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Very bad choice for domain registration

I'm not usin MediaTemple for hosting but domain registration. I've registered my domain and tried to do a 301 redirect as services on Google App Engine cannot use naked domains. They told me that I had to buy a hosting service if I want to use a 301 redirect service. GoDaddy and does this for free. MediaTemple just wants your money. Stay away from them.

Biggest Con: Waste of time

Poor customer support

We've had a really hard time with MediaTemple. They seem to have outdated software and be a bit sluggish about answering questions.

My biggest issue is when they deleted a huge chunk of my website, then wanted to charge me to bring it back from back-up, they didn't even seem to be curious about why the big chunk of the site disappeared.

Their interface is really difficult and confusing to use. Their customer service phone support is unhelpful and has a huge wait time, and all in all I think it's time for a new host.

Biggest Pro: They do offer phone support
Biggest Con: Outdated technology

Media Temple Worst Host Ever Used

I signed up for (mt) solely because of this page:
"(dv) Dedicated-Virtual Pro-Blogger? Take it to the next level with the flexibility of a dedicated environment. * WordPress 1-Click Application Vault installer"

The Wordpress 1-Click Application Vault Installer installs Version 2.3. Wordpress is now at 3.01 which requires an entirely new install. As a result, I feel lied to. And now that I have installed 3.1, it does not run properly and support won't resolve my issues with it! Just a Warning!

Very disappointing and complicated

I can only agree on what some other users write here. I am with Media Temple for over 4 years and I cannot say it was a nice experience.

They advertise with their big customers - but if you're taking a "smaller" plan - don't expect to have the reliabilty or speed their big customers get.

Every few days there's some other problem and downtime. Sometimes e-mails won't work for a whole day.

I'm not expecting something special - i just need a hosting of a good quality: reliable and fast.
Media Temple is not really reliable and often not fast.

They have to make a real effort.

Biggest Con: not reliable

Strongly Recogmend

I've been with Mediatemple for a few months now on their (gs). I have had only a few hours of downtime, and one was caused by a customer on my "grid" hogging all the resources.

Their customer support is very good, and you can rate each of their responses, and if it is bad, thy will try to do better. I've had multiple questions with them, and they always get back to me with a good answer, and always have some links to tutorials on how to do something.

Yu do get what you pay for with them, the people know what they are doing, and don't just treat you as "another person", they also expedite your tickets if you message them on their twitter, and can reply to you on there. Amazing service.

Their (gs) seems to have improved overtime, and the ner ones haven't had any problems.

Biggest Pro: Real People, Keep you Updated
Biggest Con: Occasional Outtages

Stay way from experiments

Beware of evangelical canned responses. You can tell that some of the reviews are just superficial and generic.

The number of sceduled and non scheduled maintenance activities are simply too high. You only need to go to their support page to see the recent maintenace acitivies.

This grid cluster service is supposed to offer high availability however, outages are the norm here.

Email issues and outages are prevalent. Therir maintenance activities are typically very intrusive despite assurances to the contrary.

Grid technology in my opinion is unproven and in beta mode using paying customers as guinea pigs. Just looka t the number of ooutages that negatively affect system availablity or cause service disruption and extra time consumption on the customer's part to fix and or address.

Their customer service is numb to customer complaints becaue they know that their product is faulty. They will put you on the defensive to offer proof even in cses where they know that their advertised or non advertised maintenance activities resulted in an outage or service disruption.

After two years of outages, I recommend staying away from MT. It is costly to move

The GridService SOUNDS like a fun experiment but isn't.

I know that the idea that your site is hosted on a virtual grid does sound like a good idea but MediaTemple's implementation of this absolutely sucks. They keep promising the release of Cluster Server (cs) which supposedly gets rid of all of the bugs of GridServer but it has been initially promised for 2009 and now is being promised for 2010. The company also initiates a lot of fun looking programmes in it's labs that it never has any intention of finishing. This does not strike me as very professional.

