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Great tech support

I have used media temple hosting services for many years now. They have showed great support as my hosting needs have changed over the years. They’ve always helped me find the best package/solution as the requirements change, and as my business has grown.

Tech support is always available, customer service are too, they have never not been able to resolve one of the issues I was having. It’s easy to connect with them via chat or via telephone, and its secure too as the have the support PIN system- you provide a unique support PIN so that they know it’s you they are talking with.

They were very helpful with migrating in new sites, and setting up new FTP user accounts. If I was not happy with the service they provide to me for VPS hosting, email hosting, and time machine backup storage, I would have gone elsewhere - but the service they provide is consistently good for the reasonably low cost.

You can control most functionalities concerning your hosting from their dashboard , such as back ups, creating new user accounts, creating and editing new email accounts, accessing emails, adding SSL security certificates. Really good service quality and support overall, and I would recommend Media Temple as a good hosting provider.

Biggest Pro: tech support
Biggest Con: online file manager zips

Still pushing the broken grid

Media Temple has several new product offerings but sadly no replacement for the grid service in sight. The (gs) is actually being promoted now more prominently than ever, yet it's still the same old sub-godaddy shared hosting experience with frequent downtime and slow load speeds for any database driven application that makes more than 20-30 queries per page. Well-built Wordpress sites that fly on cheap, bulk shared hosting will creak along at a snail's pace on the grid due to its unresolved chronic SQL latency problems. Some server clusters seem worse than others, but none I've experienced have ever been good. Tech support continues to blame the customer, speculate freely about what you probably did wrong, and try to upsell you on remedies that won't work.

My guess is that customers accept this for the most part, so (mt) has no incentive to scrap and replace the grid or foot the bill for a dramatic overhaul. With their slick brand, perhaps many people just assume ay problems they experience must be their own fault, but they're being played. I've used the grid service since 2008 but not for my own projects since 2010 when I realized it was simply the worst hosting deal I'd ever come across and it wasn't getting any better. Since then I've kept an eye on it out of morbid fascination and due to projects I've taken for clients who were already on the grid. I can only conclude that (mt) has cynically and deliberately maintained such a bad service for 6 years because customers largely accept it.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Generally slow and often down.

Previous reviews by Dan

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(gs) plans are still bad but possibly improving

A couple of grid accounts I tend for clients have started to get highs of about 99.8% uptime in a month. This is a first. If it continues, the (gs) will be on par with what you get from adequate to good shared hosting -- except Media Temple will usually cost more.

By Dan on May 7th, 2012 at 20:37 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Followup review of gridserver (gs)

I terminated all (gs) accounts I have except one I maintain for a client whose mail services are extensive enough and web needs simple and static enough that they'd rather stay on the (gs) for now rather than migrate to a new host. (Migration away from Media Temple is complicated by their non-standard ways of doing everything, and I only know a few hosts will do this work as a matter of course.) Here is why I would not recommend the (gs) to anyone for any purpose.

While the grid remains Media Temple's bread and butter service/revenue stream and has improved in 2011, improvement only means uptime near or at 99.9% (44 minutes down per month). Response times have improved fourfold, but this too results in only sub-par to average performance on run-of-the-mill shared hosting at half to one quarter the cost of the grid.

The improvement seems to be due to new server-side caching methods and perhaps heavy promotion of CloudFlare. Query response time remains highly erratic, however, so un-cached application backends like the Wordpress dashboard or Joomla administrator interface still load at a crawl. Joomla 1.5 in particular continues to perform very, very poorly at (mt).

By Dan on November 5th, 2011 at 09:22 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Media Temple = EVIL! The Grid is Broken, Defective and a Fraud

I used a shared hosting (ss) plan with Media Temple for 3-4 years before their grid service (gs) was launched. I never upgraded that (ss) plan to the (gs), but I did have as many as 3 (gs) accounts with SQL and Rails containers between 2008-2010. No problems with the (ss). It was super.

Now all these accounts are closed, except one last grid account, which probably will be closed soon. it is simply a terrible service, the worst I have ever seen, based not just on the frustrating experience of having slow or unavailable sites but also 24/7 uptime and page load speed monitoring. I only had 1-2 months with high 90% uptime. Generally uptime would run below 95% and sometimes below 90%. That is 36-72 HOURS of downtime! Up to 3 days!!! Generally it would be 10-40 minutes here and there from DDoS attacks or hardware failures. Mailservers would also go down on their own every now and then.

There have been major security breaches, including 10% of all users' root password stolen because MT kept them unencrypted in an insecure server. I would not be surprised if they are being or have been sued over things like this. Since that security breach, a lot of things went south. There have been more breaches, and aggravating interventions as MT techs mess with accounts and plead with customers to change passwords to help abate a problem they caused and have not been able to get under control.

