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MediaTemple Hosting

MediaTemple web hosting have been absolutely excellent in ensuring my website is properly support, often by shooting back fast and extremely detailed support responses. What attracted me to their service was their Grid Server technology, which allowed my site to remain online throughout bursts of traffic. They also host Starbucks, and other large corporations, and can therefore in my opinion be handed a little bit of credibility. I was paying $25 per month with my previous web host, so switching to these guys is without a doubt a no brainer.

Mediatemple Grid server

A lot of websites that I visit, mostly related to web-design, were hosted by Media Temple. I decided to check them out because a lot of these sites were well-known around the design community and must therefore have chosen a reliable host.

To begin with, I checked out their list of clients which was rather impressive with companies like Diesel and Sony. They also just launched their new Grid servers so I felt this was a great time to try their hosting. This shared hosting allows multiple domain hosting on one account, which I was looking for! I currently have 4 domains on my Grid server account and they are all working fine.

The only downside I have experienced so far is how slow their control panel was loading when I first purchased their hosting. But this was probably because the server was new and they were still tweaking things up. After being with them for a year, the control panel is still a wee bit slow but my sites still load fast in the browser, which is more important than me. They also added a lot of new features too after user requests (like multiple user PHP databases), etc. Their customer service is excellent and they usually let you know ahead of time when there is downtime.

All in all, I plan on sticking with Mediatemple and even purchasing their dedicated servers when my sites grow larger.

Biggest Pro: Reliable, stable servers
Biggest Con: Slow control panel (seeing as this is the biggest con, Media Temple is excellent.)

Media Temple

Media Temple is an excellent host! I have been with them for over 4 months now [recentely switched from hostgator] and am extremely happy with my choice. There help and support is great, no down time and i am hosting over 20 other domains on the same account. They are amazing and i recommend them to all!

Biggest Pro: Space & Support
Biggest Con: Cant think of one.

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