Biggest Pro: Can automatically upgrade WordPress and WP plugins through WP itself
Biggest Con: Slow page speed, bad uptime

MT - the good and the bad

I have been using MT shared server packages and was very, very happy. MT went to the Grid Server package and it has been less that satisfactory. I have experienced a great many slow page responses with MT Grid. The Grid continues to be somewhat problem filled with page serves that are sometimes slow.

Earlier in the process when I would request customer support they were very vague and acted like there was no problem. At some point I have a conversation with a head honcho and said that its was clear that there were issues - please quit acting like there is not. Please tell me what is happening, I respect that more than "We don;t have a problem" when there was clearly a problem. The emails from MT started being clear and filled with details. A breath of fresh air.

For quite some time we have lived by the saying "It's better to dance with the devil you know that the devil you don't" and have not switched hosts. That time has sadly come to an end. I am currently looking for DV server space and have mostly decided against MT as the supplier. Media Temple is aggressive with technology but I just want something that works reliably. It just has gotten old working out another mysterious problem with slow page serves. To be fair I like the instant scalability and used that once with a customers site with a media blitz.

One other thing, Media Temple is aggressive with technology, bleeding edge. This is great. I guess that I am just tired of being the guinea pig. Just give me something that works consistently with fast page serves and good tech support.

With great sorrow I have started putting customers elsewhere.

Biggest Pro: Scalability, support, control panel is excellent
Biggest Con: Too many slow page serves, too many tech support issues.

Media Temple Never Disappoints

Media Temple is the only web host I've ever been with that I would recommend so highly, and that's for one simple reason: real people.

Sure, they have a handful of reasonably priced packages. Yes, their VPSes are fully loaded, very flexible, and have excellent uptime. It's true that their control panel is functional and easy-to-use. And there can be no doubt that they are by far on the cutting edge of server technology (if you get a second, check out Media Temple Labs:

But far more important to me than any of those things (though those are all important!) is that when you sign with Media Temple, you don't get a web host, you get a web hosting *partner*. I have had a (dv) Dedicated-Virtual server with Media Temple for two years now, and because I like to experiment, it is fair to say that I have done my fair share of destruction. No matter how badly I screwed up my server, Media Temple's excellent support staff has always been able to fix it without data loss. Not only that, but if you call them, you get an *actual person* within a minute or two-- no long waits on the phone, and very few automated menu options. Online support response time is typically an hour or less.

Media Temple is run by people with a passion for what they do, and who really seem to care about their customers. Despite the prices being a little steeper than other hosting companies, you'll note I gave them a "10" for price value for money; that's because the personal attention to detail that you get with Media Temple so greatly increases the value of their hosting package that their prices are almost *cheap*.

If I had one recommendation, I'd stay away from the Grid Server for another half year or so, they still appear to be ironing out the kinks with that plan. However, do not let reviews of the (gs) service scare you away from Media Temple as a company: they are truly unparalleled in terms of personality and technical expertise, and easily make my "big 3" list of favorite tech companies.

Biggest Pro: A dedicated and caring expert support staff, and an impressive level of personal attention
Biggest Con: Grid Server is a little shaky, and sometimes prices can seem a *bit* steep

Excessive Downtime and Slowness

There have been only 3 days this month in which my sites weren't down at least once throughout the day. My sites are always going up and down, and the response time of the server has been bad.

For a webhost that charges $20/month for shared hosting and has a worse uptime and response time than my other $8/month shared hosting account, they should be ashamed. They're almost always having problems with something on the "Server Grid" service.

I'm rather disappointed, because I though this was going to be a great company to be with. They have given me a few free months of service because of the downtime, but free hosting that doesn't work isn't worth much.

The one main thing that impressed me though is that I've been "Dugg" twice on a somewhat resource-heavy site and the site didn't even slow down (while the traffic was very high.) A couple hours later when traffic slowed, the site went down as usual, and I lost a bunch of visitors.

Their customer service is very good and responsive, and most importantly speak English (more than I can say about 1and1.)

Biggest Pro: Customer Service, reliability during high traffic bursts
Biggest Con: Excessive downtime

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