The worst problem is the notorious database latency, which Sean Fox has examined and written about in detail as stemming from a foundational design flaw in the grid. This seems to have been admitted implicitly by Media Temple since the problem soon emerged after the grid's debut in 2006. They have promised a successor, the cluster service (cs) since 2006 or 2007, but they constantly push the date back. They will often try to upsell customers on an SQL container on the idea that dedicated database resources (kind of a MySQL VPS) will fix their problems. It will make load speeds marginally better, as will migration to a new cluster with fewer users. But sooner or later--and always right after the big Christmas promotionals--you will get slammed with extreme latency and downtime.

The full fledged grid costs $20/mo, or $15 if you buy it with a standing discount. A container to run Rails at all is another $20/mo. An SQL container is $20/mo. This would be a nice deal IF you wanted to ensure your sites never went down and always loaded quickly without the hassle of a VPS if you really don't need one. But the reality is, you can pay $5-10/mo. and even less and get infinitely better performance, reliability, etc. From any of the big cut-rate hosts that lease servers from The Planet, you can can get Rails, quick SQL response, and much else beyond what the grid offers along with much faster and better customer service for a fraction of what the grid costs. Every host I have used adds services and makes improvements every few months. This is not the case with the grid. It took forever to get on MySQL5--that happened in late 2010 after being promised as "coming soon" for over a year! They claim to be improving hardware now and then, but you won't see a performance gain. There are never any noticeable improvements. Every failure is explained as having a minimal chance of recurrence, but failure after failure occurs.

Bottom Line: The grid is mired in a bad idea from 2006 that Media Temple rushed into production without proper testing. They chosen to skate by on slick marketing, denial, and buying off the possible critics. They have done so for far too long. it is the wrong move, the evil move. The grid is not a cut above shared hosting. It is not a cadillac service. It can't remotely begin to compete with the two-buck chucks of shared hosting.

I have limited experience with the other VPS type plans Media Temple offers. They are not price-competitive, and despite them not being the types of plans where you should need a lot of support since you run the server yourself, I would not recommend them either. This is simply not a company that can be trusted.

By Dan on November 4th, 2010 at 21:56 EST
URL: Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email:

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Do Not Use

These guys are lame! They make you wait for over a half hour and then screw you on your ability to ask a 1 minute question. The site owner was on the phone with them and he was not recorded on the site as the official admin because the person who set it up was not very smart and no longer works here, but the site owner should have complete say all. When he asked to allow me to modify, he was asked to use a link which would have been labor intensive and probably not work since the guy who set it up is gone. Why can't the Owner just allow somebody like me to have control and alter the permission, ridiculous, especially after waiting 30 minutes. Security is great but over security is annoying, just do what others do. Have security questions and be done with it! I wish I could charge them for my time, I finally found the buried owner access page and fixed it, but then it was too late to ask the question because the call was lost. I wanted in the first place to just verify that my dns zone changes were correct. After I made the changes to the permissions and waiting for yet another 16 people ahead of me to get dealt with, I was helped with great care. Lesson learned, have security but don't piss off your customers! Go to go daddy!!!!!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: They have the worst customer support and a min half hour wait!!!

Stay away from Mediatemple!

Oh my god... I've been a week now with Rackspace Cloud after being 3 (miserable) years with Mediatemple, and the speed is UN-BE-LI-VEABLE!
All the 3 years spent on the DV 'EXTREME' version of MEDIATEMPLE offer (so supposed to be the top of their virtual servers...) I had thousands of downtime, slow processing, solr issues etc. I have lost tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars on loss of business + cost of maintenance with my developers trying to find out what was wrong with our scripts or with our CMS etc.
Of course support @ Mediatemple alsways said it was our scripts and never the server. But now that we are with a new host, we find out that there was no problem. The load/resources issues were with THEM!

One simple advise: DON'T GO WITH MEDIATEMPLE if you are a sane website owner!

Biggest Con: unreliability of server

Great Customer Service

I tried Media Temple after seeing their slick back-end controls and reading their "who's-who" list of clients. When Internet legends such as Jeffery Zeldman and Gary Vaynerchuck are singing their praises, I figure it must be worth taking a look at.

I've been running 9 sites on a single Grid Server account for 9 months and have been very happy with it. The load times are on par with my GoDaddy shared hosting accounts but the back-end interface is far more user-friendly, and the customer service is much better at Media Temple. I've never been on hold more than 5 minutes and they are always very patient and friendly on the phone. For simple questions you can even use Twitter to get answers even faster. They recently rescued me from myself when I accidentally deleted a MySQL database that wasn't backed up. Media Temple found a backup and walked me through the restoration process. No data was lost.

I have had one service outage in the last 9 months that lasted about 2 hours. All of my hosts have had hiccups over the years, so I'll just chalk that up as regular glitch that's part of doing business. If it became a regular issue, I'll worry about it, but until then I'm going to continue recommending Media Temple.

Biggest Pro: customer service, back-end interface
Biggest Con: Priced higher than shared hosting.

MediaTemple = Perhaps worst hosting & customer service ever!

I gave MediaTemple a chance because they touted themselves as having quality performance and listed a lot of clients. I saw some pretty bad reviews of their service and ignored it but when it comes down to it their Grid service even as of June 2011 is horribly slow even verified with Pingdom Tools and Yottaa and did a Firefox ySlow tool.

When I approached them about this they said a network switch was causing the issue so they took the grid server I was on offline for several hours and said if it wasnt fixed by the next day they would do something to make it right.... It never did get better in fact slower.... I ended moving away from MT because of these issues and because I had much better experiences with other hosts when it came to ping and load times and customer service but as a last ditch effort to help them improve their service I posted about my experience on the MediaTemple forums and one of their staff asked for visual aid so I shot him a url on forums showing the poor service and within two hours I was banned from their forums.

The ban message said inappropriate use of the forums so I guess being dissatisfied is a inappropriate use of the forums.

Biggest Con: Horrible Customer Service & Server Speeds

Horrible in many ways

I have been hosting with MediaTemple now for between 2-3 years. For one, the technical support, has always lagged on response times. My average wait time, is 8 - 14 hours. That is unbelievable.

Secondly, recently, there was an issue with the processing of my associated credit card. What did they do? They immediately without warning, cancel / put on hold, any services associated to account! (mail, domains, etc.)

That is complete disgust. I can see if a warning had been given - ok. But no, nothing, an immediate shutdown of my services. All in all, it's far more priced than any other hosting provider, and the quality is far less than any other I've dealt with.

I will be looking at switching within the next few days.

Biggest Con: technical support, wait / response time

Stay away!

Been having nothing but problems from them lately. The worst of which occurred when I thought I sent an email but it didn't go through. I was never notified, it didn't bounce back or anything. I missed an important meeting because of it.

Media Temple Not Worth the Money

There are two main reasons why I have decided to end my relationship with the account with Media Temple and move to a new host.

Reason #1: Monthly Overage Charges and the resulting feeling of suspicion that the use of the term "GPU" has engendered.

When I was making the decision to move to MT from Bluehost, I was told that my yearly charge would be 200 dollars for the grid service. The salesperson also mentioned that the only other possible charges might result from surpassing the amount of monthly resources allotted for my site on the grid. The salesperson ASSURED me that I wouldn't have to worry about this, because, and I quote, "this is not an issue for 99% of Wordpress users".

Well, I've been averaging somewhere around 30 dollars a month in overage charges, resulting in an average monthly rate of around 50 dollars when factoring in the yearly rate. I was even charged 67 dollars in overage fees in October, which would work out to almost 4 times my base fees! There is obviously something wrong with this payment system.

When asked what is the difference between GPUs and CPUs, I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone. When I asked if they could tell me what my CPU usage was, nobody did. Why is that?

It was only recently that this FAQ contained the type of detailed information it does now:

I don't remember finding this much detail back in September when I was researching the issue. Might the new information be a result of other people complaining about this issue?

Thus, these enormous extra monthly charges in combination with a secretive GPU usage rate makes me suspect that the entire system is set up to milk grid users for extra money. Could it be to pay for lavish parties like this one?

Reason #2: Too much downtime

My site was down for DAYS intermittently. All I got were form messages explaining what MT was doing about it. But there was never an individual effort to help me out. For someone paying 550 DOLLARS A YEAR for a simple Wordpress site, I think that warrants some special attention.

And for a website who has a mailing list of 70,000 people, a FB page of 5,500, and a daily stream of several thousand visitors, some of whom buy products, why is OK and acceptable for Media Temple to allow a site like this to sit in limbo and deliver 403 errors to people? It's not, especially for what I have been paying each month? I've been getting emails from people, in the last few days especially, wondering why they cannot access our site. Perhaps they all need a thorough explanation...

In sum, Media Temple, as slick as they present themselves, just doesn't follow through on what you would expect such a host to be. I highly recommend avoiding their services. They are overpriced and underwhelming. You are better off finding hosting elsewhere.

Biggest Pro: Attactive Interface
Biggest Con: Hidden Fees and Downtime

MediaTemple's Grid Service is now subpar

MT used to be an outstanding hosting company. The best I'd ever had.

They have, in the past year, really declined, though. Given the high cost of $20 / month and the large downtimes or just latency issue, I would not recommend them.

It's just a bummer that they haven't fixed this, so many of their clients have contacted them about this but support doesn't seem to care...

Biggest Pro: Shiny graphics on their back end
Biggest Con: Horrible latency issues

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