. We have been on Media Catch for several years, and I guess the only reason we have stayed is because once they get us back up, we keep thinking things will get better. This time is the last. We are leaving as soon as possible.

It is impossible to get in touch with anyone. I would say our website and emails go down once every month or month and a half. And, when they go down they are often down for at least 24 hours. They want you to put in a support ticket, and it is absolutely impossible to get a hold of a live person. So, put in a support ticket, but then our emails are down anyway, so no way we're going to get any kind of notification or even acknowledgement that they're working on anything. We leave messages, both with sales and with tech, and absolutely NEVER get a return call.

We lose business when we don't have emails! When things come back up, of course any emails that might have been sent to us during our down period are just lost for good. Unless whoever sent us a message gets a fail message kicked back (which is not always the case), they don't know that their message didn't get through. And, of course we have no idea who has or has not tried to contact us. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!

Simple advice: Stay as far away from this company as possible. They are the worst.

Biggest Con: Absolutely terrible, terrible, terrible customer support

Media Catch

( Written in 2014 )
The MediaCatch web hosting service was once excellent; perhaps among the best available anywhere in the world. However, when the former owners - the husband and wife team of Robert and Donna - sold the business to FeBox, the service immediately began to decline. Now - in 2014 - it is not uncommon for the Media Catch and FeBox management to ignore (i.e., leave unanswered and unresolved) all trouble tickkets, email messages, and phone calls for months. In some cases evidenced by their own trouble ticket records, there has been no response or resolution of any kind for more than a year. This remarkably peculiar business behavior is as if the MediaCatch and FeBox ownership has abandoned the business - leaving its customer's websites to die on unserviced equipment without any notification to its customers. It is sad to see a once excellent and thriving hosting business be destroyed by this behavior.

Biggest Pro: In the increasingly rare Occasion that Anthony Drimones can be reached, Anthony does address the associated matter.
Biggest Con: Numerous days of down-time in a single month, repeatedly month after month, and no MediaCatch response to calls and messages

RUN if still hosting on Mediacatch

As said by others, service and reliability WAS good at first (7yrs ago).

As of Mar 3 2013 it is pretty much non-existent.

Trouble tickets go unanswered, I have 5 active, unanswered, now dating back to 7/20/12. Server down conditions are common. Only voice mail on the phone, no live person and no-one calls back.
Direct email to support go unanswered.

I had 21 websites hosted on my account. The one website still hosted here (owner has not changed nameserver info) is nearly impossible to reach. Server is so slow that making any kind of change is not possible due to time-outs etc.

Biggest Pro: Price - But I guess you get what you pay for..
Biggest Con: Server down/slow


I have been a loyal customer of Mediacatch for around 8 years. At first they were excellent, I think they were purchased by a larger company and something went wrong. Right now, I cannot access the backend of any of my sites due to extreme server load. My support tickets go unanswered, I am struggling to even export my sites to get away from them. Don't go with them!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: terrible all round service

Mediacatch getting worse

In the beginning Mediacatch was great, but over the last year or so I have had outages, lost files, and most recently all my php scripts stopped working. I have filed 4 support tickets at High over the past 3 months and none have been answered yet, plus there is not longer LiveChat for help. It is getting close to switching time.

Biggest Pro: was easy to use and reliable
Biggest Con: no customer support response.